New Image – Demon’s Prey

Poor little boy tried to be brave and go to fight the demon. Little did he realize he was just the type of tasty treat the demon preferred.

8 thoughts on “New Image – Demon’s Prey”

  1. Hey! This boy appear be very happy n expected for recieve more pleasure from his captor, the Demon, eh?
    where I can see more of this exelent work, please!

  2. I just found your books or they found me while I was surfing through Amazons Paranormal Romance/Erotic Fiction. I am currently reading the first in the Dark Elves series…it is different from what I read but I like different. Thanks so much

  3. Good image, nice concept -just one question…did he have to be a “little boy”?? plus he looks quite happy about being in the demon’s clutches lol

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