Literary Nymphs chat – Nov 1-2

HOT M/M chat to warm you up!
Please join us the weekend of November 1 & 2 when the following authors will strive to keep us warm ( sometimes overly but who’s complaining?  NOT I!!!! ) and they do such a very good job of it!
K.M. Frontain, Ariel Tachna, K.Z. Snow, Kit Zheng, Katrina Strauss, Anne Cain, Maura Anderson, Jet Mykles, Lee Rowan, Rowan McBride, Kimberly Gardner, Jessica Freely, Jeanne Barrack, Mel Spenser, Stevie Woods, Addison Albright, Barbara Sheridan, Z.A. Maxfield, Reno MacLeod, Zoe Nichols, Jenna Jones, Kayelle Allen, Lynn Lorenz, AM Riley, Christie Gordan, Marianne Guenon, Shara Bloodstone, Amber Green, AJ Llewellyn, Christiane France, A.R. Moler, Theda Black, Ali Katz, Jon Michaelsen, Kiernan Kelly, Stormy Glenn, Selah March, Kate Steele and the list may get even longer!

When?  Starting Saturday November 1 @ 12:00 noon Eastern time and ending Sunday November 2 12:00 midnight Eastern Time
Where? Either click on the link or click on the button – both should take you to the Chat Room OR        
Hope to see you there!

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