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Happy Holidays!

Here’s my Christmas image. Almost didn’t make it and didn’t get to put on all the finishing touches, but I’m rather happy with it.

I hope that every has/had a happy and healthy Christmas for those who celebrate and a nice day off (I hope) for those who don’t.

Do Not Open Until Christmas

[singlepic id=731 w=320 h=240 float=]

She’d given him a lot of toys as presents, but wouldn’t let him play with himself until Christmas day.

New elves for the Dark Elves series


Ale’tone is his name. You’ll meed him in DE5


Yes, I know, you’ve seen her before. But I thought it worth noting that I changed her name. She’s now Nialdlye, not Soelden. Had to make the switch because it was too much like Marisol/Sol from book 4.

DE5 is shaping up. There’s a new human too by the name of Kinig. He’s a bard. Haven’t finished his visual yet.

Two new images

yes, count ’em, two! *gasp*!

Sorry I’ve been lax in the image dept lately, folks. Home renovations and the dreaded Real Life have made things difficult for me in the visual artwork arena. I’m hoping that that hiatus is almost at an end.

Meantime, two pics. One for the smex and the other to introduce a new character.

New character is Fallil from the upcoming Dark Elves 5:


And a gratuitous m/m/m scene