Discussion with my Muses

me: That was so much fun!

Luc: (strolls up, clapping) Brava.

me: (hugs him, excited) I haven’t had a day of writing like that for a long time. I miss world building.

Luc: It is what you seem to like best.

me: True. Contemporaries are so… confining. I get to make up all the rules in a fantasy world.

Luc: (chuckles) Whatever you say.

me: What are you wearing?

Luc: I’m not sure? Is this Victorian or western?

He’s wearing a blousey white shirt with long buttoned cuffs, a fitted, cream waistcoat (i.e. vest) and snug denim jeans that disappear into knee high black boots. The auburn hair is a little longer than normal, pulled back in a queue that dangles a third of the way down his back with plenty of lovely tendrils that have escaped to frame his face. At least one knife is visible, a nasty one in a sheath strapped to his right thigh.

Reese: (seated with legs crossed on a table nearby) Whatever it is, you look good.

Reese’s top looks almost like that for a fitted gown, with a boned corset laced up the sides and sleeves that are loose from shoulder to elbow then fitted from there to his wrists. The fabric is purple and gold embroidered but looks surprisingly soft to the touch. The neckline dips dramatically to show some chest and frame an amethyst pendant. From the waist down, the bodice flares out into what might be a skirt if it wasn’t slashed open in the front to reveal long legs clad in snug purple velvet down to classy ankle boots. The hilts of two daggers are just visible at the tops of his boots. His hair is his natural black, curled loose and soft around his face and neck and a hint of makeup makes his normally beautiful eyes and lips all the more dramatic.

Luc: So do you.

Reese: I notice I get the more feminine outfit.

me: (shrug) You do look good though.

Reese: So, we’re back to steampunk?

me: Yes. Sort of.

Reese: Sort of?

me: Well, yeah. Victorian-like setting in a London-like city but I’m messing the hell out of it. Throw in a lot of yaoi and a theater company.

Reese: Okay. As long as you’re having fun.

me: I am.

Reese: So why us?

me: Hmm?

Reese: Why are you seeing us? We’re not your fantasy characters.

Luc: (laughs) Oh yes we are.

Reese: Okay, yes, but we’re not her steampunk characters. We’re not even her fantasy setting characters. She’s got plenty of those. Why see us? Why not Shaz or Colt?

me: Not sure this is the same world. Although, it might be…

Luc: Besides… (squeezes me close) She likes us.

Reese: So what about Lance? Aren’t you supposed to be working on him?

me: (wilts) Spoilsport.

Reese: Sorry, but that is the story you told everyone you were working on.

me: I was! Then I realized that it’s got issues. (smooths a hand over Luc’s vest) I’m still working on it. I’ve got some friends reading it to see if they can help me figure out where it went wrong.

Luc: I’m sure you’ll get back to it soon. Meanwhile, you can have some fun in the new world.

me: Uh, you’re not normally the supportive one.

Luc: I always support you.

me: No, I mean, you’re usually nitpicking at me. What gives?

Luc: (gazes at Reese, specifically at his legs) I’m distracted.

me: (looks at Reese, who’s now leaning back on his arms in a seductive pose) Ah, I see.

Luc: Excuse me. (leaves my side for Reese) I need to see how fast I can unlace a corset.

me: Okay by me. (settles down to watch)

(Oh man, I’m so cruel to end it here…)

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