Interviews with Selena Illyria

The fabulous Selena Illyria interviewed me not once but twice on her website this month

Artistic Musings, about me and my artwork

Author of the Month, about me and my writing

ok, yeah, the two overlap a bit

4 thoughts on “Interviews with Selena Illyria”

  1. You were up close and personal with him?! You lucky girl! I saw them in concert years ago, and almost had a stroke seeing them (him) live and I was in the nose bleed section…lol

    1. I have touched his person, and it was good. That smile? Ever so gorgeous up close. The voice? *dies at the mere memory*

      I cheated and paid much $$ on the tour before this last for VIP seats to one of the concerts through the DD fan site. Everyone who bought VIP got entered into a drawing and two or three people got to meet them. I was one of the 2 or 3. ‘Twas achingly lovely, although it was slightly tarnished by this strange woman who was glomming on Nick. I couldn’t really blame her, but she was a tad excessive. And she was my age. Please! Some decorum! lol

  2. Loved your interview! When I saw that your are a fellow John Taylor stalker, I knew you were a kindred spirit…lol.

    1. Ah yes. Mr. Taylor has starred in many, many of my personal fantasies for many years. OMG, got to hug him once a few years ago. I’m surprised I didn’t faint dead away LOL

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