Kiss Him – Part 2

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NOT WORKSAFE. Gay sex ahead.

Yes, I realize that Brady settles into this way too easily. I get that something like this requires a lot more thought. But this is my short little fluffy story and I say that Brady doesn’t have a lot of hang-ups 🙂

Again, no betas on this one so any errors you see are all mine. In fact, as of this moment, I’ve only re-read it once. My haste is due to the fact that I’ve got another project to get on with and I can’t have this hanging over my head. So, please enjoy and please excuse any little bits that are off.


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To say Brady was distracted that night was an understatement. He managed to make himself sit down and open his textbook but he didn’t retain much. Lying in his bed, he couldn’t focus on running dates and names through his head. Instead, he thanked his luck that his roommate had a girlfriend to spend the night with, leaving him alone so he could jerk off in peace. Thinking of Chris.

Weird. Too weird. Panic about what he was thinking kept him from concentrating as he walked to class. Was he gay? Really? Did he really want a guy? He glanced at other guys on his way and none of them did anything for him. But, then again, he’d never really liked any girls on sight either. He’d never asked anyone out until he’d known her for awhile. He liked spending time with friends.

He did his best to push everything aside once he sat down at his desk, but it was pretty much impossible. He did the best he could and completely wrote off whatever grade he got, knowing there’d been no chance. He left the hall then rushed back to the dorm, blowing off the friends who tried to stop him to talk. There was only one person he wanted to see. He took a shower, wanting to feel his best. He wondered if he should bring something with him to see Chris, then laughed at himself when he imagined giving his friend flowers.

In the end, it was just him in shorts and a t-shirt knocking on Chris’s door.

The door opened and he didn’t see Chris at first. But then Chris peeked out from behind the door and smiled at him. “Hey.”


“You coming in?”

Was he? Oh yeah. Even if his brain was still hesitant, his body knew what it wanted. He walked in and stood in the middle of the tiny room, not quite brave enough to sit on the bed. The door closed quietly behind him.

“You okay?”

He turned to face Chris, who was leaning against the door, hands behind his back.


Chris nodded. “How’d your test go?”

Brady dug his hands into his pockets. “Sucked. Probably tanked it.” He cocked his head to the side and got to the point rather than dancing around it. “I couldn’t think of anything but you.”

Chris melted a little against the door, some tension bleeding from his shoulders. He looked like he wasn’t sure he should be happy about that or not. “Oh.”

He’d never seen Chris this hesitant before. The guy was one of the most outspoken people Brady had ever met. But right now he acted like he didn’t know what to say.

Seeing that gave Brady the courage to do what he wanted to do, which was to step closer to Chris. He took his hands from his pockets and reached up to cup Chris’s jaw. Big blue eyes searched his while he lowered his head, then fluttered closed when their lips met. Unlike the hesitation of yesterday, Brady heard a growl rumble from his own throat and he opened his mouth, tipping his head for a better seal on Chris’s mouth. He felt his friend’s fingers dig into his arms, clinging onto him. His tongue found Chris’s and tangled with it as he pressed in close so Chris could feel the excitement in his shorts.

“Oh man.” Chris heaved a breath as he pulled away, knocking the back of his skull on the door. “Ow!”

Grinning, Brady slipped his hand around to rub at the spot that was hit. “You okay?”

“I don’t know.” He winced, raising a hand to his head. “I would’ve said I was dreaming or something romantic like that, but that fucking hurt.”

They both laughed. Brady stroked Chris’s cheek with the backs of his fingers, kind of liking the soft scratch of stubble.

“C’mere.” Using his hold on Chris, Brady backed up and brought the other guy with him. “Can’t hurt yourself on the bed.”

Chris raised an eyebrow as Brady drew him down to his knees on the mattress. “Wanna bet?”

He slipped his hands down Chris’s shoulders and down his arms. “I’ll watch out for you.”

“Oh?” With Brady sitting on the edge of the mattress, Chris swung his leg over Brady’s lap to straddle it.

Liking this new position, Brady toyed with the worn hem of Chris’s t-shirt. “Yeah.” His fingers found bare skin above the waistband of Chris’s shorts.

Chris wound his arms loosely around Brady’s shoulders. “You seem… eager.”

He grinned. “I am.”

“You sure about this?”

“No.” He had to be honest, didn’t he? But he looked up and let Chris see his sincerity. “But I’m sure I like touching you. I like kissing you.” He took a breath. “I trust you.”

Chris stroked his cheek. “No pressure on me, or anything.”

“Nah.” Lips brushed lips and he slid his hands up under Chris’s shirt to feel the smooth skin of his back.

The touch seemed to spur Chris on because he pushed into the kiss, tightening his arms to bring Brady closer. Brady let him lead the kiss while he stroked his back. Then, experimentally, he slid his hands down to slip his fingers into Chris’s short.

