Heaven Sent prints

For those who were interested in prints of the fab image PL Nunn did of the Heaven Sent boys, she’s got it up on her website now. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to order a print.


(1/1/10: edited to update link. If it’s changed again, you may want to look in the “Original Adult” gallery)


6 thoughts on “Heaven Sent prints”

  1. I might just have to go get me one of those. gosh but I love her work. One of her covers is often enough to make me buy the book.

    I have in fact just ordered one of the Heaven Sent T shirts which I intend to wear as a nightshirt so I can say I have been to bed with Hell. Snigger – I am so childish.

    Listening to all the Christmas songs the last month I was wondering… did Heaven Sent ever have a Christmas Number One ?

    I hope you and your boys had a lovely Christmas.

  2. I love Ms. Nunn’s website. She definately has some beautiful artwork available there. I bought this print and received it the other day. Our Heaven Sent men look even better close up! I wish there were more prints of Heaven Sent for us to drool over…darn! The t-shirt will be next!

  3. OMG!!!

    I heard a rumor that there was going to be a new Heaven Sent book coming out, so I came to check and see if you had any info about it. (Almost peed my pants I was so happy, lol.)

    So, with my slow-as-all-Hell dial up connection, I wait, reading a book while waiting for the page to load. When I finally look up, what to my wondering eyes should appear? GUH!!

    !%(&# %^((#!#$% ^$##

    Sorry about that, the drool temporarily shorted out my keyboard! That is one seriously gorgeous new banner you’ve got there. I’m off to check Pl Nunn’s website, but I had to let you know…. GUH!!!

    (and about the book!!!)

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