Delving for Inspiration

My inspiration level is at an all time low. I’ve got ideas but not any that are really panning out. And I’ve got to get something written soon!

So, in the past few days I’ve:

  • Watched Duran Duran Live from London. Am probably going to break out Sing Blue Silver next.
  • Watched 14 Weiss Kruez episodes on DVD (not Gluhen). Saiyki’s probably next. Might have to get the last few Get Backers DVDs finally.
  • Listened to Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment and/or Duran Duran for hours at a time
  • Been working on commission artwork. Haven’t done commissions in a long time and really didn’t intend to start up again but I needed some Poser ideas and some impetus for follow through.

It’s sort of working. I got inspiration for a new rocker story (not Indigo Knights or Heaven Sent. Sorry). But it’s slow going. I know I should be easy on myself since I’m just recovering from two weeks with what had to be the flu. I know I was on vacation before that and not expected to get much done. But I NEED whatever block is in my head to go the fuck away! I’m not sure what to try next.

So, help me out. Any ideas? What do you do for inspiration?

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  1. Hey Jet,

    I have loved everything you have put out…..I know that we all nag *weg* that we want it all now, but take your time. We would rather have something your proud of than something you didn’t think you did well on. Well with the Duran Duran, you might try Poison, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol…..they are always great for that 80’s hair band kick. That and if looking at some of the old pictures don’t make you crack up,I don’t know what will. You might try listening to some music in a different language….Since some of your stuff seems Yaoi to me you might try Larc en ciel, Buck Tick, or Gackt…I have fun creating my own lyrics to Japanese JPop. My friends and I create some of the weirdest songs, it doesn’t hurt sometimes to not know what people are saying to create your own mood to the music. We love what you are doing, just take your time.


  2. wings: a book of my art? Really? No, I haven’t really thought about it. But thanks for the idea. I’m honored you think so highly of my images.

    Missy: awww, thank you! I miss writing the boys now. Compared to the blank I’ve been dealing with lately, they, at least, were rarely silent about what we could do next. I’ve tried some reading to get into some other authors’ books. I’ve enjoyed it but still not much wordage on my part, darn it.

    minx: The trouble is getting it on paper. I’ve been doing the imagining all my life. But only the act of writing it out gives it real structure, so that’s the part that I really need to do. I’ve got the ideas but they’re kind of floating in a void.

    ah well, I’m still trying to work through it. Thanks all for the ideas!

  3. Have you tried skipping the writing part, at least initially? I like to imagine stories in my head. Sometimes transfering it from my head to paper causes me to lose parts or to draw a blank. When that happens, I just do something that doesn’t require a lot of attention and turn my mind to my characters and their lives. Later, once I’m lost in what I’ve imagined I can begin to put it on paper. Maybe you already do that or something like it when you get ideas, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to mention.

  4. What do I do for inspiration? Read through the HEAVEN SENT series back-to-back, including the short special ones. 😉 Seriously, getting lost in someone else’s world always helps me find my way back into my own.

  5. Darling Jet,

    I have just purchaced several yaoi art/sketchbooks by various artists. Beautiful. And I thought if Jet put something like that together…it would be fantastic. You could include your favorites that you have already and not have to worry about “something new.”

    To have your art to flip thru at my own leasure and in the comfort of my own home would be wonderful.

    Just an idea.
    Have you concidered this before?


  6. I normally go and People Watch. Sit in a coffee shop or something and just watch them. It’s mindless and soothing, and normally my Muse comes back online after a couple of hours.

    Or you could make yourself write. Not something short, either. Doesn’t have to be good, just go with, ex a fan fic or free story, something you’ve already had ideas on and would just be tacking onto. Can even just be a sex scene with characters you’ve already gotten paired up.

    Could just be me, but when actual plot is missing somewhere, just writing because you can (after a few frustratingly bungled attempts and resisting the ruge to toss the comp out the window) it slowly starts to come back online.

    Don’t rush. Don’t pressure. Just try to let it come to you or you’ll kill it before it can get fully formed.

