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Please note this is #3 in a story. I highly suggest you read #1 & #2 before reading this one.

Continuing the experiment and the non-con starts.

This loosely goes with this series of images.

See the previous two chapters about how this one is mainly stream of conscious.

WARNING: non-consensual sex.

As for Aiden *sigh*. You really didn’t think I could get through a story anymore without one amazingly pretty man, did you? Oh no. I’m afraid the yaoi bug has me in its firm grip.


He pushed up off her spent body. She couldn’t have struggled if she tried. The fire had consumed her limbs and she fully expected to deteriorate and die on the spot.

Her eyes closed, she could only guess at his movements. But her guess told her that he’d moved from the bed.

Why wasn’t she dead?

She opened her eyes to see him cross the room, staggering just a bit, to a table on which sat a few bottles and glasses. He grabbed one and poured golden liquid into a glass then drank it all in one gulp. He muttered then repeated the process.

After the second drink, he took a breath, slammed down bottle and glass, and turned back to her.

Framed by fading sunlight streaming in through door open to a balcony to the right, he was beautiful. She could admit that. He reminded her of the stallions she’d seen in the herd that roamed the valley to the east of the temple. They were sleek, magnificent creatures, as was he.

He padded back to the bed. Realizing that she was not dying, Nera attempted to sit up. She managed to get to her elbows before he sank to kneel beside her. She didn’t have the energy to cringe away.

“What’s your name?”

She swallowed.

He reached out to grab her chin, making her look up at him. “Don’t make me hurt you.”


“Nera.” He tried the name out on his tongue and seemed to like it. “I am Ryun, but you’ll call me ‘master’. Is that understood?”

She swallowed, but when his eyes narrowed, she nodded.

“Master?” The voice wasn’t hers. She gasped on hearing the second male voice.

Ryun twisted to look toward the main door to the suite.

Nera grabbed a few of the pillows and hugged them to her nakedness.

The voice had been masculine but that was all that told Nera the person who stood in the opening was male. Slim and elegant with spun sunlight hair falling in gentle waves to the waist of his ice blue robe. The face that regarded them was a thing of beauty, a delicate beauty unlike Ryun’s hard, masculine beauty.

“Aiden,” Ryun greeted, “Just in time. Or were you watching.”

The emerald eyes in that angel’s face closed briefly, demure. “Listening, my lord. I did not wish to interrupt.”

“Good.” Ryun glanced down at Nera. “Come and meet Nera, the first of my harem.”

The light golden vision glided closer. He was pale. Far more pale than Nera’s dusky complexion. She could only guess that he had been abducted from one of the frozen countries to the north.

“Indeed, my lord?” The smooth voice sounded amused.

“Indeed. Do you approve?”

The green eyes were framed with lashes the color of snow and they regarded her seriously. “She’s quite lovely, my lord.”

Ryun smacked the outside of her thigh. “And an amazing fuck!” He laughed.

Aiden smiled.

Nera hid her face in a pillow.

“You’ve embarrassed her, my lord.”

“I’ll do more than that. I want her branded tomorrow, see to it. And I want my mark on her bonds. She’s likely to bolt.”

Nera raised her head in shock. Brand? Cattle were branded.

“Bolt, my lord?”

“She resisted me.” He glowered at her. “And I think she’ll do so again.” His smile was dark. “But she was gushing the entire time. This one’s special, I think.” He rounded on the other man. “But that is not to become common knowledge.”

The pale man raised a long-fingered hand to lay it delicately on his chest. “Would I do such a thing, my lord?”

“You would, if I told you not.”

Pale pink lips twisted into an annoyed moue.

“Nera, this is Aiden. He is my servant. My most trusted servant. You are to obey him as you obey me, do you understand?”

A small squeak popped off in the back of her neck, but she nodded.

Ryun regarded her thoughtfully. His eyelids dropped and his mouth quirked into a small grin. He reached a hand down and her eyes widened to see that monster rising again.

He stroked it slowly as he spoke to Aiden, watching her the entire time. “Aiden, go order us some supper. We’ll both need sustenance. Make it anything that doesn’t require utensils.”

“Yes, my lord.” Amusement laced the blond’s voice. “Will there be anything else?”

“See to the branding and the new bonds. Get Miyn and have her attend Nera tomorrow for clothing and such.”

Aiden bowed, loose hair brushing the pillows on the bed. “Yes, my lord.” He turned and left.

Nera clutched pillows, edging away.

“Where are you going, Nera?”

“Please, don’t.”

“Don’t? But you enjoyed it the last time.”

Vehemently, she shook her head. “No.”

“No?” He blinked in shock. “You were gushing cream. Your tight little cunt gripped me like a python. You were coming all over me.”

She blinked.

He smiled. “Oh, yes. You and I are going to have quite a bit of fun.” He lunged across the bed at her.

She shrieked, instinct hurling her aside away from him. She wasn’t fast enough. He caught her arm and pulled her back. Neatly, he flipped her onto her belly.

“Let me enlighten you about sex, my lovely Nera,” he purred into her ear, his chest pinning her to the mattress. “That wet in you cunt means you’re enjoying it.”

She shook her head, groaning as his knees forced her legs apart.

“If you didn’t enjoy it, you’d be dry and I’d really have hurt you. But, as it was, you were wetter than a trained courtesan.”

She didn’t know all the words he tossed at her, but she could guess. It didn’t matter. His words meant little since he was again aiming that thing between his legs, brushing it against her moist folds.

“You’re wet again, Nera. Or still. I think you like the struggle.”

“No! You’re wrong. I don’t like it.”

“Too bad,” he mused, forging forward.

She mewled as the head of the thing breached her.

He hummed, the sound vibrating the back of her neck as he ghosted lips across her nape. “Because I think fucking you has just become my very favorite thing.”

He pushed in, shoving a mangled shout from her throat.

The angle of the thing rubbed something inside her in a different way than before. She clutched the pillows and sheets beneath her, trying to ease the shudders that quaked her body.

“You see?” he purred, pulling out slowly and pushing back in. “That shaking. That quivering. Nera, some women never feel this.”

Lucky them!

He rocked over her slowly, the crisp hair at the base of his monster tickling her rear end. The pressure from his weight rubbed her breasts and aching nipples against the pillows beneath her. She groaned, willing it all to stop. What he said couldn’t be true.

This agony could not be a good thing. It wouldn’t stop! The heat and the pressure within her were unbearable. She squirmed, trying to alleviate it, trying to make it all go away, but he was there, he was inside her. The length of the thing butted up against something deep within her.

“No,” she groaned, clutching pillow, tilting her hips to try and break the angle that made him rub that aching spot.

“Gods, Nera,” he groaned, hunching over her. He yanked her hips up a little higher, shoving his knees underneath her somewhat to get a different angle.

She cried out. Oh no, this made it worse! He held her hips in big, strong hands and forced her up and down over that thing inside her, stroking it with her inner walls as easily as he’d earlier stroked it with his hand.

Her body shook again and she bit the pillow to smother her scream.

“Gods, Nera, yes!” he shouted, slamming her down on his groin one last time. This time she felt the pressure within her. Felt him fill her with his seed.

Gods! Was she pregnant now?

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  1. Wow! I just discovered your dark elves series and I love them! I was worried when you mentioned non-con, but I agree with others when they say that it is more like reluctance. This story is hot, even hotter than some of yoru others. Keep it up. I am happy to be a new fan of yours.

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