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This story was originally posted to Fiction with Friction in October 2008

This one’s rated X folks. NOT SAFE FOR WORK


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“Eat all that and we won’t have any left for the kids.”

“So?” Finn plucked another bite-sized Snickers from the bowl. “There aren’t that many kids this year anyway.”

His mother gave him a wistful look. “I miss the days when you’d go out trick or treating.”

Finn laughed, crumpling waxed paper as he popped the chocolate treat into his mouth. “That was a long time ago, mom.”

She smoothed her hand over his hair, sighing. “I know.”

He flinched away. “Watch it, you’re gonna mess up the do.”

She gave him a long silent look and he read what she was thinking loud and clear. Although she didn’t say anything, he knew she was confused by his choice to wear dresses. He didn’t do it every day, but it wasn’t exactly an odd occurrence, even when it wasn’t Halloween. She just didn’t understand and he’d given up trying to explain himself.

After dropping the candy wrapper in the little wastebasket next to the sideboard, he smoothed a hand up the snug blue bodice and checked his upstanding high, white collar. Then a quick check to his swept up hairstyle in the mirror to make sure she hadn’t messed it up. He’d spent a lot of time pinning his own hair up just right, after all. He was rather proud of his Snow White costume. He especially liked the short, frilly yellow skirt and the opaque white tights that showed off his legs. His cape lay on his bed upstairs, waiting for him to pick it up for the party later on that night. A party where he hoped his costume would gain him attention so he could get laid.

But first, he was on candy duty.

The doorbell sounded and he picked up the bowl. Since she was still watching him, he gave his mother a smile. “Go get Susan ready.” He flipped a hand at her. “She needs all the help she can get.”

“I heard that!” his sister screeched from down the hall.

He grinned. His mother sighed and headed down the hall.

He opened the door and paid due homage to the adorable kidlets on their candy quest.

A half hour later, his twelve-year-old sister stormed into the living room. He bit his lip over commenting on her outfit. The vampire thing was just so outdated. At least she’d added a little class by dressing in a tuxedo their mom had purchased a second hand store, complete with top hat. But her makeup was lamentable. She’d refused his help, though, so all she could do was suffer on her own.

“All right,” said his mom, putting her coat on and grabbing her keys, “I’m taking Susan to her party. I’ll be back in a half hour or so.”

He nodded from his seat on the couch. He exchanged a silent, hostile glance with his sister before smiling. “You look like shit.”

“Bite me, asshole.”

“Stop it, you two!” His mother pointed toward the door. “Susan, out. Finn, behave.”

He blinked. “Don’t I always.”

Neither mother nor sister commented on that little remark before they left the house.

# # #

About fifteen minutes later, he darkened Finn’s doorstep. Well, okay, the doorstep was already dark because it was only lit by the two pumpkins and a blacklight, and he had four kids with him, but the effect was still momentous.

Finn had never really liked Star Wars much, but he had a deep appreciation of Harrison Ford so he instantly recognized Han Solo. Pretty good costume, complete with authentic looking worn jacket, boots and blaster strapped to his thigh. The shaggy haircut was a bit long but Finn had no complaints since he immediately desired to sink his fingers into said shag to draw the most edible mouth he’d ever seen to his own for sampling.

The vision with the chiseled jaw, hook nose and dreamy brown eyes stared at Finn, checking out Finn’s outfit rather quickly before returning to his face. Finn couldn’t tell if it was fascinated revulsion, curiosity or lust, although he certainly hoped for the last.

“Trick or Treat!” piped the kidlets, varied candy receptacles rustling as small hands held them wide.

Finn startled back into his role of sweet giver. “Oh wow, don’t you guys look great.”

The munchkins thanked him nicely as he doled out the chocolate, but his attention strayed relentlessly back to the handsome young adult standing behind them. He wasn’t from Finn’s neighborhood. Finn would have known. But it wasn’t unusual for kids from different neighborhoods to end up at Finn’s for Halloween. It was known as one of the safer, more friendly areas. How far away had the vision come from?

Han Solo spoke up as the last of the four children got their goodies. “That’s a terrific outfit.”

“Thanks.” Finn preened, dipping a pert little curtsey. “Yours is pretty cool too.”

Han stepped into square of light that came from the hall behind Finn and extended his hand. “I’m Jeff.”

Finn took the hand and shook it. “I’m Finn.”

Han – no, Jeff – blinked and grinned wider. “You are a guy!”

Finn couldn’t help it, he laughed, delighted to have confounded someone. “Yes, I am.”

Jeff hadn’t released his hand. “Nice to meet you, Finn.”

“Hey, Jeff?” called a female voice.

Jeff glanced over his shoulder, dropping Finn’s hand. A shadowy figure stood in the street, taller than the kidlets that passed it by. “Go on without me. I’ll catch up in a minute.”

The figure waved and walked off.

Jeff turned back around.

Finn smiled.

Jeff blushed, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Finn’s heart swelled. Oh this was looking so very promising! “Hey, uh, you’re not from around here.”

“No. I live in Dyson.” Not too far then.

Finn nodded. “You just out for trick or treating?”

“Yeah. My brother and his friends. That was my cousin back there. The woman.”

Finn was thrilled Jeff felt the need to explain that the woman was related and not a date. He hugged the candy bowl to his belly and leaned on the door frame. “So, you doing anything later tonight?”

