Happy Holidays

Well, it’s over already for many of you. I’ve been absent for much of the holiday season. Not gone in the physical sense. Gone because I bought myself a Wii at the beginning of the month and have gotten lost in Epic Mickey.

Despite that, I’ve managed to get A Rose is a Rose polished up and sent to the editor. So that’ll be out for Valentine’s Day. And because I’m done with that, I’m back to work on Reverb. No, don’t ask me about other stories. I NEED to get this one done. I’ve delayed it way too long and the powers that be have been way too nice to me about it.

Anyway, back to the happy holidays. I hope everyone reading this and everyone they love is having/has had a lovely holiday season and is looking forward to a hopeful, happy new year!

(BTW, my apologies for no holiday story or image this year. Blame the Wii and my need to turn off my brain for a bit)

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. glad you got time you needed to recharge!
    doing a happy dance knowing you are back to reverb!!!! can’t wait!

  2. I perfectly understand, got a XBOX 360 w Kinect, then a friend got me a 3 mos. subscription for Netflix which can be watched thru 360….aaagghhh! Multiple forms of crack! I just need my yaoi rock stars to add to the completeness…..Just sayin’

  3. I only have Wii Fit so far….I’m not convinced this thing is my friend! I enjoyed Encore! Encore!, but am looking forward to A Rose is a Rose and Reverb! I definitely need my Pretty Boy-Bad Boy rockstar fix!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, JET! *hides her controllers so she’ll back to that keyboard*

  4. Got a Wii for a Bday/Xmas present… and I totally understand. That thing will suck you in! But then, most good games/systems will. >< Happy Holidays!

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