Glory Boy – Part 1

This entry is part 2 of 2 of Glory Boy

This story was originally posted back in 2008 at Fiction with Friction as part of our Independence Day week of short fiction. It’s number one of a series of three.

Pairing: m/m

Edited a bit recently. NOT SAFE FOR WORK


© 2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“The glory boy is home.” Eric rolled his eyes. “My life is complete.”

Nancy turned her head to look in the same direction “Where?”

Switching his weight to his other elbow, he lifted his arm from the wooden railing and pointed toward the gazebo. “Over there, talking to Mr. Wilson.”

She tilted her head down to look over her sunglasses. “Oh yeah. Man, he’s still hot.”

Eric replaced his elbow on the railing and sunk his chin back on his palm. “Yes he is.”

She chuckled. “Too bad he’s not gay, huh?”

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EXCERPT – Reindeer Games 3: Naughty and Nice

EXCERPT – Reindeer Games 3: Naughty and Nice

Excerpt from Reindeer Games 3: Naughty and Nice from Loose Id
Released December 9, 2014 from Loose Id

Pairing: m/m

Available in ebook from Loose Id

This one’s Rom’s story. He meets up with clueless Shaw from Archives. But Shaw can’t understand what Rom would want with him and Rom can’t understand why Shaw doesn’t want him.…ughty-and-nice/ Continue reading »