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At long last, she continues! Please forgive if I get some details wrong between this episode and the last. It’s been two years after all. I’m still writing mostly stream of conscious, with only a vague idea of where it’s going. I’m not sure if it’s what people have expected but this is pretty much the direction I’d originally intended. Sorry it took me so long.

Still keeping the non-con warning on this one. Because it gets worse.

Also, still no one editing this one but me so any mistakes you see I can only ask you to overlook.

WARNINGS: non-consensual sex, f/f interaction, anal sex.


Nera woke alone. The heated male presence that had exhausted her the day and night previous was gone. She could not pretend it was just a dream because the gold silk sheets and plush, soft pillows that she saw when she opened her eyes could not have been in her cell a the temple.

She closed her eyes and buried her face in the pillow, willing herself to be elsewhere or, if that were impossible, to die. The attack on the temple had come in the wee hours of the morning. The men hired to defend the sacred temple of Buir had fallen quickly to the attackers. By mid-morning, Nera and her sister priestesses had all been trussed up and hauled off to the neighboring country. It had taken two days of travel, during which she and her fellow prisoners were released once in the early afternoon and once just after dusk for eating and calls of nature. They had arrived at the sumptuous palace and they’d known a life of slavery was ahead of them.

Nera had never expected to become a pleasure slave.
A noise pulled her from her misery. Her eyes popped open and she remained still, feigning sleep in a feeble hope to avoid further attention from her new master. But the sounds she heard could not be him, far too soft and light. Curious, Nera twisted her neck enough to peep from underneath the ragged fall of her tousled black hair to see who it was.

The woman from the previous day stood at the end of the bed, her dark hair pulled back into a simple tail. She was wearing a bright orange short dress, similar to the one she’d been wearing before and a simple leather collar encircled her neck.

She noted Nera’s attention and smiled. “Good morning.”

Caught, Nera slowly pushed herself to an elbow, pushing her hair from her face. The light sheet that draped her slipped down her shoulder but she caught it against her breasts. “H-hello.”

Miyn was her name, Nera recalled. She held up a small bundle of green fabric. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’ve orders to take you for branding.”

Nera’s eyes went wide.

Miyn ducked her head. “I’m sorry. But we must. It won’t hurt much, I promise.” She turned and plucked up the hem of her dress to display a complicated black knot design on the outside of her right hip, almost tucked under her bare buttock. “That’s all it is. See?”

Horrified but curious, Nera sat up, still clutching the sheet. “Why?”

Miyn let her hem fall and faced forward again. “It’s to mark you as Prince Ryun’s possession. It’s really for the best, believe me.”


“Without it, you’re fair game for any man in the palace.”


“It’s the truth.” She shook the green fabric. “So we should hurry. Really, it’s important.”

“But I don’t want…”

“Please.” The tone of Miyn’s voice and the plea in her eyes stopped Nera. “I’ve already let you sleep too long. If we don’t get to the studio soon, Yosef will have stopped for the day and the Prince will be mad.”

Nera had been raised to ease the suffering of others. She had crawled forward before she realized she’d done so. “I don’t belong here,” she whispered.

“I know,” Miyn said kindly, tugging at the sheet Nera still clutched to her breasts, “but this is your life now. It’s easier to just do as you’re told.”

Miyn’s hands were gentle as she helped Nera to stand. She shook out the green fabric which turned out to be a long, slender rectangle of green silk. A hemmed hole in the center went over Nera’s head and Miyn produced a soft rope to belt at Nera’s waist. “We should have had you bathe,” she fussed, tying the belt, “but you looked so peaceful sleeping.”

Nera glanced down. The fabric must be silk for it hardly weighed anything at all, the embroidered edge falling almost to her ankles. The rectangle was slender so her breasts and privates were covered, but her sides were completely bare. It was better than the tiny slips of fabric she’d been made to wear the previous day, but not by much.

“Where…?” She cleared her throat. “Where is…?”

“Prince Ryun? He has a daily routine with his men. He won’t be done until later this afternoon.” Miyn fussed at the heavy fall of Nera’s hair, quickly and efficiently smoothing it and looping it into a loose knot. She took hold of Nera’s wrist, just below the gold band. “Come, we must hurry.” They paused only long enough for Nera to don soft slippers of the same green silk and for Miyn to drape her with a floor length, hooded cape, then left the room. “There are people curious about you,” she murmured as she led Nera down a deserted corridor. Sunlight streamed over them from the open panels in the wall to their left. “I would have brought Yosef to you but he’s not allowed in this part of the palace.”

“Are you a slave like me?” it seemed a silly question given the bonds Miyn wore.”

