I’ve started IK3

Thought I should post and announce that I’ve started writing Indigo Knights 3: Lance.

For those of you who might have been paying attention, I originally intended Lance’s story to be second. Then Danny decided that was a bad idea. While Danny was deciding that, Noble spoke up loud and clear so I assumed his story would be #3. Well, that’s changed again. Noble has been moved to #4 because Lance finally decided he’d waited long enough.

Also in Indigo Knights news, if you haven’t noticed, there’s now a release date for Indigo Knights 2: ChampionIt’s due September 4, 2012. I’ll be pimping it at GRL in October, for those of you who’ll be in attendance.

4 thoughts on “I’ve started IK3”

  1. Omg the GRL looks sooo cool but is it really ok for readers to go? It sounds a little like a professional retreat??

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