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Release Date for Lance

Here it is! Baring any obstacles along the way, Indigo Knights 3: Lance should be coming out on June 3rd! Cover art and blurb to come in the next month.

This one has been a long time coming and has taken a lot out of me. I’m so happy to announce that it’ll be here soon.

And on another good note, I’ve finished the first rough of Indigo Knights 4: Noble. This one was much easier to write and I hope to get a manuscript to my editor to read within a month.


Due to a brain that just wouldn’t function properly for the creative process, it’s taken waaaay too long for me to finish my latest project.


The last draft of Indigo Knights 3 is now done. There’s still work to do, of course. My editor hasn’t seen it and it hasn’t been scheduled for release, but I have to enjoy the pleasure of saying that it’s done.

What’s next? Probably IK4 but it’s too soon to think anything definite just yet. I’m going to surf the moment for a few hours…

EXCERPT – Indigo Knights 2: Champion

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Indigo Knights excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2012 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Despite the god-awful wind chill and the horrible snow, Danny whistled as he hurried from the train stop to his building. A pizza takeout box prevented him from putting one gloved hand in the pocket of his overcoat, but it wasn’t that long of a walk and took even less time if he trotted. Plus, the action helped to keep him warm.

What the hell was he doing in Chicago anyway? He was a southern California boy. His blood was too thin for snow! But to follow his dream, he’d brave the weather and suffer the indignity of being the only member of his band who had to get a job to pay the bills for his tiny little apartment. He’d bear the culture shock of coming home from an expensive, all-expense-paid weekend at a posh ski resort to immediately agree to take the lunch shift at the pizza place where he worked. Although he’d been able to save up enough to cover January’s rent, he was still low on utility and food money, so the extra shift, even right after his time off, was welcome. The savings that had helped him moved to Chicago had dwindled to under a thousand dollars, and he really didn’t want to use any more of it if he could help it.

So, all things considered, Danny could brave the hellish cold.

Once in the lobby of his building, he breathed a little easier. Just being in from the wind raised his body temp enough that he could loosen his scarf as he began the three-story climb to his place. He even jogged up, telling himself he was working off the pizza in advance. Cash wasn’t in the main room when Danny entered the apartment, but there was nothing new about that. He’d been out cold when Danny had come in last night and long gone by the time Danny woke in the late morning. After putting the pizza on the table in front of the couch, Danny went down the hall and tossed his coat and scarf through his open bedroom door before sticking his head inside Cash’s room. Cash sat with his eyes glued to the monitor, fingers flying over the keyboard. He wore jeans and a sweater, outside gear that told Danny he’d gone to school today. Or, at least, had gone out. Otherwise, he’d be wearing sweats, and his hair wouldn’t look like it had been introduced to a comb.

Danny knocked on the door frame to get Cash’s attention. “Hey.”

It took a moment for Cash’s fingers to wind to a stop and his head to turn. For a second it was like he’d never seen Danny before in his life, but then recognition dawned as his brain emerged from whatever cyberspace he’d been in. “You’re back.”

“Hungry? I’ve got pizza,” Danny prompted, to further encourage the human in his roommate.

Finally, it was there. Cash nodded eagerly. “Yeah. I’ll be right out.”  Continue reading EXCERPT – Indigo Knights 2: Champion

I’ve started IK3

Thought I should post and announce that I’ve started writing Indigo Knights 3: Lance.

For those of you who might have been paying attention, I originally intended Lance’s story to be second. Then Danny decided that was a bad idea. While Danny was deciding that, Noble spoke up loud and clear so I assumed his story would be #3. Well, that’s changed again. Noble has been moved to #4 because Lance finally decided he’d waited long enough.

Also in Indigo Knights news, if you haven’t noticed, there’s now a release date for Indigo Knights 2: ChampionIt’s due September 4, 2012. I’ll be pimping it at GRL in October, for those of you who’ll be in attendance.

It’s official, I lied

Didn’t mean to lie. Really I didn’t. When I wrote all the posts saying that Lance’s book would be the next Indigo Knights book, I meant it. I was quite sure that Lance’s story was next because I knew that one. I didn’t account for Danny. See, Mr. Champion has been silent about his story. I had no idea who his other was or how he’d fit in, which was why I planned Danny for last. Sure, it bugged me that I hadn’t really introduced Lance in book one. I mentioned his name, yes, but no true meet and greet. Sure, Danny was the choice for the next book since we already know him. But I can’t write a book when I don’t know both heros yet, right?

Yeah. Well. Last week, I met Cash. Danny’s quite taken with Cash. To be honest, I’m quite taken with Cash.

So… I’m about to go edit the website to change book 2 from Lance to Champion. Sorry for the confusion, folks.


And we’re done

Woohoo! Doin’ the happy dance here because I just sent a readable draft of Leashed 4: Tangled Leashes to my beta readers. And I even think I’m happy with it.

So excuse me while I celebrate… *cues the music*

And, yes, for those who have and haven’t noticed, I’ve queued the second Indigo Knights book for my next project. Haven’t started yet, but will do so probably toward the end of November.