Nera and the Prince – 4

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Nera and the Prince

Here’s the next part of the freebie story. Again I warn you, this is very rough. No one’s read it but myself so there are probably mistakes. But I’m tired of looking at it.

This is part 4. You should go back and read parts 1, 2 and 3 to get the story so far.

WARNING: non-consensual sex ahead. Stop now if that squicks you.


She must have dozed for she woke in his arms. The fading sunlight streaming through the open balcony doors showed that the horrid afternoon had yet to end.

She tried not to move, not to give him any indication that she was awake. His heavy breathing suggested he was asleep but she had no idea how lightly he slept. The heat of his body seared her entire backside. The side of her face ached from his slap and the place between her legs still throbbed with awareness of the way he’d split her open.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

She lay for as long as she could but the needs of nature intruded. She didn’t dare soil the fine, soft sheets of his bed. As carefully as she could, she tried to ease out from under the arm that banded her waist.

She didn’t get very far before the arm curled around her, securing her back against the muscles of his chest.

“Where are you going?”

“Please,” she cried, fingers on the forearm that threatened to make her pee faster. “I need to …” Helplessly, she pointed toward the folded screen in the corner.

He grunted. His lips brushed over her neck before he released her. “Don’t have any thoughts about the balcony. Not only are we three stories up, but I’m watching you.”

She nodded, biting her lip as she rolled to a seated position. She winced at the unexpected ache in her legs. She stood and gasped when her knees threatened to buckle.

A dry chuckle sounded behind her. “Do you need help?”

She shook her head, grabbing one of the four posts that stood at each corner of the huge bed. “No.”

She screamed when he shot up and grabbed her wrists, spinning her back to face him. “No what?”

Her eyes went wide, searching his cruelly handsome face. At a loss for what he wanted. “I… I…”

Finger and thumb grabbed her chin and shook her. “’Master’, Nera. You’ll call me ‘master’.”

She blinked, felt more tears flow down her cheeks. “M-master.”

His thumb brushed aside tears as he nodded. “Good. Don’t forget.”

She nodded, hastily stepping back when he released her. She stumbled, almost fell, but caught herself. Spinning, she sped for the folded screen and the illusion of security it provided. As she sat, she stared through bleary eyes at the shackles encircling her wrists and ankles. She recalled that he’d spoken of branding. He couldn’t possibly mean that, could he?

Her peaceful life as a priestess of Buir was clearly over. She couldn’t go back now even if the temple itself still remained. She was ruined for service.

A door opened. She looked through the slightly open weave of the folding screen to see two people enter, one of them carrying a large, covered platter.

“Nera,” Ryun called, “stop hiding. Come out and eat.”

Steeling herself, she peeked around the edge of the screen. The two people proved to be Aiden and a woman. The woman was dressed in a short, sheer dress that barely concealed her nudity. She wore a studded white leather collar around her neck. Her shining black hair was pulled back into a simple, thick tail that extended partially down her back. She glanced at Nera, displaying huge eyes that were a startling gold color.

“Nera.” Ryun distracted Nera from watching the woman fuss over the platter. She turned to see him stepping into the tub in the corner of the room. “Come wash before we eat.”

She hesitated, unwilling to traipse naked around the screen to him, but his glare warned her that punishment would follow if she disobeyed. Keeping her head down, she scurried around the screen to the sunken tub.

She gasped when he hauled her into his arms. “Ignore them, Nera.” He cupped her cheek in his hand, forcing her to look up at him. “I am the center of your world now.”

She swallowed.

His nostrils flared but he let it go. He let her go.

She stepped away, cringing when he caught hold of her braid.

“Wash,” he told her as his fingers set to work to free her hair.

As best she could, she obeyed. They were close enough to the small set of shelves set in the wall that she could reach a cloth. She wet it and used it to wipe sweat and sexual aftermath from her body.

When he was done with her hair, he gathered it up and knotted it atop her head. “Keep it dry,” he told her, turning to see to rinsing his own skin.

She edged toward the side of the tub as he did so, peeking a glance to see that the woman had set the platter on a low table at the foot of the bed and she and Aiden waited quietly to either side of it.

Ryun left the tub without so much as a glance at her. “Aiden, what have you brought me?” He grabbed a thick, large cloth and used it to dry himself. A turn and a snap of his fingers toward Nera told her she needed to follow his example.

Meekly, she left the water as he strode naked across the room to inspect the contents of the tray. By the time she was dry, he was excusing Aiden and the girl.


The two halted by the door.

“Nera, that is Miyn. She’s going to come for you tomorrow with or without Aiden. You’re to do as she says.”