“I’m a slave, but not like you.” Miyn opened a door for Nera. “I’m just a servant. The Prince has never fucked me.”

“I’m sorry? That word…?” Nera had a feeling she knew the meaning but she didn’t want to assume.

Miyn glanced at her, startled. “Oh, I’m sorry. I meant he hasn’t taken me to his bed, like he’s done with you.”

“Oh.” Embarrassed, Nera ducked her head, shielding her face with the hood of the cloak. She certainly could not see why the prince had not taken Miyn. She was very pretty and her gold eyes were quite stunning. Why did the prince focus on Nera when he had Miyn and, undoubtedly, countless others to choose from? Was it because of where she was from? Her upbringing? He seemed both disdainful and fascinated with her life at the temple.

They passed into an interior corridor with more people about. Miyn stayed close with a hand on Nera’s arm to guide her. Self conscious, Nera kept her head down, allowing the hood to hide her face. It kept her from seeing where they were going, but also kept others from seeing her. Miyn rushed them through a few more doors and down two flights of stairs. Nera could almost feel her relief as they rounded a corridor.

Then Miyn stopped. Gasped. “My lord.”

Startled, Nera glanced up, expecting Prince Ryun. It wasn’t him. Instead, it was the bald man who had been with Ryun when he’d claimed Nera. Tall, armed and dressed all in black, he stood blocking their path. The band that held the patch over his left eye cut over his head and just below his ear, as black as the glittering right eye that fixed on her. The smile he gave her made her toes curl inside the soft slippers. “Ah.”

Nera gasped and dropped her head. Was she in trouble for meeting his eyes?

Boots thumped the tiles of the floor ahead of them, the metal of his weapons jangling against the plates of his tunic. Nera gladly fell back at Miyn’s discreet pull.

“My lord.” Miyn took a step toward him, putting herself in his way. “If we may pass…”

“You may not.”

Nera couldn’t help the small shriek that escaped her throat when a strong hand closed on her arm, cloak and all.

“My lord?” Miyn cried.

“Come with me. Both of you.”

Nera stumbled in his wake, the strength of his hold the only thing that kept her on her feet and propelled her with him.

“But, my lord,” Miyn protested, “we’re under direct orders from Prince Ryun to…”

“Yes, I know. I choose to delay you.”


“Silence.” Softly spoken but the growl must have cowed Miyn as effectively as it did Nera.

He pulled them up a dark flight of stairs and down a short hall to a door. Nera heard at least a dozen people scurry from their path but didn’t dare raise her head. She kept a tight grip on the cloak to keep it closed and wondered what fresh atrocity they hurried toward.

Once past the door, Nera heard Miyn gasp and stumble as it closed but couldn’t look because the large man spun her around and yanked open the cloak.

His smile as he let the heavy garment fall was anything but warm. “Yes.” Thick, calloused fingers cupped her chin to force her to look at him. “Do you know who I am?”

She couldn’t look away from his face, from the scars that made him terribly frightening, from the black eye that pierced deep into her. “N-no.”

“Tell her.”

Miyn was clearly familiar with the man. “Nera, this is Prince Scarn, eldest son of Sharif Moesel.”

Nera swallowed. The Sharif she’d heard of. He was ruler of the country to which she’d been abducted. She gathered that he was the fat man to whom Prince Ryun had deferred to the previous night and called ‘father’. If this Prince Scarn was the eldest, that would should make him Ryun’s elder brother. Common laws made him the more powerful and Nera could not doubt that looking at him now.

Scarn watched her face as she recognized his identity. Without breaking his gaze, his free hand found her breast and squeezed. “Yes. You understand that you will do as I say.”

She flinched and swallowed. His grip on her chin kept her from nodding.

He spun her around again and propelled her forward. She stumbled and caught herself on a strangely fashioned couch near the center of the small, dark parlor. The rug underneath her feet was soft and thick, the red in its pattern matching the upholstery on the backless couch. It only had one arm and that was larger than normal, rising up to the height that the back might be. Plush padding gave under her knee.

She glanced over her shoulder to see him looking at Miyn and pointing to a spot on the rug just a few yards from Nera. “Kneel.”

The other woman obeyed, casting a worried glance at the door.

“Don’t worry, pet. I’ll let you warn your master.” The sheathed weapons at his belt jangled as he put his hands to the buckle. “But first, you need something to tell him.”

Miyn fell forward on one hand, holding the other out to him in entreaty. “My lord, no, please.”

Nera’s heart raced. Miyn’s tone scaring her.

The belt and weapons dropped to the floor. “Silence.” He yanked aside one of the plates at the front of his tunic then started on the laces over the bulge between his thighs.

