Weiß Kruez – On the Run – Part 7

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Authors note: There’s actual KenxOmi sex in this one. Pass on by if that squicks you



Omi tapped his fingers on the edges of his laptop, silently cursing the speed—or, rather, lack of—of dial-up. But this motel didn’t have high speed and there had been no wi-fi to hack into. So he was stuck using one of the many bogus dial-up accounts he had so he could check the anonymous forums and such for any word from Aya and Yohji. He didn’t expect to find anything. The agreement was that they wouldn’t contact each other for a week, but he worried so he checked just the same.

He shucked his jacket and headscarf as he waited, tossing them to one side of the bed in the general direction of his bag. He sat in the middle of the bed in loose jeans and a t-shirt, legs crossed and laptop before him. One bed for him and Ken. He had great hopes for the night, provided he didn’t find out anything bad about Aya and Yohji.

The forum came up and he scrolled through the recent messages for a familiar call sign. Aya and Yohji had about a dozen each, as did he and Ken. Although, he mainly looked for Aya’s. Neither Yohji nor Ken ever remembered them all unless it was in a pinch.

Of course they were in a pinch.

He tried his best to ignore the sound of the shower from behind the closed bathroom door. Ken was in there. Ken was naked. Ken was wet and clean. Omi had to struggle to recall out why he was out here in the next room.

He smiled. Ken. He licked his lips, summoning the memory of Ken’s taste. It had really happened. And would have gone further if it wasn’t for whomever was following them.

Yeah. Right, he admonished himself, turning his concentration back to the laptop. That’s why he was out here. Ken actually had invited him into the shower but he’d declined—reluctantly—deciding he needed to use the time to see if Ayan and Yotan were okay.

There was nothing to find on the main forums. Either Aya hadn’t gotten a chance to log in or he couldn’t. Omi tried not to dwell on reasons for the latter.

The shower stopped.

Omi’s heart thumped. Calm down! He told it, hands flying over the keyboard as he left a forum post of his own, using key words in his text to let Aya know that they’d been followed and that the assailant had a gun. He puzzled over how to phrase that the weapon was a tranquilizer gun. He glanced at the bag on the table that held the weapon he and Ken had taken off the man. It looked like a regular gun, but inspection had shown it to be loaded with small, heavy darts, not bullets.

He finally figured out the best way to say it and typed. He had just finished and was logging off the laptop when the bathroom door opened. “No word from Aya or Yotan,” Omi said aloud, forcing himself not to look until he’d unplugged the phone cord.

Moist, warm air assaulted him, carrying with it the scent of cheap motel soap. “Let’s hope no news is good news.”

Omi shivered. Ken’s voice purred.

He finally turned to look and froze at the sight. Ken stood in the doorway. Or, rather, leaned. He had both hands gripping either side of the doorjamb and both feet planted on the threshold. Holding on, he was leaning forward. The muscles of his arms bulged nicely as he held his weight. Just about all of his lovely, tanned skin was visible. Only a white towel wound around his hips hiding Omi’s special treat. His damp brown hair stood out at all angles, testament to his having scrubbed it with a towel. The heavy spikes of his bangs tried and failed to hide the heat in his deep, dark eyes. He was smiling.


Omi swallowed, unable to stop his eyes from devouring the sight of the man. “Hey.”

“You done with the computer for the night?”

Omi nodded.

“You going to take a shower?”

“I… uh…”

Ken’s grin kicked up a notch. Letting go of the doorway, he kind of poured out of the bathroom toward Omi. He came to stop standing right at Omi’s knees. “You should take a shower. It feels good to get the forest dust off.”
Omi watched, transfixed, as Ken dropped to his own knees and reached for Omi’s sneakers. “Yeah,” he said, voice breathy. “You’re probably right.”

Ken nodded, tugging Omi’s shoe and sock off before picking up his other foot to do the same. Omi’s gaze went to the knot at Ken’s hip that held the towel in place. It looked to be loosening.

Ken stood. Omi’s guess had been right. The knot gave way and the towel slithered to the floor.

Omi didn’t even realize he was reaching with both hands for Ken’s beautiful, half-hard cock until Ken’s hands caught his wrists to stop him. He whimpered protest and looked up into smiling brown eyes.

“Let’s get you wet first.”

He tried half-heartedly to twist from Ken’s grasp. “But…”

Ken’s lids lowered halfway over his eyes. “I want to wash you.”


Ken took heart in the way Omi’s cornflower blue eyes opened wide, mirroring the small “O” of his cute little mouth. I must be doing something right, he told himself, before willing his inner doubt to shut up. Just going with what he felt almost always served him well. It was when he started trying to think that he usually fucked up.