On a loud inhale, Chris tipped his face back and out of the kiss. “Ooo-kay,” he told the ceiling while Brady nibbled at his jaw. “I, uh… oh.” Brady licking at his pulse seemed to distract him. Or was it because the loose fit of his shorts allowed Brady’s hands lower so he was cupping his butt. “Brady?”


“Just how far are you okay to go?”

“I dunno.” He bit at the side of Chris’s neck. “Try me.”

“Fuck. Okay. Wait.” Hands on Brady’s shoulders, he stepped back off Brady’s lap, slowly to allow Brady’s hands to free themselves. As Brady watched, Chris pulled off his t-shirt then quickly hooked his thumbs in the waist of his shorts and pushed them down. He’d either gone commando or he’d pushed his underwear off too, because just like that he was naked.

Whoa. Brady stared at Chris’s cock. Not fully hard but definitely full and excited. He was a little bigger than Brady but not scary huge, for which Brady was relieved. The flushed head was leaking a little fluid and Brady found himself wanting to lick it off.

“So?” Chris held his hands out to either side. “Can you handle this?”

Brady gave him a slow smile and reached. “Yeah.”

To his surprise, Chris brushed his hand away. “Wait.” He turned around, presenting the two perfect globes of his ass. “Can you handle this?”

Hand still raised, Brady went ahead and lay his palm on the upper curve of one of Chris’s cheeks. He watched his hand slide down, watched his fingers dig in as he squeezed. Chris groaned, which was great, but Brady was watching the crack of his ass widen just enough that Brady could see the pucker of his hole.

Oh. Right. There was that. Chris was watching him over his shoulder. He put his other hand on the other cheek and used his thumbs to open Chris up.

“You’re handling this better’n I thought.” Chris was a little breathy.

Brady smiled, massaging Chris’s ass. “Me too.”

“So, um, what do you think?”

“I think you’re beautiful.”

A happy sigh escaped Chris’s chest. “Thank you. God.” He turned around and lowered himself back down to straddle Brady’s lap. His cock knocked against Brady’s abs. “I meant what do you think. About fucking me?”

Brady stared into his eyes. Of course that’s what they were working up to but hearing the words out of Chris’s mouth caught him off guard.

Chris looped his arms around Brady’s neck again. “We don’t have to. I mean today. I mean ever.” Blushing, Chris lowered his eyes. His fingers toyed with Brady’s hair. “I just… It’s probably easier if you’re the one…”

“Yeah.” Brady reached around to cup Chris’s ass, getting a good hold to haul him in close. He kissed startled lips. “Yeah.”

“We don’t have to,” Chris reminded him in between kisses. “I could… just… suck you… off.”

“That too,” Brady demanded. He drew his fingers along the crack of Chris’s ass, suddenly obsessed with going there. “All of it.”


Chris clutched at him, sucking his mouth. Brady kicked off his sandals then started to pull off his shirt. Chris caught what he was doing and let him go to help. Once free, Brady nudged Chris off his lap so he could push off his shorts. When he was standing again, Chris dropped to his knees to pull a fancy little keepsake box out from underneath the bed. He grinned sheepishly as he placed it on the bed and opened it, revealing not only a bottle of lube but a butt plug and two different size dildos.

“Do you use those?” Brady asked as he wrestled his shorts off his legs.

“This?” Chris held up the black plug. It was thicker around than Brady’s dick, that’s for sure. “Yes. Keeps me ready for –” He looked over and zeroed in on Brady’s cock. “– that.” He licked his lips and dropped the plug. When Brady sat, he avoided being pulled back up to sit. Instead, he spread Brady’s knees and inserted himself between them. “Come to papa,” he murmured, wrapping his palm around Brady’s shafter then squeezing.

“Ugh. Fuck.”

“Yeah, baby.” Chris rubbed the shaft against his cheek, for all the world like a cat rubbing up against its owner. “I been dreaming about this.”

Brady had no come back. He could only lean back on his hands and watch Chris’s tongue dart out to lap at the head of his cock. First light, then harder, then it was like his tongue actually brought the head between his lips. A surge of red hot pleasure shot up Brady’s spine, sizzling his brain. “Oh shit.” Chris sucked him into the wet cavern of his mouth, tongue massaging as suction built. When he pulled back he left behind a film of saliva that Brady would have sworn heated the skin, making it extra sensitive. “Fuck.” Holding the shaft, Chris popped his mouth off then ducked low to lap at Brady’s balls before he licked a line back up the shaft to suck again. Brady crumbled onto his elbows, head falling back when he was no longer able to make his eyes stay open. Much as he wanted to watch, the pleasure was too intense. Chris was too damn good at this. “Chris, man, I’m gonna…”

“Wait.” Chris stopped everything and squeezed the base of his cock.

