Fiction with Friction – Labors of Love shorts

My partners and I will be posting another week of shorts and excerpts on Fiction with Friction starting one week from today on August 26th. The theme is loosely Labor Day but who knows what we’ll come up with.

My day will be Saturday, August 30th

4 thoughts on “Fiction with Friction – Labors of Love shorts”

  1. Hey Meredith,
    I did two shorts about Eric and Bobby for 4th of July over at Fiction with Friction. They seem to be popular enough that I’ve been asked–repeatedly–for more of them. So I’m going to write about them for the upcoming FWF Labors of Love.

    Noah? Why he lived happily every after, of course 😀 I’m not sure that I’ve got more to go on than that.

    Thank you!!

  2. Hey Jet,

    Who are Eric and Bobby? I thought I had read all of your stories but I can’t remember them…

    I would have loved to hear more about Noah and his highly inventive lover.


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