He held Omi’s hands away from his body, even though his skin burned for the touch of those nimble fingers. His dick certainly protested and twitched against his leg to tell him so. Slowly, he leaned down to bring his lips to Omi’s. He enjoyed the way Omi’s eyelids fluttered mostly closed as he got closer.

“I want to run my hands over every inch of you,” he murmured against Omi’s lips.

Again, he must have been doing something right because Omi whimpered and eagerly pressed up into an open-mouthed kiss. They stayed like that for moments and Ken had to fight the urge to shove Omi back on the bed and forget the shower. But the thought of sliding his hands all over wet skin kept the urge at bay.

He pulled back, having to push Omi away slightly to free his lips. “We need to get you naked.”

Omi snatched his hands from Ken’s loose grip and those quick hands ripped his t-shirt off.

Ken stepped back, the sight of his slim, toned chest distracting him.

Omi stood, deliberately pressing bare chest to bare chest as he gained his feet.

Ken forgot to step back to give him room so the fingers that started to unfasten Omi’s jeans brushed Ken’s growing erection. He hissed.

Giggling softly, Omi caught hold of Ken’s dick and squeezed.


“Sorry,” Omi breathed, leaning in to brush his lips over Ken’s collarbone. “I couldn’t resist.”

Ken tipped his chin down and nuzzled Omi’s ear. “Shower.”

“You’re already clean.”

“So? I want you wet.”

Omi let go of his dick and gave an interesting wiggle. Distracted by the feel of those hands, Ken didn’t immediately recognize the move as one of clearing jeans from hips. By the time he figured it out, Omi’s arms were winding around his neck, pressing the full length of Omi’s front against his.

God! Ken’s arms automatically wound around Omi’s slight waist.

Omi nipped his chin. “Then let’s go.”


Omi laughed, kissing him quickly before pulling away. “The shower was your idea, Ken.”

He blinked, then mock growled. He grabbed Omi’s wrist. “Right.” He turned back toward the warm, moist air of the bathroom. “Let’s go.”


After his initial distraction, Ken took his “washing” duties very seriously and resisted all of Omi’s attempts to distract him. He washed Omi’s hair—a decadent experience that Omi had never before experienced—then used his hands and soap to bring every inch of Omi’s skin to life. He started with Omi’s neck and shoulders, languidly kissing the shorter man as he did so, then let Omi watch as he lovingly massaged the length of each of Omi’s arms down to each fingertip. He slid soapy hand over Omi’s chest and belly, tickling his navel and tracing his hips. He slid his hands into Omi’s groin, catching Omi’s mouth as the blond groaned when he “cleaned” Omi’s cock. Hot water rinsed Omi’s sensitized skin as Ken knelt to wash his legs. Unfortunately, Ken would only nuzzle and kiss the tip of Omi’s cock as he knelt there, despite Omi thrusting his hips in invitation.

He turned Omi around and told him to brace against the shower wall. Omi bit his lip, staring at the dingy yellow tiles. Was he going to…?

Hot hands slid over Omi’s back and waist then strong palms gripped and cupped his buttocks. Omi went up on his tiptoes instinctively, moaning.

“Omi.” Ken’s chest brushed Omi’s back. His cock slid lightly along the top of Omi’s butt, fully hard. “I want…

I’m not entirely sure what I want.”

“I know what I want.” Omi wiggled back into those hands, that cock. “I want you inside me.”

“Won’t it hurt?”

“I… don’t know. Probably.”

Soapy fingers slid into the crack of his ass, tickling his anus. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Omi arched. The fingers felt good. “It can’t be that bad. Tons of men do it all the time.”

A blunt fingertip found his opening and circled it. “Do you know what to do?”

“I-I’ve never… ah!” He lost track of everything as Ken’s finger started to slowly push in.

They were silent a moment as Ken worked his finger in. “Hurt?”

“N-not really.”

“But some.”

“I don’t care. Ken, I want you.”

He cried out when the finger left him, but sighed happily when two strong arms slid around him from behind, pressing his back against Ken’s front.

Ken nuzzled his neck. “Maybe we should do this in bed.”

Torn, Omi tried to think. This felt so good, wet skin to wet skin, but Ken was probably right. Their first time should probably be in a more comfortable place. He nodded. “Okay.”

Ken didn’t release him immediately. One hand dropped down to circle his cock.

Omi cried out.

“Want you,” Ken murmured, grinding his cock into the crack of Omi’s ass as he used his hands to squeeze sanity out of the shorter man.

Omi cried again when Ken suddenly pulled back and spun him around, but he quickly recovered, throwing his arms around Ken’s neck to get lost in a tongue-sucking kiss. Ken let him control the kiss, busy adjusting his body so that his groin aligned with Omi’s. Enough so that he could grip both of their cocks together in one soaped up fist.

