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  1. Hey Jet, I love the new look. Just as long as we have the Heaven Sent boys in the banner, I’m a happy girl! Any chance of getting more Heaven Sent artwork soon? I simply can’t get enough of those guys! And I bet Izzy’s t-shirts would make a fortune in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    1. I’m not the Heaven Sent artist so I can’t make any promises about artwork. Any more would have to wait until I write another book or until I scrape up some money to commission the fabulous PL Nunn to do some more.
      Thanks though

  2. Jet?

    I noticed MLR wasn’t listed in the dealer room for Yaoi Con this year. Are you going to be attending anyway? Would love to see you again!

  3. Edrah: I imagine I’ll do some more dark elves pics someday. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been doing much of any images lately but I’m trying to do more.

    Ariel: Thanks. And yes ma’am! 🙂

    Tara: Glad you liked the Sands. That was a long time coming for us but we all really wanted to do it because we were together in one volume.

  4. Love the new site Jet! Just started to read Shifting Sands. Now there is a book I would recommend to everyone that has read Jet’s Lashed seires. I just love all the stories and have not found on I did not like. Believe me it’s worth every penny. Every story in heart stoppingly good and full of hot smexy men, that even I can’t stop from drooling. I also just finished Squire. Even more Hot Smexyness. I just love Izzy and him with Rabin just makes sence. I can wait to learn more about the Indigo Knights. But there is also Lashed 4 coming out and I can’t wait for that. Just keep up the good work and I’ll follow you anywhere Jet. From spacefighters to shifters to boy bands to hot elves in nothing but a loincloth. Hit me with your best shot. I think …..I can take it. Love you.

  5. This is my first time leaving a comment. I absolutely love your site. I really really love your Dark Elves books. I wish those sexy creatures exist. I have a question too. Here it is, On the cover of the Dark Elves Taken, who are the two elves on the cover? The one with the short hair is really hot! I havent brought the Dark Elves Discovery/Awakening yet but I plan on doing so. (tough times). Keep up the good work. Bye

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