Happy Birthday to my Mom!

(I posted this at FWF too but the sentiment deserved repeating)

OK, she won’t be reading this. She’s not an internet type person so the blog thing isn’t part of her interests. But happy birthday anyway to half of the team who are both responsible for me even being alive as well as supporting me in everything that I do.And I mean that. They’ve been nothing but supportive my entire life. I could not have asked for finer parents, IMHO. They’ve always treated my decisions with respect, even if they didn’t immediately understand or agree with them. They’ve always provided aid when necessary, even if it’s just an ear to hear me out. I still don’t think they quite understand why I’ve chosen my path, but they couldn’t be more pleased that I’m enjoying myself and other people are enjoying my work. I know the whole writing m/m thing confounds them, but they know I’m a little bit off because they raised me that way.

So here’s to the woman I’ve always held as an example of who and how to be. We’re very different in some ways and that’s OK, but I think we’re very alike in everything that’s important. Happy birthday, Mom. Thank you.I love you!

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