Oh god! Omi panted, nursing at Ken’s mouth as Ken’s hand drove him wild. He pumped into Ken’s tight fist, blown away by the feel of Ken’s cock sliding against his.

Ken ground into him, into his own fist, his other arm strong around Omi’s back, braced between him and the shower wall. His strength held them up as he started to lose control. Omi heard his own name chanted from Ken’s lips as he lost control of the kiss. They pumped together, lost in the rhythm, the feeling.

Ken came first, tensing and thrusting hard against Omi. His grunting of Omi’s name as well as the death grip on his cock brought Omi’s orgasm.

They stood there underneath the cooling water, getting their breath back.

“Sorry,” Ken murmured. “I needed to…”

Omi shook his head, burrowing into Ken’s neck. “Don’t be sorry.”

They managed to get out of the shower and mostly dried off, although there was a lot of touching and caressing as they did it. When they fell into the crisp, clean sheets atop the hard, motel mattress, it was with damp hair, damp skin and partially reawakened erections.

Ken stopped their kiss and pushed up on his elbow by the younger man’s side. He let his gaze slide down Omi’s naked body, trailing calloused fingertips over Omi’s taut belly. “Omi, I… I’m not sure what to do.” Uncertainty was clear in that expressive face.

Omi reached up and caressed the side of Ken’s face. He smiled. “I guess this is where it’s handy that I did watch the porn Yotan accused me of.”

Ken’s eyes went wide in shock, making Omi laugh as he rolled out from under his lover toward his bag.
“You did?”

Omi sat on the edge of the mattress and unzipped the bag. “Well, not that much.” He dug around inside. “No one can watch as much porn as Yohji accused me of and still get work done.”

Ken snorted. “Except maybe Yohji.”

Omi laughed, wrapping his hand around the bottle he was looking for. “Maybe.” He turned around, twiddling the bottle for Ken to see. “Have you ever watched porn?”

Ken blushed. “Well, straight porn.”

“Any gay porn?”


A cold flush ran through Omi’s blood as he stared at Ken’s averted eyes. “Ken, are you sure you want to do this?”

The heat in Ken’s gaze when he looked back up was reassuring. and arousing. “What? Yes! I just… God, Omi, before you there hasn’t been a guy I wanted.”

Omi crawled across the bed, pressing his face into the warm crook of Ken’s neck. “Not even Aya?”

Ken pulled back so he could look at Omi’s face. “Huh?”

Omi sighed, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the mattress. He played with the bottle of lube he held in his lap, watching that instead of watching Ken’s face. “I saw the way you’ve looked at him lately.”


Omi shrugged. “It’s not that I blame you. Who can’t look at Aya and want him?”

Ken knelt in front of Omi, his now half-hard cock immediately visible to Omi’s downcast eyes. Strong hands cupped Omi’s face, tilting it up so he had to look into Ken’s earnest eyes. “I don’t want Aya. Way too much angst for me to handle.”

Omi tried to fight a smile. “I have my own supply of angst, y’know.”

Ken leaned in to place a gentle kiss to Omi’s brow. “Yeah, I know. We all do. But Aya… makes an art of it.”

“He’s been better lately.”

“Yeah, he has… Hey wait a minute, why are we talking about Aya?”

Omi bit his lip. “I just don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do.”

“You make me happy, Omi. Touching you, being with you. God, it’s amazing! I would never have thought it could be like this.” He brushed a quick, soft kiss over Omi’s open mouth. “Just tell me what to do. I want to make you feel good.”

“Ken…” Omi breathed.

They kissed, a long, slow exploration of lips and tongue. Well into the kiss, Omi boldly reached out and flattened a hand over Ken’s cobbled midriff, loving the way the hard muscles quivered under his touch. He slid his hand down to find the burning, leaking rod of Ken’s erection, swallowing the moan that guttered from the man’s mouth as he wrapped his hand around Ken’s cock and pulled.

“Shit, Omi!” Ken growled, bracing his forehead against Omi’s.

“You need to fuck me now,” Omi decided.

Ken nodded. “Whatever you want.”

Omi tilted up for another, brief kiss. “Is it what you want?”


Ken’s husky tone went straight to a place low in Omi’s belly, making his balls tingle. Letting Ken kiss his lips, Omi blindly popped the top of the lube. He poured a generous amount onto the fingers of one hand and rubbed them together to warm them up as he sat back.

Ken stayed on his knees, watching Omi’s wet fingers avidly.

Fighting embarrassment, taking heart in the heat in Ken’s gaze, Omi turned over onto his knees, his ass presented to Ken.

