It’s official, I lied

Didn’t mean to lie. Really I didn’t. When I wrote all the posts saying that Lance’s book would be the next Indigo Knights book, I meant it. I was quite sure that Lance’s story was next because I knew that one. I didn’t account for Danny. See, Mr. Champion has been silent about his story. I had no idea who his other was or how he’d fit in, which was why I planned Danny for last. Sure, it bugged me that I hadn’t really introduced Lance in book one. I mentioned his name, yes, but no true meet and greet. Sure, Danny was the choice for the next book since we already know him. But I can’t write a book when I don’t know both heros yet, right?

Yeah. Well. Last week, I met Cash. Danny’s quite taken with Cash. To be honest, I’m quite taken with Cash.

So… I’m about to go edit the website to change book 2 from Lance to Champion. Sorry for the confusion, folks.


9 thoughts on “It’s official, I lied”

  1. This is actually good news for me. Danny Champion sounds like the Johnny of the group based on the description of how gorgeous he is. So I am really looking forward to his story.

    So Happy to be reading about Izzy again–miss him to bits.

  2. UUMM I don’t think your readers ( me being one) cares who you give us all your work is one I snap up ASAR ( as soon as release).

  3. First, I was actually shook and thinking to myself ‘what she wont write another one?’ but then kept on reading and then thought ‘Yes, she will’

    I think any book you write we will be happy with, hell we are talking about the Indigo Knights here 😀 So, any one you write we will read and enjoy immensely.

  4. I agree with Jynx. Posts like these and comments like those are examples of why I love ebooks and the E-reading community.

  5. This made me laugh. Firstly with the title (my instant reaction was “Shock! Horror! Lolz… Ok, lets read what she has to say) and then with your actual comment.

    Seriously though, I prefer that you’ve changed it. I understood why you planned for Danny to be last, but he really was set up so perfectly for book 2, so I’m glad he will be. I quite liked him as well. Like you said, we didn’t really know Lance. It would have been a little out of left field reading about him.

    That all being said, it’s amazing how people believe that the author “creates” the story. They don’t. They give birth to the characters and the characters take on a life of their own and live out the story. So really, the author cannot be blamed for their characters actions. XD
    (It’s a good excuse, you should stick to it. “Its not my fault. I can only narrate what my characters do. Blame them!” Lol)

    Ok ok, honest response now. I really couldn’t care who takes the lead in book 2. I just want to read it! I have loved every single m/m story you have written and I very much doubt that this will be any less spectacular than your other books are – whomever it is about. I hate trying to decide who is my fave characters in series like these. I usually end up with 2 or 3 and want to read about them all. So yeah, you write it and I’ll read it!

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