Jeff’s eyes trailed up his legs before settling on his face. “No. Just heading home.”

“I’m going to a party later. If you’re interested.”

“Yeah? That’d be cool.”

“I should warn you.” It was only fair after all. “It’s at a gay bar.”

To his utter delight, Jeff grinned. “That’s perfect.”

# # #

“Aw, shit,” Jeff groaned, not waiting for an answer to his question, “you’re wearing garters?”

Finn chuckled, securing his arms around Jeff’s broad shoulders so he could hike up one leg around the other man’s hip. “Thigh highs.”

Jeff had him pressed against the wall, tongue dancing over the pulse at his throat, big hands sliding up under his skirt. His fingers traced the frilly tops of the stockings. “Oh man, I gotta see this.”

Finn laughed as Jeff dropped to his knees. “Good luck in this light.”

Around them, other men coupled, tripled or quadrupled in the darkness of Quincy’s seedy back room. Finn didn’t often go for the quick trysts but he’d realized there was no way he and Jeff were going to get far without getting their hands – and other interesting parts – on each other.

Jeff flipped his skirt and frilly underskirts up, palms sliding over the bare skin of his thighs above the stockings. “Hold the damn skirts up.”

Finding it difficult to catch his breath, Finn complied, clutching the satin and lace to the firm bodice over his belly.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Jeff murmured, first his breath then his lips hot on Finn’s satin-encased erection. “You are so hot.”

Finn groaned, thumping his head against the brick wall behind him, despite his careful updo. “Less talking, more sucking.”

He barely heard Jeff’s chuckle over the grunts and groans of the others around them. But he did hear the “yes, ma’am”.

“Fuck you,” he muttered as Jeff hooked aside the cloth over his cock.

“We’ll get to that,” Jeff promised, right before swallowing Finn down.

“Jesus Christ!” If the wall hadn’t been there, Finn would have crumpled to the sticky ground. But between the nice, solid bricks and the nice solid man on his knees, Finn was quite happily trapped.

Jeff meant business. He set to swallowing and slurping, his happy noises loud and clear to Finn’s focused ears. He held Finn’s hips and buried his nose in Finn’s neatly trimmed thatch. After the few hours of wishing and lusting that Finn had spent since he’d first laid eyes on Jeff, it didn’t take him long.  “Fuck, Jeff, I’m gonna go.”

Jeff popped his mouth off Finn’s cock briefly to command “go” before swallowing Finn down again.

Crying out, clutching his skirts, Finn sank into the fury of a quick, intense orgasm that left him breathless.

Jeff stood, grinning and licking his lips as he held up a familiar cellophane packet. “Turn around,” he said, putting the packet to his teeth to open it.

Happily, Finn complied. He even reached down with one hand to pull aside the string of his thong, holding his ass open and ready for Jeff.

“Oh man.” Jeff put his hand to Finn’s ass, squeezing while he used his other hand to aim his sheathed cock. “You’re a fucking dream come true.”

Finn might have thanked him but he never was very talkative when a plump, hard cock was slipping into his hole. He grunted into the arm he had folded on the bricks in front of him, hoping Jeff understood the sentiment.

He seemed to, or else he didn’t care. He slipped Finn’s arm up to the small of his back, rucking up skirts in the process, and held it there as he adjusted inside. Finn nearly came unglued. He loved being restrained but never dared ask for it. The few times he had, the men had either gone too far or not far enough. Since he wasn’t into pain, he’d learned to wait. But Jeff’s hold was perfect and the slide of his cock in and out of Finn’s hold created all the right friction to make Finn writhe.

“Like that?” the rough fabric of Jeff’s pants scratched at the back of Finn’s thighs, his belt buckle jangling. His voice sounded right next to Finn’s ear, his free hand slapping on the bricks right above Finn’s head. “Who said it was a kiss that woke the princess?” Chuckling at his own joke, he prevented Finn from reacting by thrusting hard.

Finn begged with sounds rather than real words, but Jeff understood.  He slammed into Finn, holding him tight, making him wild. Finn wasn’t going to come again this soon, but he sure as hell enjoyed Jeff’s ramp toward his own orgasm. When Jeff came, Finn shuddered, enjoying an electric little thrill up his spine.

They didn’t say anything as they both put themselves back together, but Finn’s heart swelled when Jeff not only waited for him, but helped him adjust both his skirts and his hair. Then, after a sweet, smiling kiss, held his hand to lead him through the maze of fucking bodies back into the club proper. They ordered drinks then retreated to a quieter spot. Neither of them stopped smiling once.

“I’d love to see you again,” Jeff finally said as they leaned on a railing overlooking the dance floor.

Finn nodded. “Me too.”

Jeff nudged closer. “By the way, I don’t have a skirt fetish or anything. But you in that costume…” he gave Finn the once over then rolled his eyes and smiled.

Finn flushed. “Yeah, well, I do have a skirt fetish. I wear them more than my kid sister.”

The shock was perfectly plain in Jeff’s face. Finn waited a tense moment, before warmth overtook those handsome features. “Okay then, I lied. Now I definitely have to see you again.”

Finn laughed and melted under the arm Jeff put around his shoulders. Oh yes, this was perhaps the best Halloween ever.

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