Obsession – Wonderland 1

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Originally posted on Fiction with Friction in 2009.



© 2009 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Ferris tugged at the little tuft of thick curly cotton attached to the waistband of his tiny white vinyl shorts right at the crack of his ass. “This is a bad idea.”

Vondy giggled, well into an alcohol high despite the fact the two of them had just arrived at the party. “Nonsense. You look fabulous.” He tossed their coats onto the pile on the bed and slapped Ferris’s hand. “Stop that. You’ll jiggle it loose.”

Ferris scowled and switched to fingering the cuffs instead. White leather with shiny sterling D-rings that matched the collar around his neck. He felt so… exposed. His Halloween costume was all Vondy’s idea. He should have known better than to mention to his costume designer buddy that he wanted to get a certain someone’s attention. Now, here he was at Max’s exclusive party in Max’s designer house, dressed all in white vinyl, white leather and his own pale skin. The little white shorts were very much that: little. He was pretty sure the lower curves of his butt cheeks were visible and he knew they molded to his crack. Not to mention his cock which, only half-hard in hopeful anticipation of the night’s conclusion, managed to look bigger than normal. Shiny white suspenders of the same black-stitched vinyl were all the so-called clothing he had from the waist up and somehow manged to make his nipples look alarmingly pink. Even the sparse hair on his chest looked paler than usual, more like a very light coating of fur. White boots covered his feet to well above the ankles but, thankfully, Vondy hadn’t insisted on the heeled thigh highs. The headband that secured the fuzzy white and pink bunny ears to his head was obscured by the wild curls of his newly bleached, chin-length hair. He was normally a light blond anyway but Vondy had completed the white rabbit costume by turning his hair stark white. Even Ferris had to admit that it brought out the blue of his eyes and the pink of his lips. Vondy had helped things along by an artful application of makeup that made his eyes look even bigger and his lips far more generous than they were. Seeing himself in the mirror at Vondy’s had just made him more nervous. He looked like the main course for a wolf feast.

“Come, little bunny,” Vondy coaxed, taking hold of his arm. The sweep of his black cloak brushed Ferris’s bare legs. “Time to find your prey.”

“Ha. I’m the prey, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Mmm. And Max is a wolf who is soon to be very very hungry.”

“I hope so,” Ferris grumbled as he was led from the room.

“Trust me.”

They were already beyond fashionably late. Vondy had assured him that Max wouldn’t dream of hooking up with anyone before midnight and he’d determined that if Ferris was a late arrival, he’d make an impact. They walked out into the main room of the house, past the little room serving as a cloak room and the attention started immediately.

“They’re staring,” Ferris muttered into his friend’s shoulder.

Vondy stroked his hair. “I know, sweetheart.”

“Vondy!” A tall man dressed as a muskateer planted himself in front of them. Ferris recognized him as one of the venue owners. “You finally showed up.”

Vondy tossed back his overlong silky brown bangs and smiled up at the man. “That I did.”

Green eyes fastened avidly on Ferris. “And who do we have here?”

Ferris shrank against Vondy. He knew he was coming across as a scared rabbit, but the trouble was that he was scared. He was horrible in social situations.

Vondy took care of him as promised. “Hands off, Ben. This one is meant for someone else.”

“I didn’t think you went for young and timid.”

“I don’t. I didn’t say me.” Vondy lay a hand on the man’s chest over his heart. “But don’t you go very far. You and I should… talk.”

Ben smiled and leaned forward to brush lips with Vondy. “Sounds marvelous.” With another overly interested look for Ferris, he drifted away.

He wasn’t the last, Vondy led Ferris through the crowd, fending off any interested parties. “You do realize that you could have your pick of any man here?” Vondy asked at one point, not bothering to hide the envy in his voice. “Are you sure…?”

“I only want Max.” Ferris darted a glance around. “If he doesn’t want me, I’m going home.”

Vondy sighed. “I doubt seriously Max won’t want you. He’s not blind, after all.”

They reached the bar after an unsuccessful sweep of the sizable main room.

“Are you sure he’s here?” Ferris asked anxiously.

“He’s here. He’s probably upstairs.”

“But you said he wouldn’t hook up with anyone until after midnight!”