Nera scrambled back over the couch, putting it between them. Hopeless, she knew, since Scarn stood between her and the door, but her body would not listen to reason. “M-my lord, please…”

A sharp laugh burst from his lips. “Please? Do you hear, pet, she wants this.”

Frantically, Nera shook her head. “No, no, that’s not…” She gulped when she realized his attention was on her breasts, exposed since her stumbling had wedged the fabric of her shift between them. Desperate, she raised her arm in an attempt to cover them. “Don’t, please.”

Scarn shook his head as he pulled the last of the laces loose. He pulled out his thick, hard thing as he approached. With the other hand, he pointed at the couch. “Get back up here.”

“My lord…”

“Don’t make me tell you again.”

The threat was worse for remaining unspoken. Shaking, Nera tried to discreetly tuck at least one breast back into relative shelter as she put first one knee then the other on the padded couch.

He knelt and used his free hand to force her around, positioning her with her belly against the hard bolster pillow that was wedged against the tall arm of the couch and her lower chest against the arm itself. She felt the rough warmth his trousers against the bare backs of her thighs. “Hand me that bottle.”

Miyn gasped. “My lord…”

“Another word from you and you go to the guards.” He snapped his fingers near Nera’s ear. “That bottle. Now.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his finger pointing. She also saw the fear in Miyn’s face. Shaking, she raised her hand to retrieve a small, ornate bottle from the small covered table in front of her.

He snatched it from her hand but she kept her eyes forward, focusing on an intricate design of circles and squares on the wall before her rather than look at what he was doing. Her fingers dug into the padding just underneath her breasts. She expected more of what Ryun had done to her the previous day. She doubted he would appreciate what was happening now. Why was Scarn doing this? What did he want with her?

He flipped aside the flimsy green fabric that covered her rear end and she managed to suppress her flinch as he ran a hand over her exposed buttocks. “Spread your knees.”

Ducking her head, she obeyed.

The glass of the little bottle scraped as he unstoppered it. This time Nera did gasp, raising her head as he used the finger and thumb of one hand to spread her buttocks apart. What was he doing? That wasn’t the right place!

She twisted her neck partially, not quite brave enough to look at him fully. “M-my lord, that’s not…”

He chuckled as her words died off. “So, he didn’t take you here.” The end of one dry digit caressed her anus. “Just as I’d hoped.”

Nera’s eyes met Miyn’s and saw the confirmation there. He intended to take her there? Fear propelled her forward but she had no place to go. The couch proved to be surprisingly solid and the man behind her just as unmovable.

Strong fingers dug in her hair and yanked her backward, effectively stopping her struggles. “It’ll hurt,” he assured her, lips beside her ear. “But it’ll hurt more if you struggle.” He shook her head. “Do you hear me?”

Tears stung her eyes. “My lord, please.”

“Yes, beg me. Very pretty.” His free hand gripped her hip, yanking her back so that the stalk of his thing pressed into the space of her bottom. “I will fuck you how I choose, pretty thing, and you will take it. If you don’t struggle, it’ll hurt less. Makes no difference to me.”

He shoved her forward, releasing her hair. She caught herself on the arm of the couch, pressing against it. Warm tears streamed down her cheeks. “Don’t, please.”

He ignored her. Again her buttocks were spread, again the fingers appeared. Cool liquid poured on her skin and the fingers spread it around. Nera wanted to fight but she absolutely believed what he had told her. A whimper bled from her throat as one of his fingers pressed inside and a strange pain blossomed around it.

A soft hand covered hers and she looked up to see that Miyn had crept closer and now stood beside her. Sympathetic gold eyes met hers and Miyn twisted her hand so their fingers twined. “Try to relax,” she murmured. When Nera gave her wide eyes, she nodded and smoothed the tendrils of hair at the side of Nera’s face. “I know. Try.”

The man behind Nera laughed and the finger continued probing. The first pain subsided, leaving behind a strange, stretching feeling. Nera closed her eyes, then felt Miyn lean in to press her forehead to Nera’s.

“Very pretty,” purred Scarn as he pushed a second finger inside of Nera.

She gasped as the pain worsened, an unfamiliar stretching. She clung to Miyn’s hand. She didn’t open her eyes when Miyn lifted her face to start nuzzling by Nera’s ear and took comfort when the other woman’s lips brushed her cheek. This was more familiar. Innocent embraces between sister priestesses had often involved kisses. Comfort given, comfort offered. Nera took it as a lifeline as Scarn inserted another finger. Now Miyn cupped her chin, turning Nera’s face so she could kiss away the tears. Lips met lips in an extended, chaste kiss.

