Heaven Sent 2 print has arrived

Heaven Sent 2 print coverAmazon link is live

Here’s the website link to more information

6 thoughts on “Heaven Sent 2 print has arrived”

  1. Thanks. The cover is certainly fabulous. The again, so are the stories! LOL Thanks for bringing to life such a wonderful cast of characters. I love Hell. He looks fantastic in this cover. Well, he looks fantastic in all the covers. 😉

  2. Thanks! Isn’t the cover fabulous? Pam did right by me yet again.

    as for the prints or post cards, as far as the covers are concerned, that’s not up to me but up to Loose Id. You’d have to contact them about that.

  3. I love the cover art for all of the Heaven Sent ebooks and print books. Any chance of making prints, or post cards or anything else with the images available for print? (Besides the covers of course!)

  4. Wow, the cover is amazing. This is great I just bought book one and two in print, and it arrived three days ago. Can’t wait to get my hands on this too.

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