Brady groaned.

“I’m sorry, baby.” When he was sure Brady wasn’t going to blow, Chris released him. “But I, like, need you inside me.”

Sucking in a sustaining breath, Brady lifted his head to see Chris standing, snatching up the lube while he was at it. A cool packet of plastic landed on Brady’s belly.

“Can you put that on?” Chris asked, squirting lube onto his fingers.

Brady was going to ask, but the he figured it out. Didn’t take a genius to know what Chris was going to do with wet fingers. His suspicions were confirmed when Chris put one foot on the bed, leaned over a little, then reached back and put fingers to his ass.

“That’s so hot,” Brady murmured, snatching up the condom.

Chris chuckled. “I’m thrilled you think so.”

They finished at about the same time. Then Chris tossed the lube on the mattress and instructed Brady to lay down.

“Lay down?”

Chris grinned. “I’m gonna ride you.”

Brady blinked. “You can do that?”

Which made Chris laugh aloud. “Oh, baby, you’ll be amazed at the things I can do.”

“I can’t wait.”

Laughing while Chris straddled him yet again, Brady reached down to hold his cock own cock. Chris had him positioned so he was half sitting against the wall behind the bed, pillows pushed under his back. It let Chris hold onto his shoulder as he got in position. Brady watched his cock bob as he reached back to guide the tip of Brady’s cock to his hole. Then he was lowering himself and Brady’s eyes closed again, overcome by the delicious squeeze descending on his shaft.


“Oh yeah, fuck,” Chris agreed, pulling up so he could push down more. When his ass met with Brady’s fist, he pulled up again. Brady let go and it only took two more ups and downs before Chris had taken him all in. “Mmmm.” Chris’s fingers dug into Brady’s shoulder, his head thrown back as he rolled his hips just a little, getting the fit right.




Chris lowered his head so Brady could see the wash of heat that had darkened his eyes. Slowly, he bounced up and down, watching Brady’s reaction. “You like?”

“Oh fuck.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

With a firm grip on Brady’s shoulder, Chris started his ride. Brady bit his lip and tried his damnedest to think of something else so he wouldn’t come, but it was fucking impossible. Chris was all flushed and gorgeous, cock leaking little drops onto Brady’s belly while he bounced up and down in Brady’s lap. He gripped Chris’s sides, then thighs, then finally gave in and grabbed Chris’s shaft. The feel was weirdly familiar and definitely odd, while incredibly hot. The touch made Chris moan. Swiping his thumb over the head made Chris pant.

“God, Brady, fuck.” He let go Brady’s shoulders and threw himself back, arching. Bracing his hands on Brady’s thighs freed his hips to go faster as he pushed his cock into Brady’s fist then shoved his ass down on Brady’s dick.

“Chris!” Brady groaned through gritted teeth. He was on the edge. He couldn’t last.

“Do it. Come for me, baby.”

He couldn’t have disobeyed if he tried. Along with the demand, Chris managed a squeeze and a twist that shredded any control Brady had left. With a tortured moan, he came, filling the condom while Chris’s ass squeezed every drop out of him. Whimpering softly, he collapsed in a sated heap, dimly wondering how he was going to rouse enough to get Chris off.

He didn’t have to worry. As soon as it was clear he was done, Chris shot forward. Wet fingers tangled in his hair, pulled his head up into a devouring kiss. It took Brady’s bewildered brain a moment to realize the shaking he felt wasn’t the world but the bed, thanks to Chris furiously whacking himself off as he knelt over Brady. A desperate cry shoved into Brady’s mouth preceded warm splashes of cum all over Brady’s chest and belly.

“Oh God.” On a soft whimper, Chris collapsed on his side next to Brady.

Bewildered, Brady curled his arm around Chris to bring him close and they both just lay there breathing for a few glorious moments.

Then Chris placed a palm carefully on a dry patch of Brady’s chest. “You okay?”

“I’m great.”

Chris lifted his head to see Brady’s eyes. “Yeah?”

Brady couldn’t wipe the grin from his face. “Yeah.” He chuckled. “I guess I’m gay now.”

Chris scrunched up his nose. “There’s still more to it. But…” He glanced down at the cum spatter, then chuckled. “But this is a good start. Hey, I know this wasn’t…”

Brady reached over to cup his cheek, turning him into a kiss to shut him up. “Later, okay?”

Chris blinked at him, then smiled. With a happy sigh, he responded to Brady’s tug and lay back down, his cheek on Brady’s shoulder. He slipped his fingers through cum, rubbing it into Brady’s skin. “Okay.”

Brady closed his eyes with a smile. There was more to this, he knew. There had to be. Couldn’t be this easy. But with a reward like Chris, he felt pretty good about his chances.

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