RWA National conference

I guess since I mentioned Romance Divas not going to the conference, I should mention that I AM going  to the RWA conference in Washington DC from the 15th to the 18th.

I wasn’t goint to go initially but then decided I wanted to be there for the Rainbow Romance Writers‘ first official conference. Plus a lot of my buddies are going to be there and it looks like it’ll be the only event that I attend this year.

4 thoughts on “RWA National conference”

  1. Well that really sucks. I’ll miss you. Do you know if Laura Baumbach will be there? Im sure James Buchanan will be off the bat.

    1. I think Laura’s doing Folsom this year, which is a month earlier than Yaoicon. So, no, she’s not going to be there. I don’t think the ManLoveRomance group is doing a table so I’m pretty sure James isn’t going either. I’m a little bummed but there’s not much I can do. Maybe next year 🙂

    1. Afraid not. No Yaoicon for me this year. I’m probably going to a steampunk con in September and that rules out any other traveling, unfortunately.

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