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About Kip

So the one question I keep getting asked by people who’ve just read Reverb is about Kip. As in, will and when will he be getting a story.

Answer: I don’t know.

Honestly. I’m not trying to be coy or cute. I really don’t know. All I can say is that if I did decide to write a sequel, it’d definitely be about Kip. I don’t think I have more to add about Nick and Marlowe themselves but I agree that Kip could be fun to follow. He showed up in my head at the exact same time that Nick and Marlowe did and I knew he’d be integral to the story. But Kip is being close-mouthed about his relationships and hasn’t yet revealed a full story to me.

There’s also the fact that Reverb really did take a lot out of me. Those who’ve read it know that it’s twice as long as my normal story and very much of a different feel than, say, Heaven Sent. I’m proud of what I did but I’m finding it slow going bouncing back.

So, given that I often do write sequels to my stories, it’s a good bet that I’ll probably write Kip’s story sometime. But I’m so very far behind on other projects — Leashed 4, for example — at the moment, I can’t see it happening very soon. I’m very sorry if that’s disappointing to some of you.

Bless you for wanting more!