Plan to Reappear in 2021

First and foremost, apologies. My last author-type communication was in February of this year. Since then, I’ve pretty much dropped off the Jet Mykles scene. Like so many — too many — people, I succumbed to depression and isolation in 2020, doing just enough to get by (although, I have to say, working from home every day for the EDJ was a perk). Because of this, I’ve stalled my progress with the Heaven Sent reboot and my other books are not currently available.

My goal is to change that in 2021!

I really do hope and really will try not to make it a typical resolution that is broken in a month or two. I have a plan!

First, Dark Elves. Just in the past week, I have been reading and editing the series. My original plan was to completely re-do and fix it. Expand it. Do what I’ve been doing with Heaven Sent and make it better. Yeah. A tad too ambitious for my current state of mind. So, okay, I’d just fix the bad bits. I’m not sure how many readers caught the details, but there are so many inconsistencies between the first books and the last that it’s embarrassing. I appreciate those of you who overlooked this, but it’s bugged me since I had to write book 3 to match the crap that I’d left for myself in books 1 and 2. I started re-reading and editing them in order, then I did something that might seem a bit weird. I went to the last book and I’ve been reading them backwards. There’s a reason for this. By reading backwards, I’ve re-familiarized myself with what happened in the later books so I could make the first books match. Finally! I found, to my delight, that Discovery and Awakening were actually in pretty good shape. I changed very little but made a lot of notes. Dissent — the one I’m on now — needs some work but not much (wow that’s a dark story). I expect the same for Salvation. Taken and Mastered will likely get some hefty changes, but that’ll mainly be to world details and character backgrounds. After all, this time when I get to Taken, I’ll actually know how things work rather than flying blind. Anyway, that project is going well. I hope to have the re-read done this weekend then I need to final edit, format and get them up on Kindle.

Second, the Heaven Sent reboot. Yes, I realize that should have been first. I’m halfway done with it after all, right? Except that project is the one I’ve thought of most in 2020 and the one I didn’t do most (does that make sense?). So I feel I need to put it aside and accomplish something else before getting back to it. I have not abandoned the boys. I will get Faith and the others done.

Third, everything else, save one series (see #4). The plan is to take all my other books and put them up on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited without doing anything to them (maybe a little editing). I have to resign myself that I’m not going to be able to fix them and they were doing just fine — most of them — before they were taken down.

Fourth, Leashed. To the fans of the series, I’ll just apologize now. I have always wanted a redo on that one. I really don’t like the way it started and I really don’t like the magic system. I do, however, adore the characters and the basic story premise. So the plan for that series is an overhaul. At least, that’s the current plan. Unfortunately, that makes it the last in my list.

As for anything new? I don’t rule it out. I’ve got ideas but nothing solid. My writing world was completely torn apart in the last few years. I started the healing in 2019 then 2020 happened. I’m really going to try my damnedest to get back on track in 2021.

That said, thank you all for being here, for following me, for liking my characters, my places and my stories. I appreciate you all so much! I wish you and your all the best for the new year!

3 thoughts on “Plan to Reappear in 2021”

  1. Yes! Self care is important, you need to be your best before you can worry about anything else. Been a fan a long time and will continue to support you! #leashedforever

  2. You’ve got this. It takes a lot to share the difficulties in life with strangers, and I applaud you for it. Depression is a bitch, and 2020 only made it a million times worse. But you have a plan, and I am super excited to follow you on your journey to republish and move forward as a whole. I can’t wait to get my hands on the reboots and any new work.

  3. We all need to do things in our own time. I’m so glad you are back and feeling up to getting back to it! We’re in you’re corner cheering you on!

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