Appreciating Beauty

©2001 Jet Mykles

Author’s Note: Gwen works swingshift in a diner and has cause to be glad of that one night


Gwen stifled a yawn as she poured another cup of coffee for the trucker. He didn’t notice, absorbed in his hunting magazine.

She shuffled back to the counter and put the stained pot away then returned to her own magazine. Jack, the owner/cook, didn’t mind that she read during the long nights. Just so long as she didn’t ignore the customers.

Make that “customer”. Single. One. She rarely ever had more than one table to wait on at a time in the graveyard shift.

The bells above the front door jangled and she glanced up. Boredom melted away at the sight.

There were two of them. Young. One was tall enough that his square head almost brushed the top of the door as he passed through. She wasn’t too sure his cropped blonde hair didn’t brush the lintel. He was thick like a workman, not like one of those office-types who worked out in a gym between cell phone calls. The other was shorter but only by comparison. He probably topped her height by a few inches, and she’d never seen a more gorgeous man. He was beautiful more than handsome. “Chiseled” popped to mind, probably from her reading too many romance novels. His black hair was wavy and damp, like he just came from swimming or something.

They glanced her way with similar smiles of “hey” then took a booth toward the back of the diner, away from the front and away from the counter. Back by the rickety old jukebox Jack kept around for “nostalgia”.

Wiping suddenly sweaty palms on her polyester skirt, Gwen grabbed two plastic-coated menus and the coffee pot and headed back.

“Hey,” she said, her voice far too shy and soft for her liking. But Angel-Face–as she’d dubbed him in her mind–took her breath away.

“Hey,” said Big Guy.

“Hi,” purred Angel-Face.

“Gotta warn ya that the grill’s about to close,” she said, looking at Big Guy to settle her nerves. Didn’t quite do it. He was a looker too, just not as pretty as Angel-Face. “So if ya want somethin’, I’ll need your order quick.”

They scanned the menus and ordered normal, late-night fare. Big Guy wanted a burger with everything, Angel-Face a club sandwich. Both wanted Cokes and a side of fries.

Turning from them, she started to breathe again. She became terribly aware of how she looked from behind because she could feel their eyes on her. Blue for Big Guy, deep brown for Angel-Face. She walked slow and fought the urge to run.

She gave the order to Jack, who grumbled. But he put down his Hustler mag and dutifully started. Two sharp he shut down the grill, and it was only 1:50.

Taking their Cokes to them turned out to be an ordeal. She’d never had trouble with full glasses before, but two pairs of eyes seemed to throw off her balance. She did slosh one of the glasses as she set it down. Angel-Face’s.

“I’m sorry,” she said, whipping the rag from her apron belt.

“‘Solright, beautiful,” he said, wiping his hand with a napkin as she sopped up the table.

Beautiful? Her eyes went huge before she could stop them, and they landed on his. He smiled.

“It’s late. You probably had a long day.”

Catching herself, she tried to smile it off. She wasn’t the type to be nervous around strangers. She did it all night and during her day job at the library at school. Why couldn’t she handle this.

“Still,” she said simply, “I’m sorry. Did I get any on you?”

He stood and she fought not to jump back. Since he was staring crotch-ward, she had to as well. There was a wet spot on his jeans, right near a real nice looking bulge.

Her cheeks went red. “I’m real sorry,” she said again, wringing the rag in her hands. “I…”

What? Sorry, mister, just let me wipe that up… with my tongue, just didn’t sound right.

“No big deal,” he said. “I’ll just take myself to the john. Where is it?”

Mortified, she pointed to the door on the other side of the counter and tried not to watch him saunter off. Big Guy had a shit-eating grin on his face when she turned back. He’d seen the reaction Angel-Face hadn’t when her face was down turned.

“I’ll get another Coke,” she breathed, grabbing the offending glass and escaping.

By the time Angel-Face came back, she’d replaced the glass and was back behind the counter, feigning disinterest behind her magazine.

The trucker left right after she served up the burger and the sandwich, leaving her alone with them. Jack was in the back, but she knew that nothing but a scream of bloody-murder would bring him out front.

She put out the Closed sign after the trucker.

“We need to hurry?”

She spun faster than she wanted. Big Guy’s eyes were on her, brows raised in question.

“No,” she answered. “You’re OK. Jack and I don’t leave for another hour or two.”

He nodded and attacked his burger again.

Angel-Face had fed the jukebox so the all-too-familiar golden oldies that Jack liked rocked her through her minimal cleanup routine. The loose chairs were upended on the four tables. Nothing else to do but wait.

“What’s your name?” Angel-Face asked when she went to get their dishes.


“I’m Dave. This here’s Martin.”

She smiled at both, proud of herself that she’d now mastered herself and was acting normally. “Can I get you anything else?”

“On the menu?” Dave–Angel-Face–asked wickedly.

Her heart jumped.

“A refill on the Coke?” asked Martin as if Dave hadn’t said anything.

She chose to ignore the comment and nodded to Martin.

