Available Now – Heaven Sent: Revelations

Heaven Sent: RevelationsThe link is live. You can now find out about Gretchen and her boys.

Available at Loose Id

11 thoughts on “Available Now – Heaven Sent: Revelations”

  1. Fantastic story! Thanks! I would also love to see another book that is about all the couples. It would be great to see Johnnie & Tyler having a baby, Luc & Reese getting married, etc…..

  2. OH MY WORD!! Each book just gets better and better. I really hope this wont be the last in this series. The more I read, the more I just don’t want it to end. I think another book like Genesis (where all the couples are involved) would be a great follow on. *puppy dog eyes* Congrats on getting it released. The book was amazing (thank you sooo much) and the art work was as fantastic as always. Anyone who has not yet read this book is missing out!!

  3. Mountie: oh, you mean the epilogue that stole the story LOL

    Rochelle: Not sure. I’ve got two more stories that I’ve promised. Then I’ll probably work on the Knights #1.

    Stacey: Thanks! Glad you liked it

  4. Another really great book, Jet 🙂
    I liked seeing Gretchen happy and the story was great, kept me up late to see how it ended

    God, I love those boys! (all of them) :p

  5. Hi Jet,
    As always you rock ! Another great read ! When do you think the Indigo Knights series might start ?

  6. You fulfilled mine through Johnny & Tyler’s @ the party. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone by saying more here. Thank-you again. 😀

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