Nera gasped when Scarn pulled out his fingers. Miyn used both hands to hold her face, opening lips on lips to push her tongue past Nera’s teeth. Surprise made Nera helpless to the onslaught but the first push of Scarn’s thing into her body won out. She cried, arching her back. Miyn wrapped fingers around her neck to try and hold her, murmuring comfort as the huge man pushed himself inside. Pain like none Nera had known before blinded her to anything else and she scrambled for escape. Soft hands caught and held one of her hands while rough fingers found and pinned her other hand to the couch. He stopped. He was in her. She was spitted.

She screamed.

“No, no, no,” Miyn murmured, holding Nera’s hand to her chest and using the other to smooth over her cheek. “Relax, please, relax. Fighting makes it hurt more.”

The man inside Nera grunted and began to pull out slowly, muttering to himself.

“Nera,” Miyn whispered, lips against Nera’s, “sweet Nera.”

Crying, Nera could not respond to the kiss. Miyn released her hand and tucked Nera’s face into the bend of her neck. Her free hand roamed over Nera’s back as Scarn pushed back in. Miyn’s hand slid along her side, slid under the fabric that failed to cover her, found a breast and squeezed. Nera cried as a horrible tremble took her body. She felt both of them pause, then Scarn laughed and spread both hands on either side of Nera’s buttocks. Before she could draw a proper breath, he pulled out and shoved back in.

Again she screamed, clutching the couch. Miyn’s scent covered her as her body rocked, shuddered. Gentle fingers pinched the hard bud of her nipple.

“Nera?” Miyn whispered.

Nera could not answer her, too distraught with the fire in her veins. Her hips would not stay still.

Fingers left her breast only to reappear at her thigh, slipping within, between, to find…

Nera groaned, switching her hands from the couch to Miyn, clutching the woman to her as nimble fingers slid between her folds to find that aching, single point of searing heat.

“Nera,” Miyn sighed, kissing her shoulder, holding her head while she also probed into her core.

Nera writhed, caught between them as the man split her in two from behind and the woman stoked the fire low in her belly.

“Enough.” Scarn pushed forward, shoving Miyn off balance and out of Nera’s arms. Nera gasped when he pulled her up and back until she was pressed against the cold leather of the tunic he still wore. Holding her with one hand encircling her neck, he pointed the other at Miyn, who lay sprawled on the rug. “You, go tell your master what you see here.” He jounced Nera on his cock, making her cry out at the confusing combination of pain and melting heat. When Miyn didn’t move, transfixed by what she saw, he did it again. “Go, now.”

Miyn shook herself then scrambled to her feet. With a last look — full of both apology and heat — at Nera, she raced for the door.

“I want him to know,” Scarn said into her ear, jostling her again. He pulled back so her knees came off of the padding, his thing inside her and the hand at the base of her neck the only things holding her aloft. He squeezed her breast with his free hand. “I want him to know that I took you where he didn’t. Claimed you where he wouldn’t go.” He laughed as he bounced her again.

She screamed, grabbing at his arms as the only solid things within reach. The pain was barely tolerable and she cried for the ruin she was sure he made of her body.

With a triumphant grunt, he fell forward, pressing her down against the padding beneath them. His hips pulled his thing into and out of her, sliding easily now. “You like it too,” he growled, the hand moving from her breast to the wet between her legs. He bypassed the point of pleasure to simply sink at least three if not four fingers into her core. “How is a virginal priestess more of a slut than a harem-born slave?”

She couldn’t answer and he didn’t demand an answer. Tears streamed down her face as he shoved out cries from the pit of her belly. She shuddered and moaned, hardly able to move or breathe underneath his weight. The metal rings in his tunic bit into the tender flesh of her back and buttocks as he worked her. She cried for mercy he refused to give until finally his thrusting grew ragged and he shuddered over her.

Only by the cessation of his movements did she know he’d found release. Letting out a slightly breathless chuckle, he pushed away from her, leaving her draped over the arm of the couch. His thing slid from her body and she felt the spill of his release trickle to her thigh. Tears soaked the padding where she pressed her face as she labored to catch her breath.

She didn’t look up when he stood. She curled her knees underneath her, wincing as she listened to him dress. Thoughts of covering herself wilted under the sheer relief of the end of the pain, if not the burning heat in her groin. She only flinched when he patted her bare bottom.

“If your master discards you, I’ll be sure to add you to my harem.” He didn’t demand his due. Even covered her with her discarded cloak before he left the room.

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  1. Oh my! What a wonderful continuation of the story after so long. I’m really glad you’ve picked up this story again. Can’t wait to read the next chapter. I’m wondering what about Prince Ryun’s reaction now.


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