“Calm.” Vondy ordered two spritzers. “He’s one of the hosts. He’ll be all over the place. He could be out back.”

Ferris jumped when a warm hand slid down his back. He managed to jump away before the fingers reached his butt, turning so his back was to the bar. The man in front of him was average height without the platform boots and probably good looking underneath the slightly freaky but somehow sexy Frankenstein type makeup.

“Can I buy you a drink, beautiful?”

“I, uh…”

“Don’t try it, Tom,” said a Hugh Hefner who’d earlier accosted Ferris. “I already tried to nab the bunny but he’s timid.”

“He is,” came Vondy’s voice right behind him, hands firm and comforting on Ferris’s shoulders. “He’s waiting for someone.”

Frankenstein whistled low. “Too bad. Who’d keep a tasty little bit like you waiting?”

Frantic, Ferris cast his eyes about the rest of the surprisingly well-lit room. “I, uh…”

Frankenstein caught his chin and forced it still, looking at his face. Another whistle. “You’re fucking gorgeous, bunny man. Where have you been all my life?”

Making out your paychecks, Ferris thought, recognizing Frankenstein as Grant, one of the firm’s photographers. Grant, who never noticed anyone but the models and the designers. Certainly never noticed the little mouse from accounting. “Uh…”

A thumb swiped over the gloss that still coated his bottom lip. “You’re not one of the dolls –” models, “– I’d recognize you. You new?”

Vondy pulled Ferris back out of reach. “Shuffle away, Frankie boy. This bunny boy is taken.”

Is he now?”

Ferris froze, his eyes going wide. His body immediately reacted to that single syllable, knowing the sound of its master anywhere. Max.

“Ah.” Vondy drew away the protective arm he’d draped over Ferris’s shoulders. “Max. There you are.”

“Vondy.” The two of them exchanged air kisses. “And who have we here?”

Blood sang in Ferris’s ears as he turned to face the man of his dreams. He couldn’t have hoped to suppress his groan at the sight. Maximilian was… unique. Spectacular. Elegant and slender, his long black hair and androgynous face let him pass for a woman when he so chose. Tonight, he chose, dressed as Ferris’s wet dream version of the Queen of Hearts. His black and red skirt was flounced and full, the bustle hiding the fact that his hips were far too slim to be a woman’s. The red corset built into his full bodice emphasized the dip of his waist and he hadn’t bothered to try and create a false swell of breasts. His arms were bare from the shoulders to the elbows where crimson gloves took over to the backs of his hands where they were fastened only by a ring to each of his middle fingers. His hair he’d left long with just a ruby tiara — and knowing Max, the rubies were very likely real. Ferris didn’t try to conceal his admiration because he knew it was hopeless. He let his eyes drink their fill as the vision inspected him with interest.

“Vondy? Who is this lovely creature?”

Ferris stumbled forward a step due to Vondy’s gentle push. “I’ve provided your white rabbit, darling.” Vondy had designed it so he’d been one of the few privy to the secret of Max’s costume for the night. He had dressed Ferris accordingly.

“For me?” A smile curled lovely red lips, white teeth flashing as Max laughed. “You scamp, you.” Max glided closer, skirts rustling. Ferris swallowed as elegant fingers with long (fake) red nails raised to lightly brush his chin. Flashy rubies sparkled at the corner of Ferris’s vision as deep brown eyes perused his face. “Oh my, you are lovely.” The pads of those fingers traced the curve of Ferris’s cheek. “You look familiar. Do I know you, sweetheart?”

“I…” Speak, you idiot! But he couldn’t. His eyes were too busy drinking in the sight of Max so very close. So beautiful. So perfect. Ferris loved the look of the man when he was dressed as such and that didn’t change even if he was made up as a woman. Max was max and the flavor of him on the air tantalized Ferris’s tongue.

“Cat got your tongue?” A thumb pulled down his chin to part his lips. “No. There it is.”

Ferris’s eyes fluttered, insanely turned on just by the sound of Max’s voice and the soft breeze of his words over sensitive skin. Ferris opened and closed his fists, shifted from foot to foot, unable to keep still although his head wouldn’t budge from Max’s light grasp. The exquisite agony got worse when Max slipped the tip of his thumb over Ferris’s bottom teeth. Ferris’s tongue flickered over that thumb, taking his first taste of Max and loving it.

