IK2: Champion is now available

Indigo Knights 2: Champion

I hope you like Danny and Cash!


7 thoughts on “IK2: Champion is now available”

  1. I’m with Teena, I’ve been waiting for it to be available at B&N.

    Any idea when I can get it through them? I’m really surprised that Loose ID hasn’t released it yet to B&N since it has been out over 4 months now.

    I guess I could go email Loose ID and start bugging them daily 🙂

    1. Just replied on the other thread but, here again:
      Unfortunately, I’m not in charge of when books are released to the various sites. In this case, I don’t think Loose Id is either. As far as I know, they submit the book to one place and it releases them to sites like B&N. I would have thought it’d be available already. Sorry.

  2. Just want to say thank you. The start kind of confused me which was great because I just had to keep on reading. The fact that Cash decided not to just move on made Danny’s feelings so credible. Not as many ups and down as your previous books, just short and sweet and I loved it keep up the good work. And Yes I almost can’t wait for Lance’s story. Thanks again.

  3. Just read Champion and LOVED it. Though it ended far too soon. I really hope that IK3 will be ready and out in a near future.

    Thanks for really good reading.

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