Available Now! Indigo Knights: Squire

Indigo Knights 1: Squire

Izzy and Rabin have arrived. Indigo Knights: Squire is available now from Loose Id

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  1. OMG loved the book. Jet you keep me coming back for more. I love Izzy and Rabin’s story so much almost as much as I love those Heaven Sent boys. Since I have bought the book when it first came out I have read it every night before bed. Izzy or should I say Iz as Rabin does… was the perfect match for Rabin.

    I read where you said all the Heaven Sent books was from the bottom perspective. I had to think about it and it was true. Glad this was from the tops this time. I am a fan for life.

  2. OK, so I just finished this one. Very nice. Love Izzy to pieces, he is the sweetest. Loved Danny too, the moment Rabin met him in the bar I was all “Oh, please let him join the band, please.” LOL. He just struck me as a very interesting character and I wanted to know so much more about him right from the start. Looking forward to getting to know him more and to meeting the other two guys in the band. Am sorry about Zane leaving and I won’t mind him coming back if he can get his act together enough to be a good friend, otherwise, I’m very disappointed with him. lol. ^.^

    Anyway, looking forward to the next one in this series and to your new rock band story, it sounds great even with very little info on them, love you rock bands. 🙂

  3. oh r u talking about writing reverb? is that ur next book out and do u know when it will b out yet …..

    ohhh btw i already love ik as much as hs cant wait 4 more

  4. dear jet,
    you said: “Gotta get a whole different set of rockers written for MLR first. Made a promise.” another series not the indigo knights? or am i miss reading it? if i am not misreading….WHO WHAT WHERE!!!??????
    horribly excited at the perspective of more rockers into boys…
    hugs from china

    1. Laura: I mean Reverb. It’s the story I’m working on now. The boys in Reverb don’t have any relationship to Heaven Sent or Indigo Knights except for the fact that they’re written by me and they are a rock band. I hope to be done with it in a few months, if not sooner.

      MJ: Don’t know when Reverb will be out. Depends on when I finish it. I’m about 1/3 of the way through now. Thanks

  5. Jet,

    You did it again. I absolutely loved it!! Sat down with it at noon and just finished it. Only put it down long enough to rund my son band shirt that he forgot up to school. Now impatiently waiting on the rest of the Knights books.


  6. Thanks Jet! Another fantastic love story! Lots to love in it. Every time Brent made one of his very deadpan, but wise, comments I had to smile. And I love how your stories are about falling in love (not about gender). I think Kevin may have said it best when telling his friends about his relationship with Justin in “Just For You”…..”I’ve never been in love before….” That said it all for him, and it’s been a wonderful theme throughout your books.
    Oh, and the rose for Izzy Rose….*sigh*

  7. SO AWESOME. 😀 I loved the part with the rose, it was so sweet! And I’m so happy we get to see more of Danny, although I was surprised about Zane. My theory? He’s just mad because he missed his chance with Rabin! ;D Thank you so much for your wonderful stories! 🙂

  8. Really, really enjoyed it. Excited about Danny’s story and think Noble is a cool name. Do I see a future for where Zane will discover that he likes men more than he thought??? 😉 Always looking forward to your books!

  9. I have been waiting for this one to come and it didn’t disappoint…. Can’t wait for IK2!!! My only question is can you type faster??????

  10. LOVED IT!!!!
    zane is a cool name…easy to type…thought i would point that out…
    sooooo looking forward to knights two!!!!!
    have a happy day

  11. WOW! loving this one…purposefully trying to read it slowly…and failing miserably!!!
    when is the next one out? soon did you say??? (oh that was just wishful hearing…)
    great job more more more!
    ps awaiting an indigo knights shirt!!!!

  12. Thanks all!!

    Pamela: Danny is probably next. Unless one of the new guys insists his story is next because Danny hasn’t quite settled on where his interest lies. And good for you with the moving on. Sometimes, like you said, it’s just necessary.

    Hobnob: Not sure when on the print. I can tell you it won’t be until IK2 is released, though, because IK1 isn’t long enough to be released on its own.

  13. awesome. any idea if/when it will be in print? loved the heaven sent books, looking forward to meeting the rest of the indigo knights.

  14. Just finished it! Can we hope Danny’s story is next? Absolutely loved the story..’cept it was too short, but then I want all your stories to go on forever so it’s not a complaint. I loved seeing Rabin grow. It can be hard to admit you’ve moved on from people who were important to you. It can hurt, but you have to be true to who you are now. I’m on Facebook with a lot of my high school friends and while it’s good to talk with them sometimes, I’ve realized that over 20 years, a lot of travel and half a country now separate us. I’ve changed a lot and many of them who still live in the same town we went to HS in haven’t. If anything they’ve become even more entrenched and against any change. I know I shock them at times, but I’m happier with who I am now. Change is a part of life and Rabin is right, if Zane is truly his friend he’ll come to accept who he is now. If not you remember the good times you had together and move on. Thank you for your stories. I love them all, although the Heaven Sent series is my favorite.

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