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Welcome to Rosenton

Rose Family ChroniclesMany have asked me to write more about Heaven Sent. I tried to keep up to date with the boys in the Indigo Knights series, but those were only glimpses and, I’ve been told, not enough. To be honest, I too have wanted to revisit the boys, but I didn’t want to mess with their happily ever afters. So, what to do? Well, how about writing it all over again in a different setting. Sort of fan fiction but by the author herself.

In the Rose Family Chronicles, I’ll be re-telling the story of some familiar couples. I plan to at least tell the stories for Johnnie and Tyler, Darien and Chris, Luc and Reese, Brent and Hell and Gretchen, Owen and Archer. Same guys, same loves, mostly the same characters but… different.

There is the Rose family. Or, rather, the Rose earldom. The new Earl of Rose is Johnathan, the eldest of four siblings. His sister Gretchen is next in line, then the twins Brent and Reese. They live at Rose Hall in Rosenton, which is a theater town a few hours’ train ride from the capital city Doncaster. The butler at Rose Hall is Mr. Christopher Faith. Tyler shows up in book 1, first as a footman then as a valet (hence the title). Darien also shows up as a footman. Luc and Hell? Stay tuned. Although, take a look at the picture in this post. Luc looks rather dapper, does he not?

Sound like fun? It hope so. I had fun writing book 1, despite the fact that the historical aspects were far more detailed than I expected. This series is not historically accurate. I borrowed from history but altered it a lot. For those of you who don’t enjoy historicals, I hope it’s light enough that you’ll give it a try. For those who do enjoy historicals, I hope I’ve done it justice.

A Journey for a Book

I went on an interesting journey last night.

It started because of my father. He just got a Kindle and is having way too much fun with it. He said he was looking for some books from the past and was interested to hear which authors and books I remembered reading when I was in high school — my prime reading time — so he could look at getting them.

Well, it sent me back. Back to a time when I would hardly look at a book if it wasn’t fantasy and was less than 300 pages in paperback. This was my time of Lord of the Rings and Dune, Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books and David Eddings’ Belgariad) and Malloreon series. Piers Anthony and Mercedes Lackey took me into the worlds of Xanth and Valdemar and I was loathe for any book to end because that meant I had to leave such fantastic, marvelous worlds. Melanie Rawn blew my mind with the Dragon Prince series and I have never been the same since.

So, as I’m strolling down memory lane, I remember this one book. Continue reading A Journey for a Book