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So the one question I keep getting asked by people who’ve just read Reverb is about Kip. As in, will and when will he be getting a story.

Answer: I don’t know.

Honestly. I’m not trying to be coy or cute. I really don’t know. All I can say is that if I did decide to write a sequel, it’d definitely be about Kip. I don’t think I have more to add about Nick and Marlowe themselves but I agree that Kip could be fun to follow. He showed up in my head at the exact same time that Nick and Marlowe did and I knew he’d be integral to the story. But Kip is being close-mouthed about his relationships and hasn’t yet revealed a full story to me.

There’s also the fact that Reverb really did take a lot out of me. Those who’ve read it know that it’s twice as long as my normal story and very much of a different feel than, say, Heaven Sent. I’m proud of what I did but I’m finding it slow going bouncing back.

So, given that I often do write sequels to my stories, it’s a good bet that I’ll probably write Kip’s story sometime. But I’m so very far behind on other projects — Leashed 4, for example — at the moment, I can’t see it happening very soon. I’m very sorry if that’s disappointing to some of you.

Bless you for wanting more!

5 thoughts on “About Kip”

  1. Just finished Reverb this morning…kept me up until 3 am last night. Great story, loved it. Interesting characters, and I REALLY hope Kip tells you his story…soon!

  2. Sending you lots of hugs!!! We adore your work…enjoy a breather and just enjoy reading (may I suggest re-reading Heaven Sent…seriously it reads as wonderfully the 2nd time as it does the 12th time….yes I have read it that many times…no I am not a stalker! lol)
    All your fans send you lots hugs and love!

  3. I understand, Kip is the quiet thoughtful type. Marlowe and Nick still have the new relationship “adjustment ” period to get through. Maybe Kip will hook up with Ben or even Bobby. *g*

  4. Thanks Jet! I’m one of those crazed fans (as you well know) who would love a sequel about Kip. (This is what you get for writing such interesting secondary characters!) But I also understand that it’s not something you can force. In the meantime, I’ll just imagine that Kip thinks his life is going along just fine….that is….until he meets THE ONE who makes his heart pound out of his well-tailored suit and completely messes with his well-ordered life (and thoughts). If and when it comes, it’ll be worth the wait. And CONGRATS again on “Reverb”!.

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