Bid on a FWF basket for a good cause

Brenda Novak’s holding an auction to benefit diabetes. The ladies of FWF have put together a HUGE collection of goodies.

Bidding open now and it looks like it goes through 5/31:

This basket includes:

-an original Michael Bonfiglio lapel pin (

-a USB fob with a handmade chainmaille keyring made by Maura Anderson that is filled to overflowing with electronic books, including “Giving Thanks” by Maura Anderson, “Details of the Hunt” by Laura Baumbach, “Naked Richmond” by Ally Blue, “Black Wolf” and “Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers” by Jade Buchanan, “Hard Fall” by James Buchanan, “The Shape of a Heart” by Kimberly Gardner, “The Tin Star” by JL Langley and more!

-an autographed copy of “A Bit of Rough” by Laura Baumbach

-an autographed copy of “Untamed Heart” by Ally Blue

-an autographed copy of “Fireflies” by Ally Blue

-an autographed copy of “Temperature’s Rising” by Jade Buchanan

-an autographed copy of “Lord Carabas” by James Buchanan

-an autographed copy of “Phoenix Rising” by Kimberly Gardner

-an autographed copy of “With Caution” by JL Langley

-an autographed copy of “My Fair Captain” by JL Langley

-an autographed copy of “Heaven Sent 1” by Jet Mykles

-an autographed copy of “The Name of the Game” by Willa Okati

Also included are:

-a laptop bag

-a rainbow cloth bookmark

-a “Lovers, Dreamers and Me” mousepad from Willa Okati

-a “Phoenix Rising” mug and t-shirt

-a size Large “Heaven” t-shirt

-an MLR Press mousepad

-a “Heaven Sent” keychain and bookmarks

-a book light

-other goodies like pens, chapstick, bookmarks and a few naughty items!

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