Two new images

yes, count ’em, two! *gasp*!

Sorry I’ve been lax in the image dept lately, folks. Home renovations and the dreaded Real Life have made things difficult for me in the visual artwork arena. I’m hoping that that hiatus is almost at an end.

Meantime, two pics. One for the smex and the other to introduce a new character.

New character is Fallil from the upcoming Dark Elves 5:


And a gratuitous m/m/m scene


3 thoughts on “Two new images”

  1. I was surfing around, saw a cover, and thought, hey, that looks like Jet’s stuff, and, hey, it was Dark Elves: Taken by…yes, you! Did you do the art or did Anne? I was sure it was yours until I saw she did the banner here. You are both such double threats 🙂 when it comes to art and writing.

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