M/M chat at Literary Nymphs

Where?    Literary Nymphs Chat group (click on the black button above for a direct link)
When?      January 10 – 11, 2009 from whenever to whenever
A sampling of the authors chatting: Stormy Glenn, Lynn Lorenz, K.M. Frontain, Kate Steele, Maura Anderson, Kimberly Gardner, Syd McGinley, Amanda Young, Jet Mykles, Clare London, James Buchanan, Lee Rowan, Katrina Strauss, Jules Jones, Anne Cain, K.Z. Snow, Shayla Kersten, Erastes, Josh Lanyon, Lee Benoit, Ally Blue, Michael Barnette, Zoe Nichols, Margaret Leigh, Kalita Kasar, AR Moler, Renee George, Cassandra Gold, Vincent Diamond, Mychael Black, Zathryn Priest, Auburnimp.  Quite the line-up, isn’t it?  And who knows who else will be added??

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