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Some major changes have happed to my website. One you may see, one you may not. and have been mirrored for awhile with being the main site. I’ve now switched them around. For most of you, that won’t make one whit of difference, but you may want to update your bookmarks.

The old gallery no longer works. I’m going to try some redirection, but basically it was getting full of spam and I couldn’t handle it any longer. But the images are all still here and even easier to get to. Click the Images page above. It now has subpages to show the images in my WordPress software itself. Should be much easier for us all (I hope).

Any other changes should be minor but there probably are a few other things I did. If you see anything really amiss, let me know.

Read on if you’re curious about detail on why I made the switch. If you’re not interested in the technical stuff, stop here.

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stop messing with stuff for very long. A few weeks ago, my webhost (Dreamhost, they’re great!!) enabled Gmail and Google apps for domains. Well, I got lured by the new toys! Such cool stuff. Stuff that would probably make most of you go O_O But I was excited. So I made the change. I didn’t realize that it was going to turn off the mirror of to DOH! I didn’t even realize it for a week or so.

So I had to fix it. In doing so, I decided to finally dump the gallery software. It was getting unwieldy. I think this method is much better. So I’m happy for the moment. Hopefully, I did it all right.

4 thoughts on “Website Changes”

  1. Dear Jet,

    I understand that book 5-6 will be the last Elves book. Please don’t end the series. Just when I discover it…it ends. There is such a wealth of ideas you could still draw on. It’s endless. So maybe there will be some more Elves books beyond 5-6?

    You’re a fabulous writer, and I can’t put the books down even for a moment. I read them straight through. The last one I didn’t go to be until 2:00AM This site is great. Thanks so much.


  2. This was my first time to your site. You’re very talented! There’s some amazingly beautiful artwork here. I look forward to browsing around some more.

    Very steamy stuff!

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