Nera met the golden-eyed gaze of the shorter woman and thought she saw sympathy. She certainly saw a small smile.

Ryun snapped his fingers. “All right. Go.”

They left.

Ryun climbed up onto the silken sheets, kneeling at the foot of the bed beside the tray. He was spectacularly unconcerned with the fact that he wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. “Nera, come eat.”

When she would have stood across the table from him, he gave her a stern look and pointed to the mattress before him. “Here.”

She went, sitting primly on her heels. The tray was set with a number of bowls. She recognized the sliced fruit and some of the tangy raw tubers, but the bit and pieces swimming in sauces were beyond her. There were no utensils. Unsure what to do and unwilling to spark his ire, she waited.

Ryun reached over to fish a cubed piece of meat from a rich, brown sauce with thick fingers. Nera watched, wide eyed, as he lifted it to her lips. Sauce dribbled on her thighs.

He grinned darkly at her surprise. “Open up, Nera.”

He was going to feed her?

She opened her mouth and he popped the morsel inside, smearing tangy sauce on her lips.

“Leave it,” he told her when she would have reached up to wipe thick brown liquid from her chin. “Until you learn to behave, you will eat at my discretion,” he informed her. He curled his dry hand around the back of her skull and pulled her close.

She whimpered softly when he licked her mouth clean.

He pulled back, staring into her eyes. “You are mine and little more than a pet until I decide otherwise. Do you understand me?”

She chewed the food, hardly tasting any of it.

Taking her quiet as acquiescence, he fed himself and her, alternating bites from different bowls. She came to the conclusion that he deliberately made a mess, letting sauce and juice ooze down her body so he could lick it off. She tried to keep her distance, tried to be limp and unresponsive, but his touch sparked that uncomfortable ache below her skin.

He pushed her back roughly, causing her to tumble onto the mattress. “Stay there.” He grabbed a bowl of a rich sweet concoction that was mostly pulped fruit and juice.

She gasped when he carefully tilted the bowl over her chest.

“Be still,” he snapped, even if he did grin.

She couldn’t help the small moan that escaped as cool liquid dribbled over her chest, between her breasts and down her sides. She didn’t even want to know what the orange-gold juice did to the silken sheets below her, just hoped that he would not blame her for any mess. He continued to pour down the center of her belly, into her navel and even down into the thatch of hair between her legs. He sat back and smiled down at her with seeming satisfaction. Leaving her there, he turned to return the bowl to the table. When he came back, he braced on all fours over her body. She closed her eyes when he lowered his head and began the slow task of lapping sweet juice from her body. She squirmed when he slid his lips up to the point of one nipple.

“You’re delicious, Nera,” he whispered over her skin and he dipped down into the valley between her breasts.
She whimpered when he caught the other nipple, clutching her hands in the sheets beneath her.

His lapped down her side, finding a ticklish spot that made her jump. She bit her lip over a yelp. He came back up to devour her belly, all the while keeping his body braced above hers. He touched her only with mouth, chin and nose. His tongue spent long moments delving into her navel, making sure it was clean. He nipped at the small swell of her belly below her navel. Only when he reached the curls between her legs did he touch her with his hands. Shifting back, he placed big palms on her thighs and nudged them apart. When she almost resisted, he slapped her thigh. Clenching her eyes shut, she spread her legs. She gasped to feel his lips at her curls. She bit her lip, unwilling to believe what he was doing as he lapped at the sticky layer of fruit juice that coated her.

“You’re wet again, Nera,” he murmured, fingers digging into the tender flesh inside her thighs as he pushed her legs up and further apart. “How can you deny that you enjoy this?”

She didn’t! She flung her head to the side, dug her chin into her shoulder, wanting to deny the agonizing heat his breath and touch caused.

When his mouth closed over sensitive, pulsing flesh, Nera was helpless against the moan that tore through her. Her back arched and her fingers tore into the sheets beneath her as his tongue swiped tender tissues and his lips sealed onto her. He started sucking, hard, holding Nera’s legs splayed and open when she fought to close them. She had to close them. He was eating her. He was devouring her. She had to stop him.

Her back bent the other way and her hands came up to sink into his hair. His fingers bit into her thighs and he sucked harder.

“Stop!” she begged, eyes flying open to see his face, half-hidden between her thighs.

His startling blue eyes locked on hers but he didn’t lift his head. If anything, the sucking increased.

“Gods, stop! Please stop!” she begged, her fingers flexing in his hair. But she wasn’t quite brave enough to pull. He’d hurt her. More than he hurt her now. This was unbearable but this was… If he hit her, that was a different ache. She wanted neither, but… “Please.”