    1. Good advice. I’ve been trying the write even if it’s bad route. Making some progress. Some. Not much. I guess I just need to keep on plugging and hope it goes away soon.

  7. Thanks all! Big hugs all around.

    I’m going to choose to believe that I’m getting out of the funk. Had an idea today about Skyler, and another about Leashed 4. So that’s hopeful *crosses fingers* Maybe it was just the sick that was/is getting to me.

    Now to find the time to write.

  8. try to relax dont think about it. easier said then done i try something new that youve been wanting to do and give yourself a break everyone has problems every now and then. try something totally off the wall that might help your an awsome writer but you also enjoy yourself good luck

  9. My best idea come while I’m in the shower or soaking in a tub….and then I just have to try to remember them when I’m done shaving my legs.

    Exercise: walking with a friend or a dog generates some very off-the-wall conversations for me (no, the dogs don’t answer but they look like they *want* to!).

    How about a circus performer? A Katrina survivor? A Congressional page? An exchange college student who is supposed to go back for an arranged marriage to a child bride? Disney employee? Flight attendant? Reporter? Farmer? Kentucky Derby jockey? Professional dog walker? Male au pair/nanny?

    Just some ideas that come to mind….. 🙂

  10. This may sound weird, but I get inspired when I’ve been doing something mundane for a few hours, like working (I like my job, but it’s clerical) or being in classes all day. Ideas will just pop up to help me escape from reality.

    Maybe if you do something un-inspirational for a few hours or a few days, your mind will rebel and give you some ideas. Not fun, but maybe it’s worth a try. 🙂

  11. How about interracial story only one I know of FOX AND DRAGON. You written a couple years ago. I have it. Its on my to read list. When is last time you have black woman as your leading lady. If you could and know you can write a story with interracial shapeshifer genre. He can be werewulf werebear weretigar or dragon pair with human black woman. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read a story with that theme. I am not only one. Also get some rest and take a lesion walk in the park. I love GET BACKERS I heard it has second season. Have you watch GUN SWORD?

  12. some random thoughts:

    1) stop being so hard on yourself.
    2) inspiration can’t (usually) be forced.
    3) read what you have written and sit there with it and wait to see if the characters show you the next step…if they don’t get away from it (walk, take a bath, orgasm, go do something nice for someone else, do i mention orgasm LOL) but don’t push yourself to PRODUCE because that is the quickest way to block yourself
    4) i agree with reading something…how about something of your own? (I recommend Heaven Sent) just enjoy your own creation without the tension of pushing. It will help remind you YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!
    5) visualize yourself actually hanging out with your characters (pushing my own agenda=) where do the indigo boys go to relax…just go sit someplace like that yourself and imagine what they would be doing or saying, where do they practice.
    6) write a character summary…don’t know whether you do this but i search out pictures of pretty males based on those summaries…what would this character look like…in your case you could actually draw them then stare at him/them…see what comes.
    7) this to shall pass…all things in life are temporary.
    8) start a character out with the flu…i am sure you can be very descriptive see which hot guys or elfs pop up.

    you have adoring fans! we think your words are awesome and can’t wait for the next installment but don’t want you torturing yourself (save that for your characters).

    have a peaceful day

  13. May not be a bad idea to read someone else’s work – get the juices flowing – you know? Then like Rida suggested, get some sleep.

    We’ll wait for you Jet!

    1. Rita: sleep? bah!

      Tara: I know I’ve written a lot over the past few years. I liked it that way. I feel somewhat disabled with my mind going blank. Vacation? Not likely for awhile, I’m afraid *sigh*

      Tracy: I’ve tried the reading thing. Read some pretty good stuff in the last month.

      Again I say, sleep? bah! lol

      Thanks guys 🙂

  14. Jet, seriously, your output over the last five years has been staggering. Way beyond what most writers can turn out with any quality. Your stories are sensational and of highest quality. Take a breath and give yourself a break. The well has to refill. Do things that are fun and inspirational WITHOUT the expectation that they have to produce ideas. Take another vacation that’s NOT to a conference. Your fans need time to read your books again anyway. And, see Rida’s comment above. : )

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