New banner and homage to a wonderful artist

You’ll notice that there’s a new banner for the website. I simply had to make use of this wonderful piece of artwork by Anne Cain. I commissioned her to do a pic for me of Salin and Radin and I must say that she did a flipping-fanTABULOUS job of it!! I’m still in awe. And she’s such a sweetheart that she’s allowed me to use it for my banner. I couldn’t be more pleased.

7 thoughts on “New banner and homage to a wonderful artist”

  1. Jet,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anne, she rocks…of course so do you. The banner is freakin’ awesome. I am a lurker not a poster but I had to comment….DE-LISSSCCCC. And two of my fav elves from you…..I love them all but seeing these two…is it steamy in here….

  2. Holy moly Jet! The boys sure do look beyond incredible, especially my Radin! LOL! *drooling on the monitor* I love Anne’s work and she sure has outdone herself this time. Congrats on the fabulous banner!

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