No. She saw the answer in his eyes. He was doing exactly what he wanted and she couldn’t stop him.

She shook, her body quaking underneath his onslaught. Her hips rolled, trying to pull away, but pushing back when there was no further to go. A spark lit off in her belly and she screamed as brutal fire spilled down her legs and flashed in her groin. Her body, her flesh convulsed and still he didn’t let go. He held her through it. When her convulsions quieted somewhat, he stopped sucking only to apply his tongue to a white-hot point at the apex of her sex. The touch had her crying again, flinging her arms aside and clutching sheets to avoid tearing out his hair. She flung her head from side to side, no, no, no! Her toes curled, her hips pumped up and down. She lost all control of her body and hid her sanity in a tiny, dark corner of her brain.

She wasn’t sure when he stopped. The ache was a pulsing storm along her spine, especially hot at the base of her spine, in the cradle of her hips. He pushed up to his knees between her thighs, his lips tilted into a smug grin, his cheeks and chin coated and shiny. She could only watch, dazed, as he reached for his organ, now fully hard and purple. She couldn’t even summon protest as he took it in hand and aimed it at her core. She was already sore and aching, his thing couldn’t make it worse.

But when he pushed in, putting his weight behind it as he fell forward to brace on his arms over her, she found she was wrong. It could make it worse. That thing inside her seemed a hundred times larger than it had before, forging through tissues made extra sensitive from his oral onslaught. She arched and screamed as the brutal fire alit anew, spilling up her body and burning her to the tips of her hair.

He laughed, pressing forward and pulling back. His silky hair fell forward as he let his head drop. The thighs underneath hers bunched with the effort of his pounding thrusts into her body.

Her throat was raw from screaming and her body exhausted and limp before he was done. She lay beneath him, arms and legs spread, her head averted and eyes closed as he continued to forge into her body. “Nera.” At long last, he shuddered above her, holding tense and almost still save for the twitching of his hips. He was like that for a long, silent moment before the tension left his body with a long sigh.

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22 thoughts on “Nera and the Prince – 4”

  1. I don’t feel like it was totally rape either…just a woman that didn’t know that she could enjoy sex.
    Later when he tries to go slower maybe she will come around.
    Love the story!

  2. Ok. I loved this story, I just started the dark elves series and saw that you had freebies on your website. This is the first read for me but I devoured all 4 parts in one sitting. Can’t wait for part 5. Keep it up Jet, Love this story.

  3. I agree I’m not into rape but this didn’t feel like rape. I can’t wait for Ryun and Nera story to continue.

  4. That is Nera’s body is responding even if her mind isn’t. But Jet ya gotta go to work on this one.

  5. Jet, it’s time to stop leaving us hanging. We basically like Ryun. He’s dark and sexy and Nera’s body is responding even if her mind is. It’s time to bring out some of the good in the bad boy and for someone to let the good girl know it’s ok to be bad.

  6. Thanks. **sigh** I haven’t been at all good about my freestuff lately. I’ve got this and WK fanfic to extend and I’ve been so busy with the published stuff and the EDJ… Well, that’s just me rambling.
    I’ll try and get back to it soon!

  7. I really like this story and can’t wait for the 5th chapter…
    I love N.C. (only in story form not real life) it adds spice.
    Don’t stop writing and keep me posted when the 5th chapter comes.

  8. Jet,
    I love this story as well as your others. You write incredibly well. I’m hoping to match what you do some day but I need more bum glue and to slow down my imagination. I’d have to agree with Anna that the sex isn’t really rape but closer to reluctance. I suppose it might help if you were to describe that Nera didn’t understand what was happening to her body earlier (Not much description truly is needed) would help carry the story. But definitely do not go sappy, I truly like the reluctance.

  9. well done, it was extremely well written, i look forward to more of this story and hopefully when i get extra cash i can finally begin reading the dark elf books lol

  10. It’s ok for you to admit it’s your fave if it’s ok for me to write it O_O
    Trying to get back to this one. So many other stories in the queue these days that it’s hard to focus.

  11. I LOVE this story!!
    Sci- Fi, non consent, reluctance is my fav. genre. (Is it OK for me to admit that??) I really like the fact that Ryun is a dark, edgy character. I hope that he will find some deeper feelings for her eventually. Looking forward to the next chapter. P.S. Love the Dark Elves books!!!

  12. oh yeah! i didn’t think i’d like the “forced” aspect of this story but it doesn’t really read as rape, more like reluctance. rape scenes tend to seriously heird me out. i don’t suffer from that as i read this. i don’t get off on him hitting her though, but you have to take the good with the bad. keep it up jet! thanks for the lovely entertainment.

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