“How adorable.” Smiling, Max let his thumb slip further in, stroking the flat of Ferris’s tongue. “Oh, Vondy, what an astounding gift.”

“I thought you’d like him.”

“Does he speak?”

“Eventually. You seem to have captivated him.”

Ferris closed his lips around Max’s tongue, sucking in more of the digit. He opened his eyes to encounter Max’s gaze full of hot, melting lust.

“Are you truly mine, my darling?” Max purred, stroking his free hand down Ferris’s left side, leaving behind a marching sizzle of sensation.

Ferris shuddered and nodded.

“You’ll have to tell me your name, sweetheart. I have to know what to call you.”

Yours. Reluctantly, Ferris allowed Max to pull away his thumb. He swallowed. “F-ferris.”

Max stared at him, lust abating as he thought for a moment. Then smiled. “From accounting?”

Ferris blinked, gaping. Max knew him?

Max laughed, stroking the side of his jaw. “Oh my, I knew you were lovely but even I couldn’t have guessed…” The hand came to rest just under Ferris’s chin, tilting his face up. Red lips leaned in, smiling. “Lucky me.”

Lips brushed lips, softly. Ferris whimpered and pushed up on his toes to deepen the kiss. He took Max slightly off guard but the taller man adjusted smoothly, slipping his hand around to spread over the small of Ferris’s back, pulling them flush together as their mouths opened to mate. Ferris sighed, opening and melting, completely uncaring that they probably had an audience as he wrapped his arms around Max’s slim waist and devoured the tongue that dipped in to meet his. More! He would have said it, begged it, pleaded it, if his mouth was not so pleasurably occupied.

When Max released him from the kiss, Ferris’s knees gave out. He wilted against Max, sinking into voluminous skirts as his forehead came to rest against the warm column of the taller man’s neck. The arm around him tightened, securing him against a warm, firm body.

“Mmmm, delicious.” Ferris felt the purr just as much as he heard it and it made him shiver all over again. “Vondy, do you mind if I borrow your friend?”

“Absolutely not. I brought him for you.” Ferris peeked at his friend, who grinned and winked. “Do take care of him, Max? He’s a rather precious treasure.”

“That he is and I shall. I assure you.” A firm hand patted one side of Ferris’s rump. “Come with me, pretty.”

Ferris turned with him, ecstatic when he was allowed to keep his arm around Max’s waist. Max kept an arm around Ferris’s shoulders and skirts rustled about Ferris’s legs as he was ushered through the crowd.

“What have you got there?” someone asked.

Ferris shied against Max, content when Max brought up his free hand to stroke Ferris’s hair.

“A precious gift.”

“I see that. I take it I’m on my own for hosting for the rest of the night?”

Ferris peeked up to see Donnie, Max’s housemate, dressed as a rather rakish and scantily clad pirate.

“At least not for awhile,” Max assured him. They’d reached the bottom of the staircase. “Up you go, my pretty.”

Ferris had to release Max and felt terribly cold at the loss of the other man’s body heat. But he led the way up the wide staircase, avoiding the loitering guests who nearly filled it. A few others tried to stop them but Max rather skillfully fended them off. He even managed to keep anyone from touching Ferris, which just fed the flames of anticipation.

It worked! Ferris’s brain sang. Vondy’s scheme worked! I’m with Max. Not only with Max, he could feel the heated brand of the man’s hand near the bottom of his spine. Surely Max was getting a good look at his ass in the snug shorts. Did he like what he saw? Did he want to fuck it? Oh God, I hope so!

Mind merrily filled with the possible ways Max might take him, Ferris hardly paid attention as the hand at his back steered him down a well-lit hallway and up one more flight of stairs. The second flight was narrower and darker with a single door at the top. Rather ominous. Ferris had heard tales of Max’s attic lair. Sounded like heaven to him.

He entered heaven and was not disappointed. The door closed behind him, blocking out the drone of the party below and enveloping him in a darkly mysterious room entirely furnished in deep wood tones and various shades of deep purple and dark green. He felt wickedly exposed in his stark white outfit as light that wasn’t candlelight but was the same hue and tone settled over him.

