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Please note this is #2 in a story. I highly suggest you read #1 before reading this one.

Continuing the experiment. Here’s where the non-con starts.

This loosely goes with this series of images.

See chap #1 for warning on how I’m writing this one.

WARNING: non-consensual sex in this chapter. Stop now if that squicks you.


He carried her back down the same corridor and up the flight of stairs. Again, no one stopped them or spoke to him. Nera tried to adjust so that the thick meat of his shoulder didn’t dig quite so badly into her belly, but the sleek skin of his back didn’t allow much purchase. His soft, loose hair tickled her side. One big arm was wrapped securely about her thighs and she gasped in shock when his free hand came up to caress her buttock.

“Oh yes. We’re going to have some fun,” he murmured.

They passed what she thought was the door to the original bathing chamber and mounted another flight of stairs. Her braid trailed loose over her shoulder, slapping against his tight rear end as he hurried along the carpeted passage.

At last, he opened a door and went through it, kicking it closed as they passed through.

Nera gasped when the world spun and she just managed to catch herself on her elbows as she landed toward the middle of a huge mattress. Pillows in varying shades of green and gold tumbled around her.

“What’s your name, beauty?”

She cried out, shocked to find him kneeling at her feet. She snatched her ankle away from him without conscious thought. It made him frown.

“Please!” she cried, backing away. “Please. Let me go.”

“Go? Go where?”

“I’m a vestal virgin of Buir. I… I can’t…”

“Vestal virgin?” He frowned, then it cleared. “Oh yes. That awful, filthy temple that we destroyed. You can’t be serious!”

She bristled. Her retreat halted when her back met up with one of the thinly padded walls that made up two sides of the bed. “I serve Buir.”

The blue eyes were nearly hidden under heavy eyelids as the man dropped down to all fours to crawl toward her. “Not anymore. Now you serve Ryun.”

“No!” she flung out a hand, palm toward him. “You don’t understand. I…”

He grabbed her ankle and yanked.

She cried out, falling to her back.

He crawled over her. He actually didn’t touch her, but the overpowering maleness of him covered her like a stifling blanket.

“I understand. You’ve been raised to serve some worthless godling who thinks to keep the virginity of the best of women to himself. It’s appalling. We won’t have it.”


“But nothing. Listen well, beauty. Your temple is gone, razed to the ground. Everyone who worshiped your godling is either dead or soon to be serving as a slave here in this palace or the surrounding city. Your life, as it was, is over.” He paused, making sure that she heard him. Then he smiled, propping on one hand so that he could lift the other to smooth the backs of his fingers over her chin. “Your new life can be quite grand if you cooperate.”


He stopped her words with fingers to her lips. “If you cooperate. But know this. I don’t require your cooperation. The virginity that you’ve clung to is about to be a thing of the past. Now—“ He lowered his rear end, sitting on her thighs just above her knees. “—this can be easy and pleasurable for us both. Or, it can be hard and pleasurable for me only.” He smiled at her but she had no doubt he wasn’t joking. “Which will it be?”

He lowered his head toward hers. Her eyes got wide, unable to believe what was about to happen. He was going to kiss her. She knew kissing. But this was wrong. This wasn’t what was supposed to be!

His lips brushed hers and she exploded. There was nothing she could do and at heart she knew that, but she still fought. She scrambled to push him off, tried to buck him away. Her broken nails scraped at his bare shoulders, tearing skin.

Cursing, he struggled to catch her flailing arms. Her legs were immobile beneath him. It took a moment, but he had her wrists secure in one of his and slammed them to the mattress above her head. He scowled down at her. “I’ll take that as your answer.”

She cried out when he took hold of her jaw with his free hand but her words of protest were swallowed by the mouth he crashed down over hers. It was brutal and it hurt. She screamed denial around his tongue. Terror of his retribution alone kept her from biting the tongue that he forced between her teeth.

Her struggles had loosened the leather bands about her breasts. Without breaking the kiss, he slid his free hand down her neck and yanked the leather to free her breasts completely. He caught hold of one globe, fitting as much as he could into his huge hand and squeezed. Her angry cry became one of pain.

Tearing his mouth from hers, he hovered over her, spearing her gaze with his. “Fight me and it makes this worse,” his rough voice promised her. “Trust me, beauty, it’s not me who won’t like it.”

“Stop! Buir, please!”

“Fuck your dead godling!” he cursed, pinching her nipple so hard that her cries renewed. “He’s not going to help you.”

He released her breast and reached down, finding the worthless straps that banded her hips. Obviously more familiar with the garment than she, he had the whole thing loose with a few tugs. He dug thick, cruel fingers between her thighs.

She howled, her entire body spasoming, arching, when he touched her core. Horrible aching filled her belly and exploded, shimmering over her skin. She convulsed beneath him, certain her death was at hand.

But she didn’t die. The convulsions ceased and she subsided beneath him, tears dribbling down her temples.

He was frozen above her. One hand still held her wrists above her head and the other was still buried between her thighs, but he didn’t move. Not until she almost had her breath. Not until she turned her eyes to meet his.

Then he smiled.

“Oh, beauty, is that what they train into the priestesses of Buir?”

She frowned.

“You don’t even know, do you?”

She gasped when he wiggled the fingers at her core. An echo of that horrible feeling started to build again.

“You’re wet and primed, my beauty. I wonder what your godling really had in store for you.”

Wet? What did he mean? That place he touched was always moist and damp.

He spoke no more. The hand between her thighs pulled away, fingers glistening with her dew. To her complete amazement, he brought the fingers to his mouth and sucked them. The look of utter enjoyment on his face baffled her, as did the groan that rumbled his chest. “Beauty, you taste of Elysian. I’ll have to taste you more later.” He dropped his hand to the waist of his trousers, unlacing.

Her eyes went wide and she cried in terror to see the thing that sprang from his trousers. She understood now what men wanted to bury between a woman’s thighs. But there was no way that would fit. “No!”

“Oh yes.”

They struggled as he repositioned, getting his hips between her legs. Finally, in frustration, he backhanded her across the face. As she lay stunned, he wedged in between her thighs, holding one of them so that she was open to him. He still held her wrists above her head.

He groaned as he lowered that thing and dragged it lengthwise through her folds.

She shuddered as that all encompassing tingle pulsed low in her belly.

“So hot,” he muttered, pulling back and pushing forward again. “So gods be damned wet.” He sounded almost pained. The hand gripping her thigh left to grab hold of the python growing from a patch of thick, curly hair at his groin.

“No!” she screamed, watching as he pointed the plum-sized head at her opening.

“Oh yes.”

He shoved forward.

Pain curled her backward, crushing her breasts against the solid wall of chest looming over her. Instinctively, her legs curled around him, her heels thumping the meat of his flexing buttocks. She screamed, drowning out his crying gasp.

Pain subsided to that pulsing fiery feeling. She whimpered as he fed it, pulling that monster mostly out of her body then shoved it back in. It abraded her insides, building flames that ignited in her belly and shot through her limbs. She shuddered and screamed, her legs clutching, her body trying to evict the invader before the flame consumed her.

She barely heard his panting cries. Didn’t open her eyes to see his pained pleasure as his body slammed frantically into hers.

She didn’t hear the muttered curses. Her scream as the fire expanded to consume her drowned out his own shocked bellow of release.

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