Summer Fun

Thanks, Katrina!

Fun stuff, having Katrina here. She and I seem to share the same tastes in books. At least books about hot men doing other men. The excerpt for Off the Beaten Path certainly has me wanting to read more! Katrina and I have even both recently been into steampunk type stories. I wrote Sursein Judgment and Katrina’s written Slight of Hand. I know both of us are looking to do more steampunk or — as Ciar Cullen recently dubbed the softer side of steampunk — “softsteam”. Maybe sometime in the future the stars will align and we can be in an anthology or a series together.

Ah summer. Time of heat. Since I live in southern California and have all of my life, I’m well acquainted with the beast. I just realized that I don’t have many stories that deal much with the season or time of year. Oh, I mention the passing of time in the Heaven Sent books, sure, but I’ve not dealt much with it. Revelations, though, does a little. Gretchen is on summer vacation, you see. The boys in the band are on a break and she decides she deserves one too. In her new house. She’s even got a pool. Mmmm, yes, take a look at the cover for Revelations then think of Archer in the pool. That’s in the book. It’s actually great fun and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I know there are some Heaven Sent fans who won’t be checking out Revelations because it’s menage and not pure m/m. I’m saddened by this, but I guess I understand. I hadn’t meant to write a Heaven Sent story with girl cooties, I really hadn’t. But then Owen cropped up and attached himself to Gretchen and the two of them just weren’t complete without Archer. It was all quite organic. Okay, well, the coming up with the premise was organic. The actual writing bit me in the butt some. Gretchen and Owen were rather good to me. Unlike some *cough*Brent*cough* And what can I say? I  just LIKE the menage dynamic. The thought that you and I are okay together, but put him/her in the mix and together we all just fit. After all, a triangle is much more substantial than a single line, yeah? Also, much as I enjoy m/m, I do still like to read and write stories with women in them. I went straight from Revelations into Dark Elves 6: Awakening and boy was that a culture shock!

My lastest three manuscripts were titled “awakening”, “revelations” and “judgment”. Jeez! Where has my mind been lately?

Next for me is a short story sequel to About Something for MLR Press, then the m/m sequel to One For The Team called Team Player. Then… well, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve got a few things to choose from. I guess it’ll depend on which characters tackle me when the time is right.

But, anyway, I’m babbling. I hope if you get Revelations you enjoy Gretchen, Owen and Archer’s summer of fun, as well as the visit with the boys. All of them — including their significant others — show up for at least a cameo.

4 thoughts on “Summer Fun”

  1. That pool scene with Archer? Yummmmmmmmmmmm

    And Katrina, you only need a wiling “pool boy” and a hose… honestly 😉

  2. Hmmm. Perhaps one of those kid pools, a lawn and a garden hose? The key, of course, being to get the pool boy very wet O_O

    oh, wait, need the boy…

    lol Gretchen is a very smart lady

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