A few steps into the room, he turned, aware that Max had stopped. The man stood with his back against the door, watching Ferris with a predatory grin. “Will you talk to me now?”

“I’ll say anything you want me to say.”

“Are you that easy?”

“Only for you.” Insane, he knew. He should play hard to get. What he was saying could be construed in so many ways. But he’d actually studied this man. It was not an exaggeration that Max was his obsession. He was the reason Ferris had applied for his job. It was the closest he — who had no artistic flair and a stubborn bashful streak — could get. But under Max’s gaze, his bashfulness dissipated. He would do anything — literally — to have this man.

“For me.” One elegant brow arched as Max pushed from the door. “Why me?”

“I…” Caution stalled his tongue.

“Ah ah ah, my sweet. You just told me you’d say anything I wanted you to say.” He stopped just over an arm’s length away, a towering presence in the middle of the room that seemed to just be an extension of him.

Hell with it. Ferris wasn’t smart enough to come up with witty lines. He only had the truth of his heart after all. “I love you.”

Now both brows soared and red lips parted in surprise. “You don’t even know me.”

“I know you.”


Ferris balled his hands into fists, feeling terribly exposed under that lazer gaze. “I’ve watched you. I’ve asked about you.”

“Why me?”

“You’re…” He didn’t have the words. “Wonderful.”

The brows lowered, as did the eyelids, narrow in thought. “And how long have you felt this way?”

Frustration filled Ferris’s lungs. He didn’t want to reveal this. Not now. Max wasn’t supposed to ask. He shouldn’t care. Not now, at least. He should just be…


Ferris groaned, head tilting back and eyes fluttering just from hearing the sound of his name on Max’s lips.

The silken shush of those skirts came closer. “Ferris.”

Ferris leaned toward the heat of the other man, hand reaching out.

Max caught his wrist. “Ferris,” his voice remained a purr but backed by command, “answer me. How long have you felt this way?”

“You came to my college. A show.”

“When was this?”

“Three years ago.”

“You’ve only worked for us for two?”

Ferris opened his eyes to meet Max’s gaze. He knew? “Yes.”

Max’s grip on his wrist was iron but the spark of fear between Ferris’s eyes was soothed when Max’s thumb rubbed his pulse.

“Have you become obsessed? With me?”


“Shouldn’t I be concerned?” He didn’t look it.

Ferris couldn’t blink. “Please don’t.”

Max raised their hands between them as he took another step closer. “You could be dangerous.”

Ferris shook his head. “No.”

Max watched him. Ferris stood, watched. This was a moment of truth. He’d done more than watched, he’d felt. After all he’d learned, he felt he knew something about Max no one else quite understood. Max wanted to be an obsession. He craved it. Designer of clothing, scents, hair and even a few careers, he hid it well but he wanted to be the object of abject adoration. It was the only reason Ferris couldn’t be scared. Because he adored Max more than anyone.

And, perhaps, that’s what Max saw in his eyes as he drew Ferris closer. “No. You’re not dangerous, are you, my sweet?”

“Not to you.”

“Not to me.” Max stroked Ferris’s jaw. “What do you want?”


“Now? Here?”




Excitement zinged in Max’s eyes. “We’ll have to discuss that further,” he murmured, bending over Ferris. “But not now.” Nimble fingers shimmied down Ferris’s side, detouring at his hip to slip around front to cup the erection threatening the black laces of little white vinyl shorts.

Ferris cried out, head falling back. His hands shot up to grab Max’s shoulders for balance.

“Oh yes.” Max nuzzled the side of Ferris’s neck, his grip on the shorter man’s cock tightening. “We must explore this first.”

“God.” Ferris’s legs spread, one knee coming up to give Max more room. His boot tangled in skirt as he clumbsily tried to wrap his leg around Max’s.

“So sweet.” Max bit at Ferris’s neck, his other hand sliding up to support Ferris’s back. “All for me?”


“Mmmm.” He stepped forward and Ferris stumbled, would have fallen if Max didn’t support him. “Let’s unwrap you, shall we?”

Ferris was walked backwar until his calves struck the well padded edge of the bed. He sat when Max nudged him.

“I don’t remember your hair being this white,” Max mused, fingers feathering through Ferris’s curls.

“We bleached if for tonight.”

