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My newest release is now available! It’s the third–well, actually fourth but it’s the third about this set of characters–book in a series. It’s made me think about the series.

In the summer of 2005, I was asked if I’d like to be in an anthology at Loose Id. Werewolves for Halloween. Could I do it? I gave it some thought. At the time, I had two books out, both in the Dark Elves series. I kind of wanted to do something else, branch out if you will before I got too far into one flavor of erotic romance. So I said sure. Why not? Anthology had to be good exposure, right?

‘Course, then I had to think up something to write. Well, I had an inkling of an idea about a witch and a werewolf and this idea of “leashing” that was forming in my brain. Sounded kind of sexy. She leashes him, he’s her protection, of course they’d find another kind of connection and hot sex would ensure. What could be wrong with that? So… what’s the story. Gotta tell a story. The concept was cool and I started to have an idea of who Meg and Rudy were, but they just weren’t meshing completely. Something was missing. Then Michael sprang to life. Problem was, he was a black panther. He was so obviously a black panther. I mean look at him! So, ok, we’d save Rudy for another story and talk about Meg and Michael. So I’d have to turn him into a werewolf to fit the anthology theme. That was ok, wasn’t it? Not! Michael would not turn and Rudy would not go away. What the hell? I had a menage a trois on my hand. As soon as I gave in to that, the story fell into place.

Now, three years later, the third book about the threesome has just been released. Meg, Michael and Rudy have been through some trials and this one presents them with more, one of them being another shifter, this one a werelion, by the name of Logan Lockhart. Hmm, yes, well *cough* Jet has a weakness for sexy men. If you’ve got one, you need more, right? Like potato chips *ignores the growls from her various heros*

I’m rather fond of the Leashed books, even if Meg did give me some hassle writing this last one. Just so you know, this isn’t the last. Oh no. I’ve got more plans for these characters. The Sister Leashed story about Noelle, Meg’s sister (EPPIE award winning even!!) is just one of a few sideline stories I’ve got in mind and I’m not nearly done with the main threesome. Meg’s got some life ahead of her and Michael and Rudy don’t look to be going anywhere but right along with her.

4 thoughts on “Leashed”

  1. Once again Jet, you have done an awsome story. I purchased it this afternoon and had to finish it in one sitting. And there are going to be more?? WooHoo!! And would love to hear more about Noelle and her boys. Opps, Men. And if you ever clone Micheal and Rudy can I have them?? Please?? 🙂

  2. Hi Jet! Thought I’d take 2 seconds to let you know, purchased on the 8th, finished on the 9th, and absolutely loved it. Meg, Michael and Rudy almost made me late for work (just kidding! maybe!) As always, thanks for a great read and keep them coming!

  3. Jet,

    Did I tell you that I loved you? Those Leashed books ROCK! I hope you continue to write as many has you want to. Keep up the good work and let those 3 stay together.

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