Sursein Judgment now available

Sursein JudgmentNow available from Loose Id

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  1. As the child of single mother working as an assessor for the district circuit court for the better part of fifteen years, I guess I had what could be called an unconventional upbringing. Reading this book brought back memories I hadn’t realised I’d lost and I just want to say “Thank you!” for a truly great reading experience. Nostalgia aside, I absolutely love how the focus remains on the development of Shas’ and Rynn’s relationship with the drug trade and paranormal stuff playing out almost in the background. One reason I tend to steer clear of sci-fi/fantasy romance is because of authors’ tendency to veer off into the “surrealness” and having the relationship carrying on as a sideline, which usually ends up turning the whole thing into a barely plausible acid-trip-gone-bad. However, the way you handle all components of this story, from the technical legal stuff, to the everyday human interaction between all the characters involved, to the magic and science of their universe, is just masterful. It’s the balance you maintain throughout that makes it brilliant. The timelines are realistic without going into details that would do nothing but detract from the main thread of the storyline. At the same time, there’s always enough detail to keep the reader grounded in the characters’ reality. And then of course there are the characters themselves… I have to say, I have a soft spot for character driven stories and especially ones that dust off clichés and remind us of why they became so prevalent in the first place. The thing about this book is that at first glance you have a pretty familiar structure: flamboyantly gay guy seducing the poster child for machismo. Once you start reading however, it becomes immediately apparent that there’s so much more to the characters and the story than meets the eye and that remains true to the very last line. The balance between vulnerability and strength in each of the main characters is what makes them real –to the point of reminding me of people I’ve met – and there is exactly the right amount of deeper connection and hormone-driven-animal-attraction to keep things smokin’ hot without turning into a load of hot air. Seriously, great work.

    1. Wow. Allie, thank you so much. It’s amazing to hear when I’ve touched someone.
      I try, in all of my stories, to remain true to the characters first and foremost. Their relationships are what’s most important to me. The setting and such are great for background, but they are just that and would mean nothing outside of how the characters deal and interact with it.
      I’m so very glad you liked it

  2. Just finished reading it and it was great! I think this is my second favorite of all your books (Heaven Sent will always be my number 1). I really hope you’re serious about Colt’s story. That’d be awesome.

    1. I think I’m serious about Colt. Not sure when it’ll happen though. I’ve got to get to work on a bunch of other books I’ve promised. Namely, Leashed 4, Indigo Knights… 🙂
      Thanks! Glad you liked it

  3. Oh! I meant to ask! Will you be re-visiting this new world you’ve built as a series-type thing, Jet? The Sursein are such a cool concept!
    Thanks again,

  4. Hi Jet:
    I loved this book! I simply devoured it, then turned back to page one and started all over again! I loved the Sursein – and what an awesome, fun new world for you to play in, hmm? 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your sparkling gift of writing – I’m happy to snap up each of your stories first-thing as I know they’ll always be wonderful.

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