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Then the door swung wide open to reveal Tanty in a tiny little purple robe with a hem that barely brushed the tops of her thighs. The robe gaped in a deep V in the front that revealed the inner curves of both breasts and a sweet swath of flat belly. “Hi!”

He was toast.

Casually, she reached up to tuck abundant tangerine hair behind her ear as she toyed with her sash with the other hand. Gorgeous, dark blue almost-purple eyes blinked happily at him. “You are a saint for doing this.”

Bok had never felt less saintly in his life. “Uh, yeah.”

Giggling, she reached out to grab his arm and pull him inside. Instantly, he was surrounded by a warm, fruity smell, citrus with something sweeter, like strawberries. The air was moist, as though…

“I just took a shower.”

Of course. She’d just been naked and wet. But then…? He looked at her dry hair.

“I had it up,” she said, reading his confusion as she led him through the front room toward the open door at the back.


Her home was decorated in a cacophony of orange and green, like she was trying to mimic an orchard or a pumpkin patch. Most of the big furniture was covered in dark green upholstery with leaves embedded in the pattern, but the pillows and accents were all in orange. It took him precious moments to realize the walls were not white but light blue, like a summer sky. Hand still around his arm, she led him past a huge couch set in front of a television with accompanying entertainment gear. Santa’s Village didn’t have cable or satellite access to live television from the humans’ realm, but plenty of people had developed a fondness for DVDs. She drew him into a bedroom decorated in much lighter, warmer shades of the same colors that dominated the outer room. The carpet was cream to match the walls, the bedding and upholstery ranging from pale peach to vibrant orange, and the noncovered furniture was all light pine. Sunlight warmed the sheers that guarded her privacy.

The box he’d given her earlier lay in front of a plush couch. It had been torn open and its contents spilled over a plush carpet. At first glance, he could figure out how it went together and was confused why she’d needed help.

“There it is,” she said, dropping his arm so she could cross hers under her breasts. The perky little handfuls pushed at the lapels of the robe, which threatened to nudge aside to reveal her nipples. Then her eyes were on him, and for the first time he realized he was about an inch taller than her. “Can you fix it?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” Realizing he sounded moronic with all the uhs, he dropped to his knees and took a look at the parts. The main part of the saddle was a triangular wedge that was padded, then covered with a soft black water-resistant covering. In the center was the socket where the dildos fit. A coiled cord waited to get plugged into the back. Simple. He picked up one of the unwrapped dildos lying on the protective plastic beside the wedge.

“Wait.” She snatched the thick four-inch dildo with the nubbins along its shaft from his hand and replaced it with a six-incher that had a clit-massaging appendage in front. “Use this one.”

Blankly, he nodded, trying desperately to swallow in a throat gone completely dry. He couldn’t stop picturing her with that dildo, lowering her sweet, wet opening on it so she could surround and strangle it. Of course, the semierection he’d sported since he’d heard her voice on the other end of the phone sprouted to full arousal at the thought. But he ignored it by concentrating instead on inserting the batteries into the dildo.

“Does it really need batteries?” she asked, perching on the couch over him.

He tried to avoid noticing that her knees were right by his shoulder, that if she parted them, he could reach between them and find… He gulped. “Uh, no. But since they’re interchangeable, you can use the other dildos while you’re, uh, riding.”


Bending way too close to the machine, he concentrated on fitting the dildo’s end into the machine rather than thinking about how it would soon be inside her heat.

But when he sat back, he immediately felt her warmth over him. She laid a hand on his shoulder and leaned into him, her attention on the machine. “Is it ready?”

“Al –” He cleared his throat. “Almost.” He plugged in the cord and leaned over to push the other end into the socket in the wall beside them. Then he picked up the little remote and took a minute to unwrap and insert the batteries. To test it, he flipped the power switch.

“Oooo!” Strong fingers clutched his shoulders as the dildo started to tremble.

He closed his eyes, thankful his back was to her so she couldn’t see her effect on him. “There you go.” He stared at the tan column of plastic that buzzed, rather than look at her. If he did, he might — Whoa!

She pushed close to wrap her arms around his shoulders, pressing her cheek to the side of his neck. Her weight was negligible on his back, but she still nearly knocked him off-balance. “You’re the best! This is awesome!” She kissed his cheek.

Tongue-tied, he remained still as she dropped to her knees beside him, her attention on the machine. She picked up the remote. “Show me.”

He managed to stay calm as he told her what each button did. It was simple enough, designed to function for someone who’d have other things on their mind when they worked it. When she squealed in delight after they set the vibrator on high, Bok nearly had cardiac arrest. Okay, elves didn’t have cardiac arrest, but it sure felt like his heart was going to stop. Christmas, but he wished he could stay and watch her use the machine. Maybe if he asked nicely…

She dropped the remote and rose up on her knees in front of him. He froze when she opened her robe, then slid it down her arms and off her body. Captivated by the nearness of her soft, silky skin, he didn’t immediately realize she’d picked up a bottle of lube from the floor beside the box. A half-empty bottle of lube. With the ease of an expert, she popped the top, poured liquid into her palm, and coated the buzzing dildo with one hand while she closed the cap with the other. She did this without a care that he was still there, that he was stunned motionless, torn between watching her slim fingers wet the dildo or the graceful sway of her breasts as she leaned forward. Her hair, tossed over her far shoulder, provided a vivid backdrop to the luscious view she provided him.

He curled his fingers into fists and pressed them to his thighs to keep from reaching out to touch when he hadn’t been invited. It’s nothing, he assured himself. She got naked with people all the time. She just wasn’t thinking…

His brain completely ceased to function when she swung around, lifted one leg, then lowered it so she was straddling the machine. Without any hesitation, she reached down to hold the dildo while she positioned herself above it. Her dry hand closed on his shoulder, using him for balance as she found her place. His eyes were riveted to the shining plastic dickhead as she rotated her hips above it, rubbing herself with it. “Oh, yum.” She purred, tossing her head back. Her nipples thrust toward the ceiling, pebble hard and captivating, but his attention remained between her thighs. Her fingers crawled up his neck as she lowered her hips, letting the vibrating dildo disappear slowly beneath soft, pettable orange curls. “Mmmm.” She tunneled her fingers into the hair above his left ear, pulling him closer. He lost his vantage for the apex of her thighs, but his focus found the breasts that were so very close. “Oh, wow. Bok, this feels so good.” Her back arched as she jerked up a little so she could push slowly down again. Bok’s mouth watered as he imagined the dildo filling her. He wanted to watch, but her breasts, her face, all that hair draping her back… Holy night, there was just so much to feast his gaze on.

“Christmas!” she sang out loud, and if he had to guess, the little appendage in front of the dildo had finally come in contact with her clit.

“Oh, snow!” She circled her hips, grinding. Her far hand slid up her flat belly until it cupped her breast, coating her silky skin with the lube that remained on her palm. Nimble fingers plucked at the sweet pink treat at the tip. “This feels so good.”

An honest whimper bled from Bok’s throat.

Her eyes opened at the sound, her head swiveling to face him. Her smile was pure sin. A gorgeous flush climbed up her neck. He’d never realized pink and orange complemented each other so very well. “Hi.”

He mouthed the word back, but no sound emerged.

She licked her lips, her body rising and falling slowly as she began to ride the machine. “Mmmm.” Her fingers tugged at his hair, pulling him a little closer. Her breast brushed the front of his tunic when she rose. “Want to kiss me?”

Completely abandoning any pride, he nodded eagerly.

She purred and tugged. “Come here.”


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