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I’ve been absolutely horrid at keeping up lately. I acknowledge and I apologize.

Looks like I’m going to have to make a few adjustments on my FaceBook account. The page should remain but my “person” account will probably be going away pretty soon. I’m looking into it.

Also looks like the Fiction with Friction site is now down and likely not to come back up. So I’ve decided to re-post my freebies that were there. I’ll probably start that this weekend and space them out a bit. So those of you who haven’t read them can enjoy them and those of you who have read them can enjoy them again (I hope!)

On the writing front, I’m working on something but it’s slow going. Real Life is not conducive to writing, I’m afraid, but I’m trying to get back into the habit!

Bandslash Blog Tour

From Cocktales & Hot Sauce

#bandslash Blog Tour

on #MusicMonday

Collected for your wicked delight, a knock-out line-up of M/M Romance authors, male/male slash and erotica writers, all givingyou exclusive VIP access to their new ‘bandfic’ releases/rock band series, and what inspires their stories!

Welcome to #bandslash

The tour kickstarts with an awesome FREE giveaway, and will end in 8 weeks time with yet another fantastic giveaway of FREE ebooks from the authors.
Don’t miss this chance to enter; check out the free-to-enter competition on the Babes in Boyland blog, going live on Monday 4th February 2013. See below…

Tour Dates!!

Monday 4th February – Check out the Babes in Boyland blog whoare hosting Jet Mykles (Heaven Sent/Indigo Knights series) and kickstarting the tour with a fabulous ebook giveaway!

(Ebook prizes from: Jet Mykles, Piper Vaughn & Mj O’shea, Meredith Shayne, and BL Morticia!)

Monday 11th February – Jet Mykles hosts co-authors Piper Vaughn & Mj O’shea (Lucky Moon series).

Monday 18th February – Meredith Shayne hosts co-authors Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid (Black Gold series).

Monday 25th February – Clancy Nacht hosts Meredith Shayne (Metal Heart).


Monday 4th March – SJ Frost hosts BL Morticia (The Wretched series).

Monday 11th March – BL Morticia hosts SJ Frost (Conquest series).

Monday 18th March – ZAllora Allora hosts Melanie Tushmore (Crucifox series).

Monday 25th March – Melanie Tushmore hosts ZAllora Allora (Dark Angels/Made In China series), and final giveaway Wrap Party with your chance to win FREE ebooks from the authors!

(Ebook prizes from: SJ Frost, Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid, ZAllora Allora, and Melanie Tushmore!)


And be sure to follow all the #bandslash authors on twitter for up to date news, and join in the chat.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #bandslash !








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Correction: New Leashed print

After posting about it late, turns out I also gave wrong information about the new Leashed print volume. At least, about the link to Amazon that I provided.

The link below leads to the page for the PRINT volume that contains both stories 1 and 2. But the KINDLE link on the page is only for story #2. The cover art is the same, but the title text is different.

I’m very, very sorry for any confusion.