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Since I seem to be getting a lot of random questions in a lot of different places, let me see if I can’t answer some of the most asked questions in one easier to find place.

Question: When is book 2 coming out?

Answer: Don’t know. Really. Haven’t started writing it and I’ve got at least 2, possibly 3 projects to finish before I can get to it. I hope for 2011 but I’m not sure.

Question: When is Squire coming out in print?

Answer: Looks like books 1 and 2 will be packaged together like books 1 and 2 of Heaven Sent. So the answer to the print question depends on the answer to when book 2 is coming out. See above.

Question: Is book 2 Danny’s story?

Answer: Don’t think so. I’m pretty sure book 2 is Lance’s story. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead to include more than a mention of him in book 1. Sorry.

Question: Will you write short interludes for the Indigo Knights like you did for Heaven Sent?

Answer: Don’t know. The shorts were each written for a holiday call that Loose Id put out that year — 2007, I believe — and the timing just happened to be right to provide one for each of the couples. I’m not against writing the shorts and I know they’re neat but the timing is off this time. How about “maybe”? I’ll add an “I’ll try”.

Question: Will you put out a T-shirt for Indigo Knights like you did for Heaven Sent?

Answer: I’d like to. If so, it probably won’t happen until all four main books are done, at least.

Question: Will you release any more artwork for Indigo Knights/Heaven Sent?

Answer: Again it has to be “don’t know”. Remember, I’m not the artist for HS/IK. If I want artwork, I have to pay for it. PL Nunn is a wonderful and generous artist who has yet to provide me with anything less than stunning, but I have to wait until it’s the right time. I can’t afford all the lovely artwork I’d love to commission and I can’t monopolize her time.

OK, that’s all the questions I can think of at the moment. Any more?

4 thoughts on “Questions about Indigo Knights”

  1. No worries, Jet. Our impatience is because you’re so damned good! Just one tiny, itsy-bitsy, miniscule request though: Please don’t make us fall in love with the guys, then never hear from them again. I hope that at some time, down the road, we get another “Genesis” type book — nothing to mess with the boys’ HEA’s, just another dose of them for us HS addicts. (Oh….I bought my best friend the green HS t-shirt to go with her eyes. It’s awesome. For about a second, a few of us considered going as Heaven Sent for Halloween but realized rather quickly that NONE of us are pretty enough!)

  2. We whine because we love…
    I know all of your fans understand and have patience (though privately we really don’t want to understand why you would even take bathroom breaks when we want a 100 more Heaven Sent stories and 99 more Indigo Knights stories & we would prefer to have them yesterday though we will settle for tomorrow!).
    Our impatience is due to your wonderful stories and your awesome characters (as I am sitting in my new grey Heaven Sent tee shirt typing to you).
    Hugs from all your impatient pushy demanding fans
    We adore you …now ah don’t you have something to write? LOL (no seriously…)

    1. I hope my post didn’t come across as a complaint. It’s not! I just wanted to get the common questions in one place so I didn’t have to answer them so many times 🙂

      I do very much wish I could write as fast as you’d like me to. It’d be cool for me too. But I do the best I can. I appreciate your patience with me. Thank you!

      Oh, a gray t-shirt? Those look cool. I’d thought about getting one

      But, back to writing 😉

  3. From Goodreads: you said above there will be four main books so whos point of view will each be from? and do you think you will put out 1 a year or are you aiming at all 3 of the others 4 next year … ohh and what books are you writing before the next 1 =)

    Answer: I think (and I reserve the right to change this, mind you) that the four books will be from the POV of Rabin, Lance, Noble then… someone from Danny’s book. Haven’t decided yet and it really is likely to change. As for the timing, I really haven’t a clue. Honest. I’d do them all up quick if I could but the muse just isn’t as quick has he used to be. (Bastid!) What I’m writing before: 1) “A Rose is a Rose” Valentine’s for Loose Id; 2) “Reverb” a rocker story (NOT HS/IK) for MLR Press; 3) probably Leashed 4

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