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Happy Holidays!

Here’s my Christmas image. Almost didn’t make it and didn’t get to put on all the finishing touches, but I’m rather happy with it.

I hope that every has/had a happy and healthy Christmas for those who celebrate and a nice day off (I hope) for those who don’t.

Do Not Open Until Christmas

[singlepic id=731 w=320 h=240 float=]

She’d given him a lot of toys as presents, but wouldn’t let him play with himself until Christmas day.

Two new images

Trying very hard to get back into artwork. Besides, I have a new model.

My try with DAZ’s new Michael 4.


And I started to get curious about what Salin and Diana’s oldest son might look like all grown up. How do you like Brevin? I’m liking him I think


New elves for the Dark Elves series


Ale’tone is his name. You’ll meed him in DE5


Yes, I know, you’ve seen her before. But I thought it worth noting that I changed her name. She’s now Nialdlye, not Soelden. Had to make the switch because it was too much like Marisol/Sol from book 4.

DE5 is shaping up. There’s a new human too by the name of Kinig. He’s a bard. Haven’t finished his visual yet.