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Brenda Novak’s 2010 Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research

The girls at Fiction with Friction and I put together a pretty rockin’ basket available at Brenda Novak’s auction. It’s a good cause!

Fiction With Friction Gift Basket

The winner of this auction will receive a basket full of goodies donated by the authors of Fiction With Friction. This basket includes: Continue reading Brenda Novak’s 2010 Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research

DE6 Now Has a Blurb

I’ve got the official blurb for Dark Elves VI: Awakening now:

As the first girl child born to the dark elves, Eryhaen is rhaejena—princess—and desired by all of the men around her. Born with magical gifts that challenge even the most experienced sorcerers among her people, she has the awe of her people and the devotion of her three best friends and lovers. Brevin, Lanthan and Tykir have been at her side their whole lives and each of the three young men would do anything for her and each other.

But Eryhaen needs more than untutored if eager lovers. She is out of control, and she knows it. Her magic is raw and wild, and she is not the only one who’s started to see her as a danger.

She needs help.

The only possibility is Radin, a legendary sorcerer, returned from the dead but magically unconscious for a quarter of a century. Dreams and undeniable instincts tell her that he’s the solution to her problems, if she can only wake him up.

Once she does, what then? He may be the answer to her problems, but is the legendary lover the man for her? Or is he meant for someone else?

Now own a Kindle

I drank the Kool-aid and bought a Kindle DX.

I had not intended to spend quite that much on a reader, but in the end that’s what I did and so far I like it. All of my PDFs from past ebook purchases went onto it in a flash and read quite nicely, thank you very much. I do need to get a clip on light, though, since our house tends to be on the dark side.

I’ve had it all of two days but in those two days I’ve read 2 1/2 books, so that’s got to be something, yeah? It also dawned on me that getting research books might be pretty cool on this thing. Got myself the collected works of Jules Verne so I can get a better handle on steampunk.

And, hey, it’s a tax write off!

Am done! On to the next with new pics for inspiration

I should point out a bit of news that pertains to me in particular. I’m done with Heaven Sent: Revelations! woohooo. Putting the polish on it and getting it beta read, but it should be in my editor’s hands by the end of the week.

Next, I write Dark Elves VI: Awakening. Yes, I’m finally going to start it *is scared* But I made some pretty pictures so that’ll help.

Eyrhaen Radin and Brevin

After DE6, I’ve signed a contract to write a m/m sequel to One For The Team called Team Player. Jason’s thinking too much after Jen and Ken’s wedding and Davey’s bound and determined to keep him off kilter.

Now Available – Del Fantasma: Unicorn

Del Fantasma: Unicorn

It’s now available!

Buy it here


It takes a special kind of virgin to bind a unicorn.
Scott would never have dreamed he was pure of body, heart and soul, but then he had no cause to believe unicorns even existed until he reluctantly drove to Del Fantasma late one night to rescue his stranded brother, Bryan.
Jack may be a unicorn, but he’s he avoids virgins like the plague. The chance of meeting that special type of virgin is slim-to-none in bars like Del Fantasma and he delights in every opportunity to feed his own lusty appetites while he can. After all, a unicorn may be undeniably attracted to virgins but that doesn’t mean he has to be one himself.
Unfortunately for Jack’s plans, their bond is instantly formed when he meets Scott. Jack is now Scott’s to command. He just has to convince him what he is, something that sounds a lot easier than it is.
And Bryan? Well, it turns out that their meeting wasn’t entirely by chance. Bryan was instructed by a group of vampires to get the two together.  Now that he has, can Jack and Scott discover the threat against them and save Bryan in time?

Read an excerpt