“I like it. You make such a beautiful, striking contrast to my bed.” He chuckled. “Lie back, sweet.”

Biting his lip, Ferris did, leaning on his elbows. He hoped he looked sexy. Max stared at models all the time. Ferris knew he had nothing in comparison to them.

“Charming,” Max assured him, stepping back. His hands went to the waist of his skirt.

“Wait, let me…”

“No. You lie there. I’m enjoying the sight.”

So Ferris had to lie there, dying, his cock throbbing against its restraints as Max untied the heavy skirts and let them fall to the floor. He gasped, not expecting red stockings hooked to a red garter belt and nothing else underneath. Max’s gorgeous cock thrust up, free of the heavy fabric that had managed to conceal its readiness.

Smiling, Max stroked his shaft. “Do you want this, my sweet?”

“Oh God, yes.”

One last stroke, then Max released it. He kicked off his heels. “Are you a virgin?”

Ferris blushed but Max didn’t see it, padding for the dresser that stood beside the head of the bed. “No.”

“Poo. You didn’t save yourself for me?”

Ferris shot up, leaning now on his hands. “No! It was before I ever saw you.”

Max smiled. “All right, Ferris. Lay back down.”

The sound of his name worked its charm and he melted back down on the indigo sheets. “I haven’t since,” he felt he had to add.

“No? Not in three years?” Max kept his attention on what he was doing, taking a large bottle of lube from a drawer as well as a few black wrapped condoms.

Ferris squirmed at the sight. Max did intend to fuck him. He had to close his eyes and frantically school his body, lest he come.

“Answer me, sweet.”

He felt a tug on his foot and opened his eyes to see Max studying one of his boots.

He looked up when Ferris remained silent. “Answer me. You haven’t had sex in three years?”


“Nothing? Not even a blow job?”


“Because of me?” He still held Ferris’s foot, casually.


“Well. Then I’ll have to make that up to you, won’t I?”

Ferris’s back hit the mattress, his hands coming up to press at his eyes. “Oh God.”

Max chuckled, dropping his foot. “What’s the matter, Ferris? You do want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Please, yes, please, I…” He nearly screamed when the mattress dipped and he felt Max’s palms, hot on his thighs just under the hem of the shorts.

“Shhhh. Calm yourself, pet.”

Eyes open, Ferris drank in the sight of Max straddling his legs, cock thrust up and proud, almost touching the front of the corset. He whimpered when Max reached for the laces of his shorts.

Max hesitated. “Are you going to come?”


Max brushed his fingers ever so lightly over the bulged vinyl. “Just from this?”

Ferris pushed the back of his skull into the mattress. “Oh, God, please.”

He couldn’t look, but he could feel Max’s heat. Could hear Max’s heavy breathing. A quick tug and some of the constriction on Ferris’s cock loosened. He moaned, clutching at the sheets beneath him as strong fingers yanked at the rest of the laces, not quite touching his cock again. The rock hard shaft sprung its way free as soon as it could. Ferris arched, biting his lips, doing everything he could not to come.

“Oh my.”

He couldn’t process the hungry note in Max’s voice because it was immediately followed by the heat of Max’s mouth, engulfing his cock.

“No!” Ferris wailed, twisting, arching. “You can’t. I’ll come.”

An iron grip around his base as Max’s lips popped wetly from the tip. “Do it. Come for me.”

That was it. He couldn’t help it. Max’s mouth had barely returned before Ferris’s balls squeezed and poured into his mouth. Ferris cried, not sure if he was in estasy or pain or some wicked combination of both. He was simply helpless, writhing as he fed his obsession.

When it was done, he sank back, delirious as Max nuzzled his cock, licking him dry. Wet lips left his cock to kiss their way up over Ferris’s belly, his chest, his neck, chin, finally reaching his lips. Max hovered over him, a possessive triumph filling his gorgeous face. “You’re sweet through and through,” he proclaimed, right before claiming Ferris’s mouth.

Ferris was devoured and loving it. He reached up, needing to grab on to Max as the only real thing in his current existence. At first he found the stiff, unyielding boneing of the corset. He slid down that to find satin skin stretched taut over muscle and bone of max’s hips. From there, it wasn’t even a decision to rummage forward, reaching for, aching for Max’s cock.

