Now own a Kindle

I drank the Kool-aid and bought a Kindle DX.

I had not intended to spend quite that much on a reader, but in the end that’s what I did and so far I like it. All of my PDFs from past ebook purchases went onto it in a flash and read quite nicely, thank you very much. I do need to get a clip on light, though, since our house tends to be on the dark side.

I’ve had it all of two days but in those two days I’ve read 2 1/2 books, so that’s got to be something, yeah? It also dawned on me that getting research books might be pretty cool on this thing. Got myself the collected works of Jules Verne so I can get a better handle on steampunk.

And, hey, it’s a tax write off!

14 thoughts on “Now own a Kindle”

  1. I absolutely love my kindle. I just returned from a 2 week vacation to national parks in the sw. I loaded my kindle up with your 5 Heaven Sent books. Heavenly. Loved the third book.
    I’m glad that I loaded the kindle before I left because the whispernet connection was spotty through the mountains. Can’t wait for your next release at the end of July!

    1. tbh, I turn off the wireless most of the time. Cuts down a little on the battery power, I think. I only turn it on when I’ve ordered new stuff from Amazon, which I’m determined won’t be THAT often LOL


  2. Hi Jet– I am dying to have a Kindle but understood that pdfs were garbled on it and had weird page breaks. I am gathering that this is not your experience! How do you download into the Kindle from the computer? Is it like an iPod?

    BTW, i am very excited about the new Heaven Sent and can’t wait to read it.

    Thanks so much– Tara

    1. Tara, most of the books I’ve got on my Kindle are PDF. To put them on, you hook up your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable. It opens as a drive on your system. You then drag your PDF files into the documents folder on the Kindle. that’s it. Looks great. I’m quite pleased. this is with the DX (the newest) version. With the older one, you had to use a conversion program for PDF.

      Thanks! Hope you like Revelations

  3. BTW, I bought hard copies of your books when I originally came across them and loved them so much that I purchased them in ebook format too! Can’t wait for your future releases.

  4. Katie: Reading it is a lot like reading a book since it’s not backlit. In fact, I’ve decided that I need to get a reading light for it because we don’t have the best lighting in my house at night around my favorite reading places. If you don’t like the glare of a computer or PDA screen, then I’d definitely recommend it.

    Dawn: Yep, PDFs go right onto it for easy reading. I had my whole e-library on it within minutes. It’s expensive, which is what made me hesitate, but I really like it now that I’ve got it.

  5. Hmm I might think about getting one in the future is it less strenuous than staring at a computer screen?

  6. ’tis expensive, yes. But I needed a new ereader. and I really hope this one will last me a long time.

    it’s a tax write off for me because ebooks are my business. It’s a tool for me, just like my laptop

  7. Damn that sucker is exxxpppeeennnssiiiveee I think I’ll just stick to reading books on my computer or printing them out. I love ebooks and staring at a computer screen too long reading is my only complaint about them. But I can live with that. Hows it a tax write off?

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