“Omi,” Ken groaned. His hands gripped Omi’s hips as Omi reached back and found his own opening with wet fingers. “Oh man, Omi.”

Omi groaned as he slid one finger inside and pressed. “I’m getting myself ready for you, Ken.”

Ken’s palms slid over his waist, his back, his buttocks, but most of Omi’s attention was on his own fingers as he carefully pressed another inside.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. I’ve just got to… stretch.”

“You’ve done this before.”

Omi was glad Ken couldn’t see his face and the flush that surely took his cheeks. “Yes. Just my own fingers.”

He was aware of the bed moving and of Ken’s hands leaving him. He heard the lube cap pop open then closed a moment later.

Ken’s dry hand gently pulled Omi’s hand. “Let me.”

Omi gulped, but let his hand be pulled away. He moaned, pressing his face into the pillows when Ken’s finger pressed in.

“Oh God, Omi, you’re tight.”


“Are you sure…?”

“Stop asking, Ken. I’m sure. I want this more than anything.”

Lips brushed the top curve of one of his butt cheeks. “Okay. Tell me to stop if you need to.”

He nodded, clutching the pillow. Ken had no idea. Yes, he’d fingered himself before, but each time he’d pictured Ken doing it to him. Fingers, cock, maybe one day tongue, he didn’t care, just so long as Ken was inside him. And now, he was. Very carefully, Ken pulled out his finger to the first knuckle, then pressed back in. Omi rocked back. “More.” Another finger pressed in and Ken carefully pumped both. “More!” A third finger and Ken hesitated when Omi hissed, but pressed in again when Omi moaned.

Omi took it for as long as he could, breathing and moaning into the pillow beneath him. Soon enough, he was pressing back into Ken’s fingers, needing more.

“Ken, please, Ken,” he panted, turning his face aside and hugging the pillow. “Please fuck me now.”

Bless him, Ken didn’t ask if he was sure. Fingers left Omi and he wiggled impatiently as Ken uncapped the lube again. Omi couldn’t resist a glance back over his shoulder to watch Ken coat his dark erection until it glistened.

Mine! The surprisingly vehement thought pulsed through Omi’s mind as he watched Ken palm himself.

When Ken knelt up to position himself, Omi had to turn back around, biting the pillow underneath his head.

Ken dragged the head of his cock over Omi’s opening a few times. Then the fingers of one hand clutched one side of his butt and the blunt head of Ken’s cock pushed.

Omi cried into the pillow as the head breached him. The sweet burn set fire to the base of his own cock but he avoided reaching for it. Not yet.

Ken paused, squeezing Omi’s hips until it almost hurt. Then he pressed forward, slowly, easing his way into Omi’s body.

Omi hissed. Ken stopped. Omi clutched the pillows, fighting to adjust to the beautiful invasion of his body.
When he was certain he was okay, he pushed up to his elbows and turned his head. “More,” he begged.

Groaning, Ken clutched his hips. He pulled out a little, then pressed forward more, working his hips a bit to push his girth inside.

Omi heard Ken’s name and distantly realized he was chanting it, begging, demanding. He wiggled his own hips, working with Ken’s until he finally felt the tickle of Ken’s pubic hair tickling his ass.

He was all the way in.

Ken leaned in over him, hands falling to either side of Omi’s elbows. “God, Omi,” he groaned, “you feel so…”

Omi nodded, reaching out to twine his fingers in Ken’s on the mattress. “Please, Ken. Move. I need… ah!”

Ken pulled back and a delicious scrape inside Omi made his cock jump. Ken pulled out partway and pushed back in, rubbing that delicious spot.


“More. Please.”

Ken picked up pace and Omi saw stars. He clutched Ken’s fingers, aware of the mewling cries that came out of his throat but completely unable and unwilling to suppress them.

Ken was really fucking him now, his hips slamming Omi’s ass. Omi had never felt anything better. He rocked back into Ken, slamming back just as hard as Ken thrust forward. It built, it soared. So centered on the feel in his ass, he nearly forgot the one in his cock. Until said organ swelled and filled, his balls tightening.

Horrified, he realized he was coming without either of them touching his cock. It touched off in his spine and surged into his cock and out onto the sheets beneath him. He shuddered and cried, his body clamping down on the gorgeous invader that fought to keep hammering him.

But Ken lost the fight. As Omi collapsed, Ken stiffened, thrust twice more, then came in a heated wash deep inside Omi.

They rolled to their sides in a sweaty, panting heap. Ken’s cock spilled from Omi’s body, but they remained pressed together. Omi cradled Ken’s hand to his chest. Ken wrapped his arm around Omi’s shoulders to keep him close.

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