He cried out in loss when Max ripped his mouth away, catching Ferris’s hand before he could grasp the prize. “No. Not yet.”

“Please.” Ferris’s body began to forget that it was sated, filling back up with need. “I want…”

“Oh, you will suck my cock.” Max bit at his chin. “Often and long. But not now. Right now, I want inside your body.”

“God, yes, please.”

Max pushed back, up onto his knees then off the bed. He unfastened the suspenders from Ferris’s shorts, then grabbed the waistband and pulled them with him as he backed off the bed. Ferris wiggled to help and, together, they manged to get the shorts over Ferris’s clunky boots which Max, evidently, wanted to stay on.

Max turned away. “Untie the corset.”

Ferris sat up and yanked at the bow right over Max’s ass. Before his hands could wander, Max ordered him to loosen the ties. As soon as they were loose enough, he pulled away from Ferris. “Roll over,” he commanded as he shimmied out of the restrictive corset.

Unable to fully regret that he couldn’t look his fill, Ferris obeyed, tossing aside the suspenders. Unasked, he got up on his knees, spreading them as he aimed his ass toward Max.

He received a sharp smack on one side of his rump for that. “Cheeky.” Max’s voice was gruff.

Ferris glanced over his shoulder just in time for Max to kneel behind him, both hands on either cheek, spreading them as he dove in. Ferris screamed into the mattress as Max’s tongue swiped the crack of his ass then slipped back down to tongue his hole. This was an entirely new experience for him so he could only grab armfuls of sheet and pillow and pant into them, crying helplessly as Max worked him open. His body tried to rouse, his cock filling enough to make the swing of it as he rocked back into Max a gorgeous torment.

“Max,” he groaned. “Max, please.”

“Yes.” The mouth was gone and plastic rattled.

Ferris wiggled, bracing his knees, cushioning his head and shoulders in a nest of bedding, needing what was coming.

Then Max was there. Max’s cock prodded his hole. “Is this what you want, my sweet?”


Max fell forward, bracing on his arm at the last minute. His voice warmed Ferris’s ear. “Since it’s been so long for you, I’ll try to go slow,” he promised, rubbing the tip of his cock at Ferris’s entrance. “Promise you’ll tell me if I hurt you.”

Ferris whimpered, not wishing to make any such promise. He didn’t want Max holding back.

Max froze from the waist down and bit at Ferris’s ear. “Promise.”


“Good boy.”

Max’s cock pushed in and Ferris groaned at the delicious stretch. It hurt, of course it did, but not in any way Ferris minded. Not in any way he knew would be eclipsed as soon as his body got used to it.

Max stopped, only a little in. “Ferris.”

“I’m fine.”


“No, please, I’m fine. I promise. Please, I need more.”

“God.” Max pressed his forehead to the back of Ferris’s shoulder. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

Evidently, not yet. He still took it slow but his cock forged further, pushing deep into Ferris’s body. Ferris arched, pushing back, welcoming the all-encompassing heat of the man’s body blanketing him. All the while, he begged shamelessly, secure in his promise because the little bit of hurt was drenched in soul-deep pleasure. He thrilled when Max’s caution slipped when he pulled back and slammed raggedly forward. Ferris cried for more when Max started cursing under his breath. Thought short-circuited as primal instinct took over. Ferris gripped the sheets as Max drove into him, tears of joy mingling with sweat to plaster his hair to the curves of his cheeks and the column of his neck. This could have gone on for ages and he wouldn’t have minded, would never have stopped. But though his body sizzled with delight, Max soared toward climax. Ferris hung on as Max rode him, thrilled to be the vessel of Max’s pleasure, finding just as much of a climax when Max finally cried and shuddered as though he had come himself.

They collapsed into a pile of sweaty limbs among the dark, rumpled sheets. Max clutched Ferris to him like a teddy bear and Ferris didn’t mind the squeeze at all. He lay quiet, his soul singing with what he had just experienced.

Finally, Max’s hold loosened. He maneuvered Ferris onto his back so their mouths could mate in a long, messy kiss.

“I think I’m going to enjoy getting to know you,” Max muttered, petting Ferris’s jaw.

Ferris smiled. Content to know this was only a beginning.

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