Are you a photographer, pro or amateur?

Want to try and have your picture on the cover of an MLR Press book? Then check this out:

First bit from the site:

ManLoveRomance Press photography contest

ManLoveRomance Press is interested in the exchange between readers and authors, and we’d like to give readers a chance to see their own creativity featured in MLR titles. Not everyone’s an author, and we can’t do much to insert you into stories. But, most people have a camera. MLR’s artists need photographs from which they can develop cover or promotional art for our books, or institutional ads. Et voilĂ , we have a recipe for interactivity.

The prizes
If your photo is chosen for an MLR cover, you and your subject will be credited on the book’s publisher’s page, and you’ll each receive a signed copy of the book on which your photo was used. If your photo is used in institutional advertising, you and your subject will each earn credit toward a signed MLR title of your choice.

Deadline? What deadline?

We’re talking about a contest in the loosest sense of the word. We’ll add your photo to our artists’ library. If our artist uses your photo, hooray for you and your subject. Every three months, we’ll give away a softbound MLR title of the winners’ choice in a random draw from among all entrants who haven’t yet won.

More on the MLR Press site (see link above)

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