He couldn’t… she decided about Dave’s comment as she brought the refill. He couldn’t mean something like…

She set the Coke on the table then lifted her eyes… and froze.

Angel-Face was sucking on an ice cube, real slow and suggestive. Brown eyes caught hers and locked while delicious lips curled around the melting ice cube.

“Thanks, darlin’,” said Big Guy.

She flinched as he took her hand but couldn’t take her eyes off Angel-Face until she felt lips on her palm.

Wide-eyed and gape-mouthed, she stared at Big Guy as he pressed light kisses across her palm and fingers.

“Uh…” she managed, just as he gently sucked her index finger into his mouth.

Movement to the other side made her jump. Angel-Face stood beside her, indeed taller than she as she initially stared right into the V of his half-buttoned plaid shirt.

“Beautiful Gwen,” he murmured, reaching up to release her hair from his constricting net. It fell in wavy brown locks to her shoulders.

“What…?” she breathed, totally confused by the sudden, sensory overload. Angel-Face’s fingers brushed her neck just by her ear and Big Guy’s tongue had captured two more fingers. “What are you doing?”

“Want us to stop?” That from Big Guy, who’d extracted her fingers to speak. She looked down at his impish grin. He hadn’t released her hand, his thumbs firmly massaging the pad of her palm.

“Stop? What?” She didn’t understand. This didn’t happen to normal people. This happened in Jack’s Penthouse forum or something. “Jack!” she breathed, head whipping around toward the kitchen entrance.

“Boyfriend?” asked Angel-Face, slipping an arm about her waist to pull her close. Jean-clad thighs pressed her pantyhose-clad ones.

“No,” she said too quickly. Not until they started again did she realize they’d both hesitated.

“He likely to come out any time soon?” The soft voice was right in her ear, breath caressing. Was that a tongue outlining her ear?

“Well… no.” What was she saying?! What was happening?

A chuckle in her ear was stereo to the one in the vicinity of her hand. She felt a big hand on her free thigh. Big Guy had spread his ministrations.

“Say the word and we’ll stop,” said Angel-Face. Gently, he cupped her chin with a finger and turned her face to his. Up close, it was no less stunning. “I promise you that, beautiful Gwen.”

“But… Why?” she asked, incredulous.

He chuckled again and the other’s hand on her thigh was now fully under her skirt, on the inside of her thigh.

“Call it, appreciating beauty.”

“Me?” she squeaked.

His only answer was to lay claim to her lips. Quite understandably, she melted. His kiss alone would have done it. But the kiss, along with his body pressed to hers, along with the fingers that were brushing the hot dampness between her legs would have melted a rock.

Is this happening? She knew she was being redundant, but this was incredible. Two gorgeous men who she didn’t know from Adam were actually seducing her.

Releasing her lips, Angel-Face–she couldn’t think of them with their real names for some reason–managed to spin her around so that her back was to their table. With Big Guy’s help, he sat her back. The napkin dispenser and other sundry were gone. When had they moved them?

Big Guy was on his feet now as Angel-Face slid back onto his bench. Angel-Face claimed her lips again, this time with her willing cooperation. She was distantly aware of Big Guy removing her shoes then sliding his hands up under her skirt again. Soaking panties and pantyhose went together to his strong tugs. Angel-Face’s nimble fingers opened the buttons of her top and tugged it open to cup a bra-clad breast.

With a gasp she stiffened, throwing her head back away from Angel-Face’s kiss. Big Guy had full access to her pussy now and had buried his face in it. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, but that did nothing for the ragged groan that dragged from her chest.

Deprived of her lips, Angel-Face wasted no time in claiming her breast. The strap and cup of one side of her bra were shoved aside to give his lips and teeth access to the bud of her nipple.

Big Guy was wonderful. His tongue was quick and steady, circling her clit. His big, lantern-jaw was shoved up against her hole. His huge hands shoved her thighs up almost against her belly to give him wider access.

“Fuck,” she heard herself rasp. She shoved her free hand–the one which wasn’t dug deep in Angel-Face’s damp hair–into her mouth and bit hard anxious not to scream and bring Jack running. “Oh God,” she moaned.

“Do you want us to fuck you?”

She blinked, hardly aware that Angel-Face was speaking the words to her, almost unable to understand English.

“Is that all right with you?”

She almost laughed, but it came as a groan as Big Guy shoved two fingers into her gaping cunt.

Angel-Face was asking permission! She knew in her gut that if she said no, they’d just go on pleasuring her without taking anything more for themselves. Men didn’t do that, did they?

“I swear we won’t hurt you,” he rasped, finger’s pinching her nipples, “but we’d dearly love to fuck you.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Yes, please.”

He grinned down at her, then bent to kiss her thoroughly.

That’s when the first orgasm hit. Her hips pumped relentlessly into Big Guy’s face, but he rode it like a pro, tormenting her aching little nub the entire time with his tongue.

When it subsided, she lay limp, panting. She’d never come so viciously before, and from the looks of them, this was just the beginning.

Big Guy straightened and started unbuttoning his fly. She gasped at the sight of him, hard as a rock and bigger than any of the boys she’d been with. Angel-Face’s attention was back on her nipple but one free hand was lightly teasing her clit. Her eyes were all for Big Guy, however, as he rolled a condom onto that huge rod of his.

Angel-Face slid away from her and out the booth as Big Guy positioned himself between her legs. She missed her other lover, but this one was enough to fill her attention. Again her head lolled back, this time as his cock slowly, deliciously entered her dripping folds.

He sighed, his eyes rolling back into half-mast lids, for all the world as though he were entering heaven. The first thrust was slow, as were the second and third, but the fourth started a grueling rhythm.

Boys and men, she decided, are quite different. Boys didn’t have time to pay much attention to you, trying too hard to figure out their own needs. But this man, although young, knew what he was doing.

Huge hands grasped her hips, controlling the rhythm. She was slammed into him, pelvis to pelvis, and she was quite sure that his cock was halfway up her throat. She gripped his bulging arms for balance, and enjoyed the ride.

What seemed like glorious hours later, she felt it building. One of his hands had moved down and was now fingering her clit, adding more stimulation that she didn’t need but greatly welcomed.

Her back arched and she came, inner muscles clenching. A few thrusts later, his ragged groan told her he followed. She made hers last somehow until he sagged atop her.

Sweet, butterfly kisses were planted on her chest as he recovered. Before lifting his bulk from her, he actually thanked her and planted the sweetest of kisses on her lips.

As he staggered away, sated, she saw Angel-Face behind him, waiting.

He’d taken down one of the diner chairs and sat facing the booth. His jeans were bunched around his ankles and his hand was languorously pumping a hard-on every bit as big and thick as Big Guy’s. Brown eyes met hers and he crooked a finger of his free hand at her.

Smiling despite herself, she gathered herself off the table. Her groin was deliciously sore and she didn’t think she could take more stimulation, but she couldn’t let such a gorgeous man go unsatisfied, could she? That’d be very ungrateful after all they’d done for her.

He cracked open a condom and slid it on as she made her way slowly to him. Her legs were quite wobbly. Surprisingly, Big Guy appeared at her elbow to guide her. She grinned up at him foolishly.

By the time she stood before Angel-Face, his delicious erection was shrouded in condom. With a bit of maneuvering, and little help from Big Guy, she straddled him, sheathing that marvelous cock inside of her.

His arms were wonderfully strong about her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, burying his face in her neck, and went to work.

She’d only ever been on top once and it hadn’t been a glorious experience. This, however, was heaven. She worked to position him just right, so that the friction caught just the right spots. She was amazed she could hold all of him.

They moved together in glorious unison. At one point, she caught his mouth with hers and plunged her tongue into the deep recesses of his mouth, fucking him even as he fucked her. She gripped the back of the chair and slammed herself on him, his groans only egging her on.

Engrossed in her work, her orgasm caught her off-guard and she hardly recognized her groan as her own. Waves of heat burst from her belly and streamed down her legs. Her muscles clenched so hard, she heard his ragged repetition of “fuck, fuck, fuck!” as his face screwed thanks to his own orgasm.

They sat together for long moments, just breathing.

He recovered before she did, tilting his head to kiss her sweaty forehead. “Sweet, beautiful Gwen,” he whispered. “Thank you.”

She giggled, quite content now with her two strange lovers. Opening her eyes, she saw Big Guy back at the booth, grinning as he waited patiently for them to have their time.

“Thank you,” she purred, stretching. She loved the gasp it produced from Angel-Face. Her pussy was still rhythmically clenching his subsiding cock.

Reluctantly, she stood. None too steady, she accepted help from Big Guy, who graciously helped her to re-arrange her clothing.

What now? she thought. Her belly began to clench, thinking of the awkwardness to come.

Her fears were alleviated, however. Big Guy, once he was sure she could stand, took her face in his hands and kissed her long and thoroughly. Then he grinned, stroked her cheek softly, released her and left the diner.

She stared after him, until Angel-Face gently turned her around.

“Better if we don’t talk,” he said, taking her in his arms as though they were old-time lovers. “We’re not from around here and we need to be far away by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh.” Part of her was relieved. Part was not.

He grinned, making her heart leap again. “Mind if we stop by here on our way back through?”

Her laugh exploded from her. “Not at all.”

“Good,” he said, laughing with her.

He kissed her and was gone.

— * —

When he came through to lock up, Jack didn’t notice that Gwen’s hair was down. Nor did he notice that her pantyhose were gone. She didn’t think he even smelled the heavy scent of sex in the air.

As she left the diner on the way home, Gwen couldn’t wipe the grin from her face. She’d never felt more beautiful in her life.

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  1. That was without a doubt a Polyamorous, wet(as in Monsoon) dream. That I would love to revisit on a regular basis. thank you again for sharing.

  2. After being raised in a truck stop half of my life and working in many cafes I could almost see that happening!!! LOL To bad it never happened to me! 🙁

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