Fiction with Friction – Gay For You

I posted some thoughts about the Gay For You theme at Fiction with Friction

4 thoughts on “Fiction with Friction – Gay For You”

  1. Jet-
    Just read your GFY post and agree with you. While its fantasy, its terrific fantasy. There is just something about the hetero guy falling for another man that is just fun to read. So I guess I’m just agreeing with your thoughts. Looking forward to your next GFY!

  2. Hi Jet —

    Loved the comments on GFY. Yes, it’s totally fantasy and that’s why we read (and write) it. I haven’t finished Squire yet, but love not only that Rabin is the top, but also that Izzy is the one pulling away and making the “it’s just sex” excuses. It’s usually the other way around so i noticed and enjoyed that right away. Of course, it may change later in the book. I’ll see—

    thanks so much for the great read. : )

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