So, I sucked keeping in touch in March. Pretty much in February too. I’m trying to be better for April. But before the month ends, here’s a quick low down.

Reverb was sent to my editor today. She estimates that it should be out sometime in May. I’m going to try and get an excerpt and blurb up in the next week or so.

I’m going to be at the RT Convention the weekend of April 6-10. I won’t be there everyday but I’m on a panel at 2:45 on Friday and I’ll signing books on Saturday. I’ll should have Heaven Sent (1st print, so Heaven and Purgatory) and Dark Elves: Taken (so Taken and Mastered). Never done the signing before so it should be an adventure.

My next project is another Santa’s elves story. Yes, I know I promised Leashed 4 but Toys for Good Girls (working title) should be short and sweet and I need something light after the hell Reverb put me through. If you can’t tell by the title, this Santa’s elves story will be m/f. Bok’s story. Sorry, m/m fans but I do write girls and I miss it.

Then I’ll be diving into Leashed 4. I’m pretty sure. Meg and the boys have been talking and I think my having abandoned them at the beginning of last year scared them. Let’s hope they’re talking.

Some people have been asking about images. I have done some for 2011 but I’ve been waiting until I get my new gallery up and running. I really hate how my images are on the site now and I’m trying to find a way to fix it. Unfortunately, that means uploading all the images again and there was no import. I think I’m almost done. So maybe April will bring some new visual goodies as well.

Ummm… what else? Can’t think of anything. Questions?

7 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Very excited about Reverb coming out!
    Are you doing any more in the Heaven Sent world?
    Enjoy the convention.

  2. Oh, sorry Dani, didn’t see your second question. How did I start as a writer? It’s more a question of when wasn’t I writing. It’s been my thing most of my life. I only got published in 2005, however, and that was mainly because of the prompting by the marvelous Angela Knight when she saw my Dark Elves series of images and the text I’d written to go along with them. She suggested I write out a full story and sub it to one of her epubs. I did. They published it. The rest is fully documented on this website 😀

  3. Thanks for the update Jet. I’ve really been looking forward to Reverb.

    Have to say I prefer M/M, but your M/F has always been great too. Just happy to have something else you’ve written coming up to read.

    1. Dani: Pirate’s Boy is out of print at the moment. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with it. It’s not long enough to be on its own and I’m not in a place where I can expand it yet.

      Anya: I haven’t yet written or started the next IK book so I’m not sure on an answer for you. I hope to start it sometime after Leashed 4.

      Nix: You’re not alone among my fans and I respect that, but I really do like to write girls from time to time. All that testosterone, even in my guys, wears on a girl 😉

      Thanks all!!

  4. What about the story pirates boy, is that one out yet? I cant find it…oh and i wanted yo